Huge Pro Gaddafi Rallies In Libya


A collection of videos and text of Gaddafi's speech on July 08, 2011

Tripoli - July 08, 2011


South-western City of Sabha - July 08, 2011


Tripoli - Gaddafi's Speech July 08 2011


Transcript of Gaddafi's Speech July 08, 2011

You saw it in Tripoli , you see it in all the cities and villages everyday: They say Gaddafi supporters, then the millions are my supporters if they like it that way. They think it is the same in their countries where they have 10 per cent support and and the rest are against them!

Gaddafi has millions of supporters because he is not a ruler and he is not a president. Gaddafi did not come through fake elections with campaign funding from abroad.

And to the donkeys of the Arab Gulf, this is their shameful end. To the bin of the Arab history the slaves of west. They are group of donkey ruled by foreigners. Why did they unite with the west against us? What did we do for them? They are worthless. The crowds is our stronghold. The crowds must go and liberate all areas under rebel/ foreigner control

They led Libyans to become beggars in neighbouring countries! Those who led to this, from rich to poor, your life stopped and your money is gone. What for? What for?

Fazan (southern region) was forgotten and neglected before the Revolution but after 1969 it entered the history from its widest doors moving from slaves to the monarchy and 2nd class citizens into an equal citizens leading the country in different sectors

The women in Fazan now is fighting side by side with men, before 1969 black men were discriminated against but now everyone is equal.

Those crowds can fight until the judgment day. You traitors and Nato, your efforts are worthless, you are delusional.

Fazan after becoming free there is no way it will accept becoming a slave again. Those crowds will remain free until the judgment day.

Libyan people will never let their oil and natural resources in the hand of gang militias and will never surrender to imperialism again. The Libyan fortune from now own will be to the poor crowds who showed defiance against the Nato aggression everywhere in Libya. And those youth who are defending their country either in the battlefield or in other ways are the future leaders for Libya, this Revolution is for the youth. The brave Libyan people deserve to be in control of their resources especially now after the defiance that they showed and the victory over Nato and their mercenaries.

They will be defeated. This is the real determination! No one will dare to fight us again. we don’t have weapons, we have the crowds.

No way Fazan will become slave again, no way. Forward Forward Forward Forward

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