The Bush Family Saga

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BCCI (Bank of Credit & Commerce)

By William Bowles

05/11/03: (Information Clearing House

"BCCI defrauded depositors of $10 billion in the '80s in what has been called the "largest bank fraud in world financial history" by former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau."

Wayne Madsen

The BCCI-Bush connection is, it could be argued an ‘accidental’ one, but it’s highly unlikely even if it is difficult to track, But the seeds are all there, including GW Snr’s CIA connection (as head of it) in the 1970s and the links to BCCI (see below) as well as his long time association with James R. Bath an investor in Arbusto. Bath, was a Houston businessman and old friend was also an investor in BCCI. Essentially, BCCI was a convenient ‘channel’ for moving money through to fund the various illegal enterprises being undertaken at the time including, Iran-Contra, the Iranian arms sales, CIA money laundering operations, connections to powerful Middle Eastern businessmen, the Vatican and its right-wing connections through BNL.

Perhaps this extract from "Texas Connections" ( gives you an idea of the reach:

"… Sheikh Abdullah Bahksh of Saudi Arabia, a 16% shareholder in Harken Energy at the time, was represented by a Palestinian-born Chicago investor named Talat Othman, who served with George W. Bush on the board of Harken Energy. Othman made at least three separate visits to the White House to discuss Middle East affairs with then President George Bush. At about the same time, and just prior to the Gulf War, Harken Energy, with no previous international or offshore drilling experience, was awarded a 35-year petroleum exploration contract with the emirate of Bahrain.

Sheikh Bahksh emerged as a co-investor in the Bank of Commerce and Credit International (BCCI), a criminal enterprise since dissolved, that existed primarily as a mechanism for obtaining political influence using Middle Eastern oil money. Bahrain's prime minister, Sheik Khalifah bin-Sulman al-Khalifah, was a major investor in BCCI's parent company, BCCI Holdings, of Luxembourg. Through its commodities affiliate, Capcom, BCCI was used as a money laundering service by drug traffickers, arms dealers, etc. BCCI's front man in the U.S., and the person chiefly responsible for its takeover of First American Bank in the U.S., was Kamal Adham. Adham is referred to in the Kerry Committee report on BCCI as having been "the CIA's principal liaison for the entire Middle East from the mid-1960's through 1979." He was also the head of intelligence for Saudi Arabia during the time George Bush Sr. was Director of the CIA."

"1992 Congressional Record Documents"

This is a particularly useful set of documents, because they are the official record of US congressional representative Henry B. Gonzalez and his longstanding investigations into a range of related dealings which included BCCI, Banco Nazionale Lavoro (BNL), Iraqgate, illicit arms dealings, and especially attempts by the Bush government to block his investigations.


"Recovered History: BCCI, BNL, GW Bush and Iraq" Tuesday, 18 February 2003

Chris Floyd, Counterspin


"Bush, BCCI, Saddam, Noriega, bin Laden, and the Cleanup Wars"

by Steve Mizrach • Friday January 03, 2003


"Deals for Dubya"

Bush’s family ties to shady bank BCCI help explain his "success" in the oil biz

by Bob Fitrakis


"Global Eye -- Cold Fronts", By Chris Floyd


"The real story of the BCCI" by Bill Engdahl and Jeffrey Steinberg


"The Bank of Crooks and Criminals International"

An extensive document on the BCCI scandal and the Bush, CIA connection


"BNL Scandal Reveals Bush Hypocrisy And A Greater Conspiracy" By J. Parnell McCarter Puritan News Service


"Bank of Credit and Commerce International - Very Weird Stuff"


"Bush Family Machinations, 1918-2000"

More of a chronology of the Bush family dealings but contains info on BCCI


"Cold Fronts: War is Golden for the Bush Administration"

By CHRIS FLOYD CounterPunch February 15, 2003


"New FBI Head Is Old Bush Cover-Up Man" Michael Collins Piper American Free Press

It looks as though it's going to be "cover-up as usual" with Robert S. Mueller III installed as the new director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


"The deep politics of regime removal in Iraq: Overt conquest, covert operations"

Part Four: The unfinished business between Saddam Hussein and George H.W. Bush By Larry Chin Online Journal Contributing Editor


"Bush, Clinton, and the CIA" by By Paul DeRienzo


"The Press on the BCCI-bin Mahfouz-bin Laden Intelligence Nexus", Boston Herald, December 11, 2001


"Bush & a CIA Power Play" By Robert Parry


"Meet the New Boss" By Matthew Callan Freezerbox January 17, 2003



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