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Robert Fisk: "A statue of Saddam Hussein was pulled down on Wednesday, in the most staged photo-opportunity since Iwo Jima." Journalists Reveal Their True Colors

A tale of two photos
by Fozzy 7:47pm Wed Apr 9 

Updated: 04/15/03

New pictures of  " crowd" in the squarePicture 1  Picture 2   Picture 3    Picture 4 

See Also: Is This Media manipulation on a grand scale?

You have probably seen the photos of the statue of Saddam Hussein being toppled, and TV footage of jubilant Iraqis rolling the bronze head around, bringing back memories of so many previous popular uprisings 1989, 1956, 1953...

If there is one thing this war has taught us all, it's that we can't believe what we're told. For Donald Rumsfeld these were "breathtaking". For the British Army they were "historic". For BBC Radio they were "amazing".

A wide angle shot in which you can see the whole of Fardus Square (conveniently located just opposite the Palestine Hotel where the international media are based), and the presence of at most around 200 people most of them US troops (note the tanks and armored vehicles) and assembled journalists.

The BBC website had the honesty to say that "dozens" of Iraqis were involved, but this grain of truth was swamped by the overwhelming impression of mass joy. The radio and TV were even worse.

The masses are no doubt glad to see the back of Saddam Hussein, but was this a US Army propaganda coup.

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