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Torturing Democracy

The Documentary PBS Does Not Want You to See Before Jan 21, 2009

Video and Transcript

"Torturing Democracy" is a new documentary which details how the government set aside the rule of law in its pursuit of harsh interrogations of suspected terrorists.

PBS Slow to Embrace a Program on Torture:

“Torturing Democracy,” a documentary examining the Bush administration’s detention and interrogation policies, will be shown on WNET in New York on Thursday and on a grab bag of other public television stations nationwide in coming weeks. But some of the country’s viewers will have to watch online if they want to see the program anytime soon because PBS decided that no national airdate was available until Jan. 21, a day after a new presidential administration takes office. Continue

Annotated Transcript

The annotated transcript of "Torturing Democracy" provides the script of every word spoken during the 90-minute documentary, backed up with specific citations, footnotes and links, and includes documentation for the dramatizations in the film. Posting the annotated transcript allows viewers to check the facts for themselves, and enables researchers to build on the reporting to take the story even further. To download this 385k file in PDF format, click here.

Part 1 - 5 Here

Part 6


Part 7


Part 8


Part 9


Part 1 - 5 Here

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