Our Swiss reader has been kind enough to provide this further update.

Hi Tom ,

Yes , your right , it's already late-night here in Switzerland , but this
incredible war-craze merits every effort at any time to be stopped .

So this is what happened on Swiss-TV tonight :

Tonight , March 13., 2003 , approx. 21:15 Swiss Time , the Swiss National
TV-Channel SFDRS 1 broadcasted it's regular weekly show MTV (stands in
German for Menschen , Technik , Wissenschaft = Humans , Technology ,
Science) . In the prime-news at 20:00 they gave already a short info on this
coming issue , that an interview with US Professor Tom Nagy on the Water-War
and Genocide on the Iraqi population will be broadcast in the MTW-show .
Professor Nagy works at the George Washington University , Washington DC,
20052 USA , in the Department of Management Science .
His email address is ,
his website-url is :

both of these links were provided on the Swiss-TV homepage
and there under programs(Sendungen)/MTV , and there was also the link to the
declassified Pentagon papers he cited and explained in the interview :

During his interview (about 15 minutes altogether) , Mr. Nagy presented
several Pentagon-files from 1991 to 1998 . 

He said these documents were strictly classified until they succeeded in their struggle to get them
declassified not so long ago . He showed a Pentagon paper from 1991 and explained , that it contains the USAF's strategy to  intentionally destroy the Iraqi water-systems , which is a very hard breach of the Geneva-conventions and therefore a warcrime to be prosecuted under international law . 

When asked by the interviewer , if he shares this view , Mr. Nagy was sad because he had to agree completely . He showed then further Pentagon papers from 1998 which made the following statements and comments necessary from his part : the USAF concluded , that this method used in the first Gulf-war was very effective , even more in combination with the fact , that the US and the UK abused the embargo to prevent Iraq from the import of chlorine for water-desinfection . 

This drama caused already the death of more than 500'000 Iraqi children , Mr. Nagy said , and currently are 6000 Iraqi children dying in a week due to nothing else than the lack of clean water ...  .  

And then he went on saying , that the US Generals found this method really convincing and working , and that the orders given to the USAF for the coming war give precise information on the planned and intentional destruction of the entire Iraqi water-supply-system . 

He said , the USAF will therefore use their high-precision laser-guided missiles again to bomb
the Iraqi water-systems definitely into the ground now , and that this will be officially  communicated as 'collateral damages' . And then he made a kind of résumé of all these bitter facts and had to conclude , that there is no other way to look at this than as a clear attempt to commit intentional
Genocide , because the USAF and the US Army knew and knows today that this strategy will kill literally Millions of innocent Iraqis . He said it will be  only a matter of months then until probably the great majority of Iraqis will have died , the children first , for they are sick already now ..... .

This is in brief the essential message which was given in this interview . 

Well Tom , this is what I can do for the moment . I have no idea if this serves your request , but I hope so for now . If you need further details or information , please contact me at any time , your welcome , and I will try to do my level best , ok ?

Thanks for your good work , it's much appreciated here !

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