The Bush Family Saga

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The Bush-Carlyle Connection 

There’s no business like war business

By William Bowles

05/11/03: (Information Clearing House) There are so many connections between the Bushes, the ‘Defence’ establishment, the global trade in arms, that the mind boggles. That it barely gets a mention in the mainstream media (except of course, to simply ‘report’ it) is a scandal of the grandest proportions. But it only goes to show the power of big business and the political class they have installed in both the US and the UK (after all, John Major is employed by the Carlyle Group and BAE Systems, the major arms supplier to the UK, is part-owned by Carlyle). Not only the connections beggar belief but the sheer hypocrisy of the Bush government should put it in a new category in the Guinness Book of Records! As you’ll see from just of a few of the links to information on Carlyle below, their tentacles extend to many of the armed conflicts going on in the world. There’s no business like war business!

I’ve presented them in no particular order, the common denominator is the Bush family.

"Arms Buildup Enriches Firm Staffed by Big Guns"

Defense: Ex-president and other elites are behind weapon-boosting Carlyle Group.

By Mark Fineman, Times Staff Writer January 10 2002


"The Best Enemies Money Can Buy"

From Hitler To Saddam Hussein to Osama bin Laden - Insider Connections and the Bush Family's Partnership with Killers of Americans

Brown Brothers, Harriman - BNL- and the Carlyle Group By Michael C. Ruppert


"Legal Group Blasts Papa Shrub on Bin Laden Link"

Bush Sr. Could Profit From War by Geoffrey Gray October 11th, 2001, Village Voice




"CHRONOLOGY: The Bushes And The Carlyle Group"


"The Bush-Carlyle Group Archive" Buzzflash

A link to a number of links on the Carlyle Group


Carlyle's way Making a mint inside "the iron triangle" of defense, government, and industry. By Dan Briody January 8, 2002 Red Herring


"The Carlyle Group" Spectrazine

Alfred Mendes looks at a single US investment corporation and asks some pertinent questions about democracy, terrorism and power.


"Crony Reform" Slate

How the access capitalists at the Carlyle Group became real businessmen.

By Daniel Gross Tuesday, April 15, 2003


"The Big Guns: The Carlyle Group and Defense Lobbying"


"The Carlyle Group; Elder Bush in Big G.O.P. Cast Toiling for Top Equity Firm" by Leslie Wayne Monday, March 5, 2001, New York Times


"The Pakistan-India conflict is being funded and fomented by the same faces that brought you the war on terrorism"

A particularly evil manifestation of the arms business is the one in the on-going low intensity war between in India and Pakistan and the Carlyle Group’s role in it


"US arms group heads for Lisbon: The Carlyle Group, integrated by the Bush and bin Laden families awarded a billion dollar contract to "rebuild Iraq", 6  April 2003


"Bush's Favorite Terrorist Buddy & Carlyle Group (Bush, Sr. Etc) Profits Increasing From Afghan War"


"Former President Bush Works for International Investment Firm With Ties To Saudi Arabia" - Company Had Bin Laden Family Connections Judicial Watch


"Meet the Carlyle Group"

How will President George W. Bush personally make million$, if not billion$ from the War on Terror? The easy way.  He’ll inherit it. Former World Leaders and Washington Insiders Making Billions in the War on Terrorism


"Carlyle group scandal"



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