FoxNews Keeping You Safe From Terrorism?
Indy woman linked to terrorist groups

By Heather Gillers

December 29, 2010 "
Indy Star" -- has brought to the attention of authorities an Indianapolis woman accused of making anti-American comments and showing support for alleged terrorist groups.

Emily Norcross, an Indiana Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman, said Fox forwarded the state agency a video, which the agency forwarded to the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center.

An article on says that in the six-minute video, Kathie Smith, 46, and her husband appear alongside photographs of terror attack suspects. Fox has reported that woman called the U.S. a terrorist organization in an e-mail exchange with the news outlet, and that the couple has befriended many Facebook pages that claim to be associated with terrorist groups.

The Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center does not conduct investigations, said Sgt. Dave Bursten of the Indiana State Police, which overseees the center. Rather the agency is a repository of information for city, county, state, and federal criminal justice agencies.

Smith could not be reached for comment.

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