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  Neo-Fascist Britain

Mindless Jingoism Supporting Wars of Imperial Conquest

By Mark Brougham

Example of letters published in 'The London Paper' March 12 2009:

A) Awarded 'Letter of the Day':

"I have never served in the armed forces, so I can only imagine the fear and pressure our boys face on a daily basis far away from home where they are serving to protect another country's citizens from terror and oppression. These cowards who protest should realise that, because of their extremist views, they are in a minority here in the UK and will always be. They are nothing but oddballs and should take their fear-mongering radicalism somewhere else. Mind you, even in Afganistan, Iraq or anywhere else they would still be in a minority amonst decent human beings." -- I Allen, Stevenage

B) "If Britain isn't palatable for some Muslims, they should move to a Muslim country. If Britain is anti-Islam, move to an Islaminc state. There they can also enjoy rights such as freedom of speech and even receive state benefits if out of a job - oh, you won't get those over there, you say? Respect the customs of the land, then. -- Linda, EC1
March 16, 2009 "Information Clearing House" -- The hysterical smear campaign targeting the Luton protesters has been orchestrated by the establishment-controlled media to deter others (and in particular, Muslims) from speaking out against the crimes of the state. Protesting against armed aggression by your country is incumbent on all decent citizens - it is an utter disgrace that a small group of British Muslims were left to carry the torch for human rights and international law, scorned by their fellow citizens and left to bear the full brunt of malicious state-sponsored propaganda designed to stifle dissent and debate. Innocent civilians are being killed in those distant lands with the tacit collusion of UK citizens, who seem determined to bury their heads in the sand despite the fact that their state is guilty of unprovoked aggression against sovereign countries. 

The UK state has unleashed a criminal military onslaught on people who were no threat to us, interfered with and disrupted their lives and effectively stolen their country, their dignity and their right to be free from bombardment and foreign military occupation. As witnessed in the UK press, those who protest against 'our boys' returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are painted as unreasonable extremists, when those very troops, the enforcement arm of the UK state, have absolutely no right under international law to set foot in what were, prior to 2003, sovereign states. In response to these flagrant violations of the UN Charter by their armed forces, the UK population seem either willfully apathetic or actively gung-ho, displaying a sickeningly mindless jingoism which harks back to the Wehrmacht parades of the Third Reich. 

These developments bode ill for the future of Britain and the world, and it should be remembered what happens when unprovoked armed aggression goes unchallenged and unchecked.. It is time for us to say enough is enough - we have to stop this nightmare now and to show solidarity with those members of the human family whose plight under the heel of imperialism has hitherto been shamefully ignored by the rest of the world. This is an issue which will really test our mettle and we owe it to future generations to prove that we stood up for international law and repudiated the criminal, bullying 'might is right' law of the jungle perpetrated by those who ostensibly govern in our name. To look the other way while this outrage continues, to spin out hypocritical rationalizations justifying aggression, is to be willfully blind and complicit in the heinous crimes of a murderous, deceitful, neo-fascist imperial military machine. Human justice demands no less from us.


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