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Ralph Nader Calls Obama "Uncle Tom"?

Video And Transcript

Fox News distorts Nader's comments to paint him as a racist

Posted November 07, 2008


Fox News: "Guess who's here? The Independent party candidate, Ralph Nader. This is his second run for the Presidency since he played spoiler in the close 2000 contest. This year he was on the ballot in 45 states plus D.C. This year he was polling about 1-percent. Ralph, you spoke to Fox News Radio's Houston affiliate today, and said this:"

Nader: "To put it very simply, he is our first African American president; or he will be. And we wish him well. But his choice, basically, is whether he's going to be Uncle Sam for the people of this country, or Uncle Tom for the giant corporations".
Fox News: "Really. Ralph Nader -- What was that?"
Nader: "It's very simple. He has gone along with corporate power from the moment he entered politics in the State Senate -- Voted for the Wall Street Bailout -- Supports expanding military budget that is desired by the military industrial complex, and doesn't really have a tax reform thing for the ordinary fellow in this country -- Opposes single-payer full Medicare for all, because the giant HMOs AETNA and SIGNA do -- Doesn't have a living wage -- He's supposed to be respectful of the poor -- hardly mentions them in his speech -- It's all the middle class -- He doesn't have a comprehensive program..."
(Interrupted by Fox)
Fox News: "... and you utter the words 'Uncle Tom'? Are you kidding me?"
Nader: "Yeah... that's the question he's gotta face."
(Interrupted by Fox)
Fox News: "He didn't have to face it until it came out of your mouth! I mean, I just wonder if you don't realize that you had a number of supporters out there. You were running a percentage this year, you were reduced to irrelevant, and I just wonder now if that's what you want your legacy to be -- the man who, on the night that the first African American President in the history of this nation was elected, you ask if he's going to be Uncle Sam or Uncle Tom."
Nader: "Yeah, of course. He's turned his back on a hundred-million poor people in this country -- African Americans and Latinos and poor whites, and we're gonna hold them to a higher standard. It's just not an unprecedented career move, ya know, in the White House. We expect more of Barack Obama..."
(Interrupted by Fox)
Fox News: "You were reduced to complete irrelevance here. You weren't able to play spoiler. Will you run again?"
Nader: "Look, I don't like bullies like you. I can't see you. You can pull the plug on me. I'm lookin' at a dark camera..."
(Interrupted by Fox)
Fox News: "You said "Uncle Tom". I didn't say it, sir. With respect, I did not say it..."
Nader: "I said that's the question HE has to answer. He can become a great President, or he can become a toady for the corporate powers that have brought both parties to their knees against working people in this country, and have allowed our country to be hijacked by global corporations who have no allegiance to this country other than to ship its jobs and industries to fascist and communist dictators abroad who know how to keep their workers in their place. This is reality here. This is not show business. It's not celebrity politics. There are people suffering in this country, and we expect a great Presidency from Barack Obama, and we're gonna try to hold his feet to the fire..."
(Interrupted by Fox)
Fox News: "I just wonder if, in hindsight, you wish you'd used a phrase other than Uncle Tom"?
Nader: "Not -- at all. Do you know what the historic...."
(Interrupted by Fox)
Fox News: "Fair enough. Thanks very much. We'll have a response from our panel in just a moment."
Nader: "Thank you..." [1]

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