A Contrarian View on Libya

By Sam Hamod

March 18, 2011 "
Information Clearing House" -- It’s clear now, since the black ops and US and UK military advisors failed to defeat Qaddafi, they now want to bomb him and his troops; this is a violation of the UN Charter, and the Arab League is foolish for taking part in it. Paksitani news services last week reported the presence of hundreds of "military advisors" from the UK and US, and new uniforms, weapons, tanks and planes with the "rebels." Also, since the "rebels" had no air force, how is it that they could bomb two Libyan warships? Ah, too many odd things about this sudden, and well supplied "rebellion."

It shows you how clearly colonialism is still alive and thriving in the world. Every real expert and fair minded person on the Middle East knows that Qaddafi of all the Arab leaders since Gamal Abdel Nasser has done more for his people and has not built palaces nor spent his money on women, whisky and Vegas gambling.

I don’t think anyone in this world is a saint, but let’s make this clear, that Qaddafi spent his oil money on 2 things:

1.The Libyan people (education, medicine, hospitals, schools, housing and development)

2.The African Union (to help unify Africa so that it could stand against colonialists, and to be able to keep its wealth for its own people)

The West did not want the African Union to come to life; by getting rid of Qaddafi they will accomplish this.

Also, the West is not interested in the thousands of Chadians, Egyptians, Tunisians and others who were kicked out of Libya and lynched by the “rebels” (who knows who they really are??); no protest has been made against these atrocities. And these are people the West wants to run Libya. Yes, of course, after they choose their puppet so they can steal the “sweet crude”, Libyan capital, destroy the African Union’s source of money, and get rid of another Arab leader who really cared more for his people and his country than for the West and its alleged and phony “democracy” talk. The truth is that the West wants to dominate the Arab World further, and all of the riches of Africa with it. All remote sensing studies show that Africa is the richest continent in the world in terms of resources and minerals; the West wants it and now is using lies about Qaddafi to justify their new colonialism.

Let me add that I am ashamed of China and Russia for not vetoing this UN resolution built on lies and colonialism; I thought they had more courage and were alleged against colonialism. Since this is the case, watch out in the West, you probably will be China’s target in the future when they use the same tactics against you. It turns out, Obama is dumber than I thought; as they say on the south side of Chicago about him now, “Da dude ain’t so slick after all…”