A ‘Greater Israel’ In The Making: Experts

Palestinians are still suffering under U.S.-backed Israeli occupation

By Kazi Mahmood, Southeast Asia correspondent

KUALA LUMPUR, April 16 ( - A greater Israel is in the making with the fall of the Saddam regime in Baghdad and with the taming of Syria, Iran and other Arab nations in the Middle Eastern region, said political analysts in the South East Asian region on Wednesday, April 16.

The United Kingdom and the U.S. alongside with their allies are assisting Israel in this ‘machiavelic’ plan that includes the partitioning of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria, said analysts in Indonesia and Malaysia.

“Libya is also a target in what is now to be called the ‘Middle Eastern Axis of evil’ in a bid to secure both oil and strategic regions for the strengthening of the U.S. Empire and the making of a greater Israel in the Middle East,” Abdullai Rauf, a political analyst told on Wednesday.

“The warnings to Syria, Iran and Libya are part of the plan and is the strategy that will now be adopted by the anti-Arab nation (Israel) in a bid to create a larger, greater Israel that will extend beyond its current borders,” said Abdullai.

He was joined in his fears with comments from another professor from Indonesia; Dr Gatut Priyowidodo Msi, who told Antara news agency that he feared Ariel Sharon, the Israeli premier was setting the stage for a “greater Israel” after the fall of Baghdad.

In Padang, where professor Priyowidodo is attached to the Internasional Universitas Ekasakti (UNES) and who is a political analyst there, added that Sharon is waiting for the “highway” to be opened to realize his dreams.

The invasion of Iraq opened the doors for a greater Israel and any attacks on Syria or a taming of the Syrian regime will add to the theory of a greater Israel, Priyowidodo added.

The professor said on Tuesday, April 14, that the warnings given to Syria by the U.S. were strong enough to indicate that the Middle Eastern nation was the next target in a “cleansing” of the region.

Syria has been accused of producing chemical weapons, of hiding Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction - which should include nuclear war heads - said Professor Abdullai, and of harboring former members of the defunct regime in Baghdad.

The U.S. has warned Syria that it should not support the Hizbullah resistance group in Lebanon in its fight against Israel and that the country should also not assist any other “terrorist groups” against the Zionist state.

Britain has also warned Syria that it was high time to join the “international” community and to abandon support for terrorism and to prevent a war against Damascus.

The U.S. and British interest in Syria after the rapid fall of Baghdad has spurred surprise and disdain in South East Asia, with several high officials of Malaysia and Indonesia expressing their fears of another war for regime change in the Middle East.

According to Professor Priyowidodo, the U.S. is also setting the stage for a “security tampon” for Israel, a country which U.S. supports militarily and economically.

He added that it would not be surprising that the U.S. attacks other Arab states in order to secure Israel, which in turn will become the bigger and most powerful nation in the Middle East itself.

Israel is already considered the mini-super power of the region with its arsenal of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, said other experts in Asia.

“A change in regime in Syria, a greater Israel, will have a huge impact on the entire world and the South East Asian region with Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and other Muslim nations here will not be safe anymore,” said Abdullai.

Israel once occupied some territories from its wars with the Arabs in 1967 and 1974. It controlled part of the Sinai in Egypt, the Golan Heights in Syria, the Gaza strip and the West Bank. Today, the Golan Heights is still in its hands and it has imposed its occupation on the West Bank following the Palestinian Intifada against the Israeli occupation.

In 1982, it invaded southern Lebanon but was pushed out thanks to the struggle by the Hizbollah, aided by the Syrian army.

The architect of the invasion of Lebanon by Israel is Ariel Sharon, then minister of defense of Israel who committed crimes in Sabra and Shatila with the massacre of thousands of Palestinian civilians.

According to Priyowidodo, Sharon has killed the peace process in Palestine and is now aiming at a greater Israel but with the explicit assistance of the U.S. and British forces in the region.

He believes the ‘greater Israel’ will see the day since the U.S. is now being lobbied by pro-Jewish influence in Washington that has led to the Iraq war and is now turning towards Syria and other Muslim nations in the Middle East.

“To realize the dream of a greater Israel, Sharon will lobby that the U.S. and British forces be used to invade Syria and Iran,” he added.

These two nations, he added, were the cornerstones in the dream of Sharon.



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