The Bush Family Saga

Part II - Part I Here


By William Bowles

05/11/03: (Information Clearing House) This maybe small potatoes by comparison with all the other Bush clan scams, but nevertheless Ignite! Learning has made Neil Bush $20 million over the past three years. Not bad for a guy who ran Silverado S&L into the ground. With accusations of nepotism flying around all over the place, especially now that Neil Bush is trying to get the Florida school system to buy into his learning software (at $30 a pop per student per year), the state that his brother Jeb is governor of, it’s no wonder. Connected is the wholesale privatisation of state services, which opens such areas as education to the predations of people like Neil Bush and indeed, the whole issue of influence peddling.

That Other Bush Boy The president's brother Neil hopes to profit from his family's influence.

by Michael Scherer May/June 2001

Bush brother trying to sell FCAT software to Florida schools

Monday, October 28, 2002 Associated Press

Governor's Brother Marketing School Software

by Victoria Langley

Monday October 28th, 2002

Bush family in software row

By Nick Farrell [28-10-2002]

Big bother for little brother in nepotism charge

Some Editorials on JEB's mis-management of the state from 11/1/02

THE JEB BUSH FRIENDS and FAMILY PLAN Campaign Donors Cash in on Jeb Connection

"Influence Peddling, Bush Style" by Dan Moldea & David Corn, October 5, 2000

More influence peddling

Jeb Bush followed the family game plan: Earn your fortune, then run for public office. A vast network of deals made it possible. By Alecia Swasy

And Robert Trigaux, St. Petersburg Times, September 20, 1998


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