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Waiting to be Saved

The Sad Case of the ‘ Unconnected Dots ‘

By Philip A Farruggio

February 26, 2010 "
Information Clearing House" - -Things are getting so bad and so quickly that even the mainstream media runs out of ‘ censorship fingers ‘ for the dike of truth. You can easily get the drift on things simply by reading the Money Section of USA today..... No bastion of radical thought. Take today’s issue, February 24, 2010. The cover page tells us that the number of US banks considered ‘ troubled ‘ rose to more than 700 while the industry actually eked out a small profit..... You know, taxpayer bank bailout of 800 plus billion . It also reported that within the first 6 weeks of this new year, 20 banks have failed. On page 2 they tells us ‘ Consumer confidence plummets in February.... Rising job worries sent a key barometer of confidence to its lowest point in 10 months, raising concerns about the economic recovery ’. We turn to the next page and read that the average Wall Street bonus leaped 25 % in 2009 to $ 123, 850 . Wall Street firms paid out an estimated 20.3 billion ( taxpayer assisted ) in cash bonuses last year, a 17% jump over 2008 ( when there were no taxpayer handouts ) . The article also goes on to state that the median annual American wage is $ 32, 390 , causing outrage on Main Street . Gee, wonder why?

This writer asks ‘ Where’s the outrage ‘ ? One would think that after this disgrace of a bank bailout, our neighbors would finally Get It . A group of us has been standing on a local street corner advocating for key issues, each and every Tuesday during rush hour for five years. We are lucky to attract a handful, perhaps 5 or 6 folks each week. Matter of fact, the apathy level seems to be greater now than even under the Bush & Cheney Gang’s rule. Maybe that’s it. Maybe all the good folks, the ones who did not buy into the crap that the Bush & Cheney Gang was selling, maybe they are now locked into Mr. Obama and the Democrats. I guess they are waiting to be.......saved. Ain’t gonna happen folks. As long as the good folks pass us by on the street corners of America, it’ll continue to be business as usual.

In that same Feb. 24 issue of USA Today, in the Life Section, page 11, an interesting article appears, ‘ Kansas City considers closing 31 of 61 schools ‘ . They have a 50 million dollar budget shortfall, and expect 31 schools and 285 teachers, plus other employees, to get the ax. Yet, how many of those affected ( duh, like the parents, teachers, workers, kids ) ever connected the dots when our country ( illegally and immorally ) invaded Iraq? Close to one trillion dollars blown and still counting. Translated: No more block grant money from Uncle Sam to Missouri to help with education, construction and Medicaid, amongst other things. Yet, so few out there will ‘ connect the dots ‘ on our fiscal crisis. Matter of fact, last week, my homeowners Association called an emergency meeting to discuss the higher fees and taxes coming from our city. You see, our city is pretty broke ( as are most cities nowadays ) as revenues from property taxes and fees are down dramatically. Yet, how many out there realize that the housing scam bubble burst and the US economy gutted due to the excess military spending on Iraq and Afghanistan are the culprits? Factor in the tens of billions spent each year to maintain over 750 military bases in over 100 different countries. Then we have the 800 billion dollar bank bailout..... Why even go on ? You get me, right?

Imagine if all the homeowners Associations, in my town alone, got even one half their members to march on our local Congressional office, demanding an end to the phony wars & occupations and Fat Cat bailouts. What do you think that Congressperson would do when her aide calls her in Washington with a report " There are over 2,000 people outside here demanding that you .......... " ? Yet, as long as the good folks continue to remain silent, waiting for another election to create the change and hope for them......futility!

If only my Christian friends would study the things that Jesus of Nazareth said and did. It is right there to be digested and followed:

Beware you of the scribes and Pharisees who pride themselves in wearing long and richly decorated robes, and love to be saluted in the market place, and seek the highest seats at feasts, and take the hard earned wages of the poor to satisfy their carnal selves , and pray in public, long and loud. These are the wolves who clothes themselves to look like sheep......... They talk of mercy, yet they bind on human shoulders burdens too grievous to bear. They talk of helpfulness, and yet they put not forth the slightest helpful efforts for their brother man. They make a show of doing things, and yet they do not anything but show their gaudy robes, and smile when people call them honored masters of the law.

As my street corner pal Walt would say: ‘ Nuff said ! ‘

Philip A Farruggio is a free lance columnist, activist leader, and small businessman. For more info on his over 125 columns since 2001, contact him at



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