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Our System Which is Drowning Us is Awakening Us

By Jason Liosatos

May 27, 2013 "Information Clearing House" - We are undergoing a mass transformation triggered by us drowning in despair. Ironically it is the despair from our system of debt, fear and virtual slavery that is the smelling salts alerting us and re minding us that we are in trouble.

The transformation in people taking place now reminds me of the initiation process that St John used to do to people as his form of radical baptism. Apparently instead of the later sprinkling of water on the forehead, he would get someone in the water and hold their head under the water until they were thrashing around fighting for their lives, and only just before they passed out would he pull them out.

Once they had reached that point of near death by suffocation did they transcend and shed all their old skin, all their worries, fears, petty concerns, the clutter in their minds, even their own names, religions, race and general identity, and so had that feeling of rebirth and freedom from the old self with all its attachments. If someone is not sure who they are any more thatís good, it means you may be transcending the old labels and shackles and coming closer to getting to know the real you who has no labels but just is.

Apparently at or near real death this happens to a lot of people, and the peace and transcendent liberation they have found is written on their faces. Many people who have faced death by accidents or disease often discover their true essence again when everything is stripped away, especially if they also transcend their fear, and rediscover their freedom, happiness and peace that most people yearn for and never discover their whole lives.

I can sense that people all over the world are being so manipulated, and strangled by the system of debts and slavery, that a similar thing is taking place. The beautiful connection to peace, harmony, love and happiness inherent in each person has become so weakened and cut off by the strangulation our system has inflicted on us that they are in a similar process to the radical near drowning I just described.

Our heads are being held under the water by mass manipulation in a system which is now choking us to the point of unconsciousness, and ironically it is this very thing which is triggering our transformation and awakening us.

Like a caterpillar now becoming a butterfly thrashing around in its old caterpillar cocoon to get out and fly, so are we awakening by our heads being held under the water, not by the loving hands of St John but by the strangling hands of the oligarchs who have been drowning us for years and years, and at last humanity has suffered enough and is determined to break free.

Jason Liosatos. www.jasonliosatos.com

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