An Endless Stream of Attacks On Our President

Not a scintilla of difference between Republicans and Democrats?

By Dennis S

March 10, 2012 "Information Clearing House" --- I called the boss of Information Clearing House the other day. He was a willing and thoughtful listener as I registered my concerns about his site. I don’t exactly know which ICH article triggered the call. It could have been any one of what appear to be an endless stream of attacks on our president. Information Clearing House seems to be undergoing a philosophical sea change in content and I personally am beginning to go down for the third time.

To paraphrase a great American, Rick Santorum, some of the articles made me want to “throw up”. To wit, these title examples that all appeared on the same day. Titles like Legal Experts Destroy Rationale for Obama’s Assassination Policy…And Slam Democrats for Supporting It’ or Eric Holder ‘Tortures’ the Constitution. The latter is a title straight out of the Karl Rove playbook. Little noted fact; the republicans are making a big behind-the-scenes effort to remove Holder from office.

Then there was the contemptuous statement in a story gently titled Liberal Whores, citing President Obama as among the “slickest politicians of all time”. And why was Obama ‘slick’? He had the temerity to phone a young woman and offer comfort and support after she had been called a slut and whore, among many other things, in a three-day defamation orgy by radio talker Rush Limbaugh. Political, it may have appeared, but it was also the right thing to do.

The author then takes a hard right turn in blaming Obama for every drone death and assassination across the globe.

Reality check. Bush and his minions lied us into this Middle-east mess. Obama is trying to minimize the damage while protecting troops who have no business being in this quagmire in the first place. Here I’m in agreement with the author. I too despise assassinations and non-pinpointed drones as do most democrats and most assuredly, Obama. The tactical calculus had to be made, however, to protect as many of our soldiers as possible, with minimal collateral damage and still react to the escalating danger of local terrorists threats. Drone attacks do, indeed kill innocents. Sadly, children are sometimes the victims for which I and undoubtedly, Obama, grieve.

Somehow, the author compares that reality with ICH numbers of 1,455,590 Iraqi’s slaughtered, the vast majority during the Bush administration. I’m convinced the republican alternative would be bunker-busters as in Iraq where many, many thousands of civilian lives were lost by that strategic overkill.

She concludes her ‘scholarship’ by opining that perhaps liberals and newly favored right-wing propaganda target, Holder are sluts and whores as well. Michelle Malkin couldn’t have said it better. Thank you ICH for raising the level of discourse.

Back to the call. My ICH friend, in effectively dismissing my concerns, was convinced there’s not a scintilla of difference between Republicans and Democrats. I respectfully disagreed. He then challenged me to join the cadre of gifted contributors to ICH and back up my position that the difference between the parties is of infinite dimension. Consider the cadre joined.

One of Mr. ICH’s arguments was that Obama is accepting the giant campaign cash just like Republican candidates. My rejoinder - thanks to the republican Supreme Court’s Citizens United, cash is king in all major elections. Super Pacs are here to stay and if Obama doesn’t access those giant contribution sources, he is the recipient of negative attack ads infinitum and his candidacy succumbs as do the candidacies of many downstream democrats. Defensively, he has no choice. That’s why one imperative in electing democrats is to eventually appoint an objective court to rid politics of Citizens United and adopt clean elections.

To keep things simple, let’s just go down a list of the more obvious differences between the two parties. Republicans want a corporate oligarchy/theocratic government in Washington with a pulpit in the well of the senate. Democrats don’t. Republicans want to repeal the president’s health care plan; Democrats don’t. Democrats want the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes. A Republican Presidential Primary candidate is proposing the total elimination of both the dividend and capital gains taxes. A move that would benefit a tiny fraction of the tax-paying public as the most wealthy make their money through investments. Mitt’s proposed elimination of the federal ‘death’ tax? 97.3% don’t pay it anyway.

Assorted high-level republicans would eliminate HUD and the EPA plus the Education, Commerce and Energy Departments. Democrats wouldn’t. Republicans want to privatize Social Security (remember stocks lost 30% of their value in a 2-year period in the early two-thousands); Democrats don’t. Republicans, in large measure are racists and hate the poor (“food stamp president”). Democrats, in large measure aren’t and don’t. Republicans have blocked every Obama initiative in the house and senate and key Obama appointments. They’ve rarely been joined by democrats, save a few blue dogs, in doing so.

Republicans want us (or our proxy Israel) to attack Iran. Statements from the top three Republican Primary Candidates: Romney; “As president I wouldn’t hesitate to bomb Iran.” Santorum; “I’d bomb Iran on election day.” Gingrich; “I’d bomb Iran on my first day in office.” Democrats are calling for a more measured, responsible approach. It was the republicans who got us into a pre-emptive war with Iraq. It was a democrat who got us out of there and will also get us out of the Afghanistan war of diminishing returns.

A ceaseless ICH editorial bombardment, even though considered objective tough love by democratic pundits, will have the end effect of keeping potential democratic voters at home. Do you really want republicans to take over completely?

Through malicious Voter ID bills, republicans are attempting to suppress the poor and black vote as it is. Democrats aren’t. The assorted state Voter ID bills are hand-delivered by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC is a membership organization, founded in 1973 and it pretty much runs all of the red state legislatures and a few blue ones. ALEC is composed primarily of the most powerful U.S. corporations and well over 2,000 of the nation’s state legislators. Dues are $100 for a two-year legislative membership and up to $25,000 for corporations depending on the level of influence purchased. Among the corporations that have paid membership dues to ALEC are Pfizer and virtually all major pharmaceuticals, Exxon-Mobile, Koch Industries and Koch-owned Georgia-Pacific, AT & T, State Farm, Coca Cola, McDonalds, UPS and FedEx, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Comcast, GM, Wal-Mart…if it’s a multi-billion dollar corporation, it’s an ALEC member. The Gates Foundation recently gave ALEC a gift of $375,000.

Every year ALEC holds about 4 meetings or Summits for corporations and legislators. They’re usually held in resort settings and the corporate types and legislators get together where the power boys tell the state representatives and senators (especially the newbies) what they want. ALEC then writes model legislation or templates that are subsequently introduced into state legislatures (often verbatim) as if the elected officials themselves put them together. They didn’t. There are about 800-1,000 pieces of ALEC model legislation making the rounds every year, about a quarter of which pass. Major legislative target areas are Voter ID, the environment, tax policies, health care, privatizing education, worker’s rights (read kill unions) and deregulation.

Each state has an ALEC organization headed by 4 chairpersons…a state senator, a state representative and 2 corporate representatives. Republican membership is well into the 90 percentile. The tiny percentage of democrats who do belong are almost all of the blue dog variety.

Do your own due diligence at Sourcewatch, ALEC exposed, Common Cause or any number of other websites that specialize in exposing this shadow government that owns republican legislators, statewide and to a large extent, in congress. Visiting the actual ALEC website is also quite instructive.

Differences between democrats and republicans? I visited one site that noted 34 examples, including the ones I mentioned. No differences between parties? Surely you jest!

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