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Al Jazeera to Air Opposition Presidential Debate Amidst US Black-out

By Mark Wachtler

October 18, 2012 "
Information Clearing House" - Chicago. In what some are calling an obvious sign that America’s election system is broken, Qatar-based broadcasting company Al Jazeera announced it will be airing the US opposition Presidential debate. In contrast, the alliance of US media outlets continues to enlist a strict media black-out of independent and opposition party candidates and will not air the otherwise widely-viewed event.


While America tunes in to watch the Republican and Democratic Parties debate each other over America’s corporate-owned airwaves, the 42% of voters who identify themselves as ‘independents’ will instead be tuning in to Al Jazeera. The upcoming first, and possibly only, opposition Presidential debate is being blacked-out by US media outlets nationwide.

Most Americans will only be allowed to see what is being known as the ‘establishment’ Presidential Debates. Managed by the Commission on Presidential Debates, the Republican and Democratic backed organization has had the sole authority to decide which candidates and parties are invited to the all-important nationally televised debates. And for a quarter century, they have never once allowed anyone other than Republican and Democratic Party candidates to participate.

This year, in a first for the Debate Commission, two of its ten sponsors quit in protest over the Commission’s obvious and blatant partisan activism and agenda. Both the YWCA and Phillips Electronics cancelled their support of the Commission due to the debate’s exclusion of other Presidential candidates, assumedly Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

Free and Equal

Like Robin Hood coming to the rescue, enter the Free and Equal Elections Foundation. Just as they did in 2008, the organization is sponsoring a Presidential debate for all Presidential candidates who are on enough state ballots to mathematically win the General Election. That comes to a total of 6 qualified candidates this election.

When the October 23rd Presidential debate in Chicago was first announced only two weeks ago, it included 3 of the 6 Presidential candidates, a half dozen sponsors, and an agreement to stream the event live via the internet. Read the Sept. 20 edition of this column 'First Opposition Presidential Debate scheduled for Chicago' for details.

Now, 4 of the 6 Presidential candidates have confirmed their participation, with only the two establishment parties’ candidates – Barack Obama and Mitt Romney – refusing to attend. The event’s list of sponsors has grown to include 46 separate organizations. And it was just announced that the global media outlet Al Jazeera will be broadcasting the Presidential debate.

Al Jazeera

Rather than provide any editorial commentary, this author will just repeat – Al Jazeera will be broadcasting the US opposition Presidential Debate later this month because the entire corporate-owned US media industry is stubbornly clinging to their partisan agenda and blacking-out coverage of all opposition party candidates.

In response, independent and third party voters across America are thrilled at the news that Al Jazeera will be broadcasting the event. Christina Tobin, founder and Chair of Free and Equal – organizer of the debate – also added her acknowledgment of the news outlet from across the globe saying, “We are honored to have Al Jazeera broadcast this historic event.”

Presidential Debate details

For those interested in watching or attending the Free and Equal Presidential Debate in Chicago, here are the details.

Participating candidates will include:

  • Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party)

  • Jill Stein (Green Party)

  • Virgil Goode (Constitution party)

  • Rocky Anderson (Justice Party)

When: Tuesday, October 23, 2012, 8:00pm CST

Where: University Club of Chicago – Chicago, Illinois

Debate Organizer: Free and Equal Elections Foundation

Media Coverage: The debate will be broadcast live at www.freeandequal.org/live, and Al Jazeera.

For more information, visit FreeAndEqual.org.

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Mark Wachtler is the owner-Editor of Whiteout Press, a former elected official and veteran of independent & third party politics. His creative writing style and lifetime of street-level campaign experiences gives you a glimpse of American politics like you've never seen it before.

This article was originally posted at Examiner.com

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