Fighting for the Family of Man

By Peter Chamberlin

December 28, 2009 "Information Clearing House" -- The American people are slowly waking-up to what we are.  We are a Nation that has surrendered our right to determine our own destiny for the promise of a job, a nice home, or healthcare that we can afford.  We think that we are still the same people who volunteered to fight a war against an obvious evil because it was the right thing to do, but that is no longer who we are.

The long series of wars that we have made possible, because we continued to think that it was right, have changed us.  Our support for endless war has opened the door for a few individuals to reap astronomical profits from our Army’s actions.   Our government is the hands of men who profit enormously by manufacturing and exporting war, not the tools of war, but actual war itself.  Serving a government that creates wars, then uses our children for cannon fodder in them is a travesty beyond measure.

  Patriotism and dedicated service to a mission to start wars all over the world does no service to the Nation; it undermines the American homeland.  Bravery and heroism in service to a cause, whose ultimate objective is the destruction of the American Republic, is more than foolishness, it is dishonor to those who have served in the past and a dark stain on the ideals they fought for.

The men who pull the strings and make the life and death decisions in America have a hunger that extends far beyond our shores.  It was not enough that they owned everything in this country, they had to bleed the country dry in a methodical plan to use their American assets as seed money to take over the world.  They would buy controlling interest in every corporation and every country in the world.  Whatever they couldn’t buy they planned to take by force.

It was not enough that we were slowly destroying the world in order to maintain our extravagant lifestyles; they had to go and accelerate the process.  What have we empowered our leaders to do in the name of “preserving our way of life”?

To save the American way, we have spread the cancer of war onto every shore, driving it deeply into every heart.  We have forced the entire world to engage in our war upon individual freedom, for limiting freedom of action in the rest of the nations is the only way to avoid limits on our own behavior.  American foreign policy is a pathological assault upon the rest of the human race.  Anyone with an unsuppressed conscience, a true love of his or her country, or an ounce of human decency has to be disturbed to the point of exploding over what is being done by American hands.

Most of our leaders freely admit that we are in this global war to preserve our “way of life,” having dropped the ruse about this being a war of “self-defense,” long ago.  Even though it is approaching absurdity to continue claiming victim status in this war of aggression, the appeal that we are fighting to preserve the “American dream” still fires-up the ignorant masses, who all long to become millionaires themselves.  For sheep such as this, there is no cure; no appeal to reason (no matter how eloquent or profound) can dissuade them from supporting this fight for world conquest.  Such people have long ago laid their consciences to rest, for them there is no hope.

The power of the conscience is our greatest weapon in this ideological war.  The key that can save America (and the world) from itself is the collective guilt that we all share, which alone has the power to motivate us to take the necessary actions to put an end to the assault.  American leaders view the world as a prize to be won, or better, to be taken by force.  To this end, they have hatched a monstrous plan, so pervasively evil that it is beyond comprehension to the average sheep’s puny little mind.

Everything in the plan centers around the willingness of a certain type of individual to murder his own countrymen for money and power.  Without the active aid of this key personality type; the plan will not work.

Wherever the Empire oozes forth, spreading its putrid decadence, there are always countless men without consciences, waiting to become part of the great desolation. When confronted by this evil, so many men think that they will somehow fare better by serving this beast than by opposing it. The monsters know this, and know how to recognize which men and women can be swayed with bribery or threats and which ones will not submit to the yoke for any reason. Their work is organized like a symphony, hitting the high notes here, slamming the low notes over there. The point is, they know how to play us like we were merely instruments. Our task in the resistance must be to recognize this and learn to recognize the sheep’s mind within ourselves. Once we learn to recognize it within, we can apply that knowledge to the people we meet, or hope to influence, learning to recognize which one is open to reason and which one is a closed mind. Their intent to control the world is based on their ability to control and manipulate minds. We must develop similar capabilities, if we are to be effective. Changing human nature is the name of the game. We must teach the sheep to think like wolves.

Resistance is the only answer.



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