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This Slaughter Has To Stop
Incendiary Bomb Victims 'Like the Walking Dead'

BBC Panorama Video Report

A BBC team inside Syria filming for Panorama has witnessed the aftermath of a fresh horrific incident - an incendiary bomb dropped onto a school playground in the north of the country - which has left scores of children with napalm-like burns over their bodies.

Eyewitnesses describe a fighter jet dropping the device, a low explosion, followed by columns of fire and smoke.

Ian Pannell and cameraman Darren Conway's report contains images viewers may find extremely distressing.

Posted August 29, 2013 -  Updated August 30, 2013 -  See "Note from Tom" below.

BBC News

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Note from Tom

August 30, 2013

There appears to be a consensus (see comments below) that the video above is propaganda and a staged event in support of the Syrian rebels. I can neither confirm or deny that the report is valid, but I do agree that the reporter appears to attribute the attack to a Syrian fighter jet, without providing any evidence to support his conclusion.

What is beyond debate is that a great many people have died and an even greater number have suffered and or witnessed suffering beyond what can be described as civilized behavior in this war on the Syrian people.

What I find objectionable about some of the comments, is that we prefer to blame one side or the other rather than empathize with those on whom this tragedy is inflected.

It would appear we are more interested in attributing responsibility and picking a side (as if we are watching a sporting event) rather than demanding that world powers stop their support of both sides. It is reprehensible that we should allow ourselves to be manipulated into cheering and applauding this inhumanity.

The reality is that we are all human and none of us deserves to see our loved ones suffer and die. There is no difference between anyone on this planet other than what we choose to believe about ourselves and each other.

There are no Christians , Muslims, Democrats or Republicans, there are no nationalities. We humans are just one species, struggling to provide for our families as others try to manipulate us by appealing to our basest tribal instincts.

We have to rise above this and demand that our governments cease and desist from providing weapons of war and financial support for this savagery.

I for one refuse to be manipulated into blindly following a flag or roaring applause as my brothers are fed to the lions.

Peace and Joy

Tom Feeley

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