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Howard Zinn on Class in America

Video Interview

Howard Zinn: In the United States we are brought up to think there's only one class

The Real News spoke to Howard Zinn and discussed the current class struggles that exist in the United States of America.

"In the United States we are really brought up to think there's only really one class. That is, the idea of class conflict, class struggle, that is foreign to American culture." says Zinn. "We're brought up to think that were part of one big happy family," according to Zinn this is simply a perpetuated lie that contradicts the reality that a large percentage of the population doesn't fit in to this happy family model.

Zinn continues acknowledging that people are starting to realize that they belong to a class based society and the implications this has. "Today the word class sort of comes as a jarring intrusion in to our complacency about "oh we're all one class" because it seems clearer now than it has been that we really do have different classes and people are becoming more aware of this." He emphasizes the massive imbalance that exists stating "we have a very very rich class of people up there at the top of the heap.. ".

Posted April 10, 2009


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