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Syria: Reuters Spreads Another Syrian 'Massacre' Lie - Debunked

By Moon Of Alabama

January 18, 2013 "Information Clearing House" - Reuters: Massacre of over 100 reported in Syria's Homs

More than 100 people were shot, stabbed or possibly burned to death by government forces in the Syrian city of Homs, a monitoring group said on Thursday, and fierce fighting raged across the country.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said women and children were among the 106 people killed by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad forces who stormed Basatin al-Hasawiya, a poor district on the edge of Homs, on Tuesday.
Reuters cannot independently confirm reports due to reporting restrictions in Syria.

That last sentence is nonsense and is Reuters' poor self-serving excuse for lazyness and to publish propaganda.

Bill Neely (@billneelyitv) is international editor for ITV News. He is currently in Syria on a legit government visa and reports from Homs. Here are his recent tweets:

9:08 AM - 17 Jan 13

It is clear many people died in the poor farming community at the edge of #Homs. The regime & opposition both say dozens wr killed.

9:10 AM - 17 Jan 13

Local men I talked to put the number of those killed in #Huwaisa at around 30,including women & at least five children.I saw blood & remains

9:25 AM - 17 Jan 13

There has clearly been mass killing in #Huwaisa.It's NOT clear who did this-opposition blames regime frces,local civs blame Jabhat al Nusra

9:35 AM - 17 Jan 13

Local men in #Huwaisa described rebels who came 2 area 2 attack army;some in "black uniforms",some wearing headbands with Jihadi slogans

9:36 AM - 17 Jan 13

Many local men in #Huwaisa cried as they met e'other-1 lost 2 brothers,another his wife & sister.They said rebels wr different-not FSA

Who will know better who killed the people in Huwaisa? The local people on the ground or Reuters propaganda source which sits somewhere in Britain?

This article was originally posted at Moon Of Alabama

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