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Integrity's Demise; The Israeli March To Shiflut

By Meir Stieglitz

April 12, 2013 "Information Clearing House" - There is no proper understanding of Israel today without appreciating the meaning of "Shiflut" (שפלות). In my interpretation, this unique Hebrew word represents a moral abysmal point the anti-thesis of Integrity. Shiflut is the essence of the Israeli Spirit and its historical driving force.

Throughout history there appear synergy events between People and Ideas which sporadically constitute the nexus and provide the inertia -- usually activated by prophets, leaders and scientists -- for progress (or regress) in humanity's evolution. In historical praxis, a specified group of people are endowed with energy and spirit which enable them to function as an evolutionary engine.

Some examples: Sumer-Babylon fertilized Urbanization; Assyria organized armies initiated the Military; Ancient Egypt worshiped Deified Rulers. Prophetic Judaism endowed humanity with the spirit of Transcendentalism; Hellenic Greece taught humanity the Love of Wisdom ; Rome greatness was in Empire Governance; Apostolic Christianity spreads the seeds of Humanism; The Mongols excelled in the Destruction of Civilizations ; Core Buddhism explored the ways of Harmony seeking; Post-Medieval Europe enlighten Science and Technology; Great Britain perfected Global Projection of Power; Modern Russia and France were the breeders of World Revolutions; German Nazism the executioner of Ultimate Global Evil; Modern China still is the largest manager of (controlled) Collectivism; The United States still is the dominant manifestation of (managed) Individualism, and so on.

On that Moral-Historical catalog, Israel place is as the epitome and breeder of Shiflut namely, national life saturated with phenomenally flexible and, at the same time, utterly replaceable ethical spine. At its less threatening mode the Israeli public field (from Left to Right through the Center) is a sizzling incubator of nation-wide varied modes of opportunism; at its worst, the Israeli spirit is national victimhood gone berserk -- on the global arena.

In parallel, The Israeli relations with the truth are like those of a businesslike pimp to his prize prostitute: he sings her praise, makes the most of her as long as it is profitable and guards her so that no one else will have his way with her without pay. But whenever the cost of truth weighs more than pimping it, then, without hesitation, the designated Israeli leader throws truth to the gutter while wailing how much it did cost him to keep with it at all.

In the current Historical-Political context, we observe some key manifestations of Israeli Shiflut. Israel is the only place on the face of the earth where on all levels of society these neo-con lore fabrications are held self-evident: First, and most important, Gorbachev was a weakling and the Soviet Union economically feeble, thus the Evil Empire succumbed to the victorious Reagan and the triumphant American Capitalism. Second, the "Peace Process" is just another word for utilizing Israel's hold on America's internal politics and the Palestinians' sub-realistic (to put it mildly) chosen course of historical actions in order to secure and strengthen Israel's right to regional domination.

Third, the neo-cons' prophet Cheney and his freedom crusader G.W. Bush, saved Israel and the West, in that order, from Saddam's W.M.Ds. No matter whether they existed or not and what dark dangers and grave miseries the invasion of Iraq and the preceding sanctions brought upon the world. Fourth, Netanyahu's people believe that the Israeli 'existential' national interest is to launch a Western, to be exact American, attack upon Iran. And once this fabricated and manipulated existential nuclear threat is launched as a national survival project, there, all, but all, means are Kosher (legitimate and necessary).

True, the fundamental element of Israel's geopolitical situation is an ever looming "Survival Predicament". The concept of survival predicament is at the heart of the Realist tradition in thinking about World Order. It is derived from the application of State-of-Nature premises to the praxis of global politics. That said, in the current state of geostrategic structural affairs, the survival predicament (brought, in part, by Israel's own polices) is regulated to Israel's Meta-Historical status; However, in actual strategic terms, Israel hold the capability to project a clear an immediate survival danger to the limits of the region and beyond. Israel is exceptionally successful in utilizing its near super-power standing as the engineer of national reality and the architect of regional and global future, while at the same time defending, enhancing, spreading and exploiting its manifested destiny as a nation on the brink of annihilation.

The fundamental representation of Israeli Shiflut is embodied in its revolting Moral-Historical mission: the continuous and diverse ways in which the memory of the Holocaust horrors is manipulated and exploited in order to assert and legitimize Israel's claim on an unalienable right to act in ways which put it as a potential enemy of humanity. Moreover, Israel demands not only to be exempt from all modes of culpability but actually to be financially supported (relatively, like no other nation ever) and strategically enhanced (relatively, like no other nation ever) on its march to eradicate the Universalist Idea and make the world safe for nuclear weapons in the service of hegemonic ambitions. The rest is being written and will be written on the protocols of the (all) Jerusalem- (partially) Washington axis of global evil.

Dr. Meir Stieglitz received his PhD in International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, an M.A in Political Science from U.C. Berkeley and a BA in Economics from the Hebrew University. Dr. Stieglitz did his Post-Doctoral in Nuclear Strategy at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. He is a Philosopher and an independent lecturer currently employed as a consultant to International Investments Groups on global Geo-Political, Strategic and Macro-Economic issues.

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