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  Chávez: Capitalists Have Manipulated the Message of Christ to Exploit the Poor

By Venezolana de Televisión

December 28, 2008 "Information Clearinghouse" --- -"The Kingdom of Heaven is not a kingdom or life in the clouds. Either it exists here or else it exists nowhere," President Chávez issued a wake-up call during the last Sunday program of 2008. "It's on earth, and that is why Christ came here and was born among the poor, in the manger."

The head of state in Venezuela noted that the capitalist system throughout its history has distorted Jesus's message to the poor about the Kingdom of Heaven, with the sole purpose of exploiting the impoverished majorities in favor of the minorities who enjoy the wealth of the world.

The Christ child was born on earth, poor and human, to fight and make this planet truly the kingdom of heaven, of equality and justice, not to be poor in life and to win glory in the afterlife, Comandante Chávez said during the last Aló Presidente broadcast of the year, speaking from El Valle where he inaugurated a new People's Clinic.

"The message of Christ, who said the Kingdom of Heaven is that of the poor, has been very often manipulated. In this way they have for centuries manipulated the poor of the world, to make them quietly accept exploitation."

"Christ was born to call on us to create, here on earth, the Kingdom of Love," Chávez explained, adding that this kingdom has no other name than socialism.

The president reminded the audience that socialism comes from what is social, as capitalism proceeds from capital.

"Socialism is the doctrine, science, of development of what is social. Capitalism is the immoral art, science, and technology of development of capital or growth of capital -- (for capitalism) what matters is that even while people die of hunger capitalists accumulate capital."

The president stressed that therein lies the key to understanding the confrontation that began again, in which Venezuela has become the center of the battle between socialists and capitalists, "between people becoming more politically conscious every day and those who exploited them forever." He said that that is why the issue of the constitutional amendment is of vital importance as it will allow Venezuela to go farther on the socialist path, the truly human and democratic path, for the happiness of the Venezuelan people.

To conclude the last Aló Presidente of the year, the president wished the best for Venezuelan families, urging them to enjoy Christmas and New Year's Eve with love, moderation, and simplicity so they can continue in 2009 the work of making Venezuela a great nation of justice and equality.

Capitalistas han manipulado mensaje de Cristo
para explotar a los pobres

Chávez Navidad 2008

The original article "Capitalistas han manipulado mensaje de Cristo para explotar a los pobres" appeared in the Web site of Venezolana de Television on 21 December 2008.  Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi

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