Gore Vidal Calls Bush, Blair 'Dangerous Jesus Lovers'


It's not Saddam Hussein and his murderous thugs Americans have to worry about - the real danger facing us is the openly devout Christianity of George Bush and Tony Blair warns author Gore Vidal who sneeringly described Bush as a "'come to Jesus' kind of fellow" and Blair as "a crypto Roman Catholic and a secret Jesus lover."

Vidal who met with the odious Michael Moore and is reported to have either written or was behind Moore's attack on the President at the Oscar ceremonies, admits he met with the redundantly obese producer but denies he had anything to do with Moore's screed, according to Liz Smith's column in yesterday's New York Post.

"I'm flattered," he gushed to Smith. "No, I didn't have anything to do with his speech although I did see him recently."

Vidal described his meeting with Moore: "Some of us, a group of like-minded souls, got together just to discuss informally who we might back to be president in the next election. We want a leader who won't lie to us. Mr. Bush is a 'come to Jesus' kind of fellow who believes he is doing God's work. And it explains why Tony Blair has gone along with him. He, too, is a crypto Roman Catholic and a secret Jesus lover. Together they are very dangerous."

Vidal failed to explain exactly how Blair, who is a self-declared devout Christian, could be a "secret Jesus lover."

But Gore Vidal is not alone in voicing virulent anti-Christian attacks. The Catholic League's Dr. Bill Donahue reports that the role of religion in the life of President Bush is coming under increasing criticism both at home and abroad.

He cites the following examples of that criticism:

German President Johannes Rau, when asked about Bush’s understanding of religion said "Nowhere does the Bible call for crusades."


  • Not surprisingly, French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin threw in his two francs worth of French religious doctrine: "In no way can God be called on for a vote of confidence."


  • An easily surprised Swedish lawmaker gasped "I’ve never seen anything like this before."


  • Donahue reports that the head of the German Bishop’s Conference, Cardinal Karl Lehmann, "showed how thoroughly modern he is when he admonished Bush for his ‘careless way of using religious language’; the good cardinal advised that this 'is not acceptable anymore in today’s world.’ "


  • In the U.S., Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State says Bush is on a "divinely inspired" mission that is endangering our liberties.


  • An official of the Utah chapter of American Atheists brands Bush’s rhetoric as "divisive."


  • Freedom From Religion Foundation chief, Annie Laurie Gaylor, says that Bush is "the most recklessly religious President we’ve seen.”


  • Presbyterian minister Fritz Ritsch says Bush thinks he’s "theologian in chief."


  • Commonweal, which Donahue describes as a magazine of the Catholic left, accuses Bush of the sin of "moral simplicity," one that is "a dangerous illusion.”


  • Time writer and Clinton worshipper Joe Klein worries that Bush’s faith "does not discomfort him."


  • Protestant theologian Martin Marty worries that ‘Bush’s God talk will set the tinderbox that is the Muslim world on fire,[perhaps just as Christianity set the tinderbox that was the Pagan world on fire], and Muslim American Society official, Shaker El Sayed, warns that Bush "is claiming a divine mandate."


  • Michael Cottle of the New Republic is upset that Bush "is charging into battle with the blind confidence that God will of course help him emerge victorious."

    Says Donahue: "This is the way the Bush-fearing gang operates. They put words in his mouth and then denounce him for saying what he never said. We pray the president continues to invoke God’s name whenever he sees fit and does not yield to those who tremble when he does."

    Note to President Bush and Prime Minister Blair: keep in mind what Christ told his apostles on the night before He was crucified: "If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before you ... if they have persecuted me, they will persecute you also."

    In other words, you're in very good company.


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