Judged By The Company You Keep

By Diana Rogers

05/21/03: (Information Clearing House) If on the SUSPICION of a terrorist connection any American citizen can be arrested and detained without charge, public disclosure, or legal counsel shouldn’t the same apply to our government? Or more appropriately, how well would you or I fare if we had the following SUSPICIOUS connections?

HALLIBURTON; Kellogg, Brown and Root/KBR (Subsidiary)

Awarded $7 Billion-Umbrella (without set limits) US contract for Iraq (2003). Awarded a $9.7 million US contract to build an additional 204-cell detention camp at the US Naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The exclusive logistics provider for US Navy and Army with a 10-yr No Lid and No Cost US contract, already estimated at $830 Million. Paid $2 million by US to reinforce the U.S. embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Awarded $2.2 Billion US contract to support US troops in the Balkans. Awarded US contracts totaling more than $624 Million from October 2000 to March 2003.

Dick Cheney was CEO from 1995-2000. It is reported Mr. Cheney still receives a yearly compensation of $1 million from the company. (Windfall Contracts)

  • US GAO (General Accounting Office) found and proved over-billing to US Army in 1997. *
  • A ‘2000’ GAO Follow Up to the Over-billing of 1997, found further Inflated charges. *
  • Was fined and paid $2 million for fraud to US government (2002). *




DYNCORP– Awarded $50 million dollar (Estimate for first year) US contract to police post Hussein Iraq. Awarded $1 Billion plus US contract for Bosnia. Awarded $60 Million US Navy Contract. Awarded $280 Million PLUS US Air Force contract, $6.5 Million, $300 Million US Contract, $1.5 Billion space command and control US contract, etc.

In March 2003 Dyncorp was officially consolidated with Computer Science Corp., continuing a previous history of joint ventures between both companies.

Dyncorp’s Auditor of Records: Arthur Anderson also of Enron.

Dyncorp’s Director: Herbert S. Winokur also of Enron.

  • Sued for wrongful dismissal of Ben Johnson, who exposed sex slave trade, rape, and fraud by Dyncorp personnel in Bosnia. One of the accused pled guilty to charges and was dismissed by Dyncorp but never prosecuted. The case closed in 2000 to the protest of the Human Rights Watch and The Humanitarian Campaign Against the Exploitation of Children.



ENRON - Defunct multi-trillion dollar energy company.

Chairman until January 2002: Kenneth Lay (Served on G. Bush Jr. Presidential Transition team,

with D. Cheney on new energy policy, and reported friend of both George Bush’s)

Former Enron Advisers: Larry Lindsey (Chief Economic Advisor to Present President Bush)*

Robert Zoellick (Top Trade Negotiator to Present President Bush) *

Former Enron Executive: Thomas White (Secretary of the Army to Present President Bush) *

Auditor of Record: Arthur Anderson also of Dyncorp.

Director: Herbert S. Winokur also of Dyncorp.,11337,895336,00.html *,11337,641315,00.html,11337,862090,00.html



BECHTEL GROUP CORP – A San Francisco construction-engineering company. Awarded an 18-month, $680 Million plus US contract to rebuild Iraq. (2003).

Awarded $4.8 Million US contract to repair the port of Umm Qasr (2003).

Bechtel’s CEO: Riley P. Bechtel (Serves on US Export Council- Present Bush Adm.) *

Bechtel’s Senior Vice President: Jack Sheehan (Serves on Pentagon Defense Policy Board-Present Bush Adm.) *

Bechtel Board Member: George Shultz (Former US Secretary of State-Reagan Adm.) *

  • Installed one of the reactors backwards at San Onofre nuclear power plant in northern San Diego County; resulting in cost overruns, the destruction of kelp, and the daily sucking in of fish, plankton and even seals in the water needed to cool the reactors.


Diana Rogers

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