Mr. Bush, you are a criminal.


Mr. Bush, you are a criminal. You have dishonored our nation and placed our youth in a hell of your making. You are responsible for each life, each broken body, each crippled child, each crime committed by men to afraid to do anything but kill in order that they may survive. 

Mr. Bush, you are a coward! You hide behind brave young men and women who have sworn an oath to defend our country. These 18 and 19 years olds see not the weakness that drives your lust for power, but they see the history of our proud nation, they hear the fluttering of our flag and the cries from within their young souls that calls them to duty. You use their idealism and stir within their hearts a rage for victory and you feed their innocence with lies and manipulations.

Mr. Bush, You dishonor this God you say you love. You use him as you do our troops. He is nothing more to you than a piece of raw meat to a hungry dog. Your Judas tears and fake piety is a spit in the eye to anyone who chooses to believe in the possibility that God exists. For who would share a moment with a God that sanctioned and approved your slaughter of the Iraqi people. Do yourself and the world a favor Mr. President RESIGN!            Signed. Tom

"All That Is Needed For Evil To Trimpumph Is For Good Men To Do Nothing" That Evil Is With Us Today. What will you do? Flash Presentation

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