The Manipulation Of America

Notice a pattern yet? If not, keep watching the news and you will.

By Diana Rogers

05/13/03: (Information Clearing House) For months Americans have been kept in a whipped frenzy with daily bombardment of intense and stressing news: SARS, the unstoppable disease, the gut wrenching war on Iraq, and Israel’s usual slaughter of Palestinians. But the past three days, the American media has been ominously silent. They’ve carried only a few brief reports on SARS and no mention at all of our loved ones still in Iraq, or even Israel’s slaughters. Did the unstoppable disease of the century suddenly stop? Is the war on Iraq over and they simply forget to send our loved ones home? Or is this a calculated reprieve to set the stage for Phase Two: the whipping of the masses to support a war?

For answers look to the news reported and the men who are making it.

For several days Colin Powell’s itinerary has subtly dominated the news. His location and next stop was so fastidiously reported Americans knew his schedule better than their own. Yet in stark contrast, not one report of Donald Rumsfield, who was dispatched to the Middle East a week ago and promptly disappeared. Had he fallen in a middle eastern black hole or is it simply the powers that "would be" wanted all eyes on Colin Powell, and the very coincidental bombing that occurred just as he arrived in Saudi Arabia?

What a golden opportunity to reaffirm the war on terrorism, but more to REINTRODUCE Americans to the elusive and almost forgotten Al Queda. And to make sure we get it; Powell immediately goes on record as outraged "Secretary of State Colin Powell said the attack, which killed at least 29 people, had "all the fingerprints of an al Qaeda operation." .

President Bush promptly followed his lead, and to really make sure we got it Ari Fleischer reinterated:

"White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said Bush was angered by the attack.

"He is angry. Terrorists attacked our fellow citizens and took innocent lives. This is a war against terror and he is determined to wage it," Fleischer said.

Fleischer said the United States was satisfied with Saudi cooperation and that an FBI team was being dispatched to Saudi Arabia.

"We'll be on the hunt and we'll find them and they will be brought to justice," Bush said before flying to Missouri -- the home state of Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Richard Gephardt -- to inspect damage by tornadoes in Pierce City."

Notice a pattern yet? If not, keep watching the news and you will. And brace yourself! Because I doubt it was coincidence that the one "reported" place in the world that warned more 9/11 attacks would occur in the US was itself bombed. And bombed seven days after the American media conveniently ran stories of Saudi Arabia not only warning us of this but also foiling several US- aimed terrorist attempts in their country. Proof positive that terrorism was not only alive and well but still very active and working to get us. Yet somehow this same country that was so on top of it 7 days ago suddenly lagged enough to be bombed itself. And not just bombed by some errant or unknown terrorists but Al queda with a renewed vigor to get the US. Could the connection be more perfect? Could the swift assignment of blame be more planned? And by the very players who had assigned the same swift blame to 9/11. It seems we’ve been this way before, only this time in reverse. But then it wouldn’t do to have those nasty, lingering questions hampering the next phase as it did the last.

"Wasn’t there foreknowledge? Why didn’t they act on it?"

This time they can safely say they did.

Diana Rogers


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