The Bush Family Saga

Part II - Part I Here

Viva Zapata!

By William Bowles

05/11/03: (Information Clearing House) Zapata is the story of oil and the Bush clan and of course, Texas. This is the company GW Bush Snr founded in 1953 and, depending on your predilictions for conspiracies, the Bush connection can take you all the way to the Kennedy assassination and back, and given the scale and scope of the Bush saga, it doesn’t surprise me at all, if indeed there are links between all the goings on of the Bush clan, oil, Texas, the FBI, the CIA, the Rockefellers, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Nugan-Hand Bank,the Mob, The Pope (or at least the Vatican, I think the current uncumbent is a little too doddery) and the assassination of JFK. Of one thing I am sure, when billions and governments are at stake, anything is possible.

When I started researching Prescott Bush, I wasn’t surprised to see names popping up that were connected to organised crime, the Nazis, international banking et al. The following link will give you the works and much of the material on this site is backed up by other, quite independent sources.

"Bronfman, Bush, Cheney , Seagrams, Zapata, Brown & Root

All interconnected in the spider's web"


The Bush Family Saga in one, handy package

I hit the mother lode when I came across this site. This pretty well brings you uptodate on the Bush family saga. All written by Sam Parry. The site, Consortium News, is an excellent source of news and information from independent journalists. (

"The Bush Family ‘Oiligarchy’ Part One: The Early Years"

"The Bush Family ‘Oiligarchy’ Part Two: The Third Generation"

"The Bush Family ‘Oiligarchy’ Part Three: Politics & Oil -- The Sequel"

"The Bush Family ‘Oiligarchy’ Part Four: At the Candidate's Ear"

"The United States of oil " by Damien Cave




"George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography" by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin

Go this page and follow the links.



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