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On Thanksgiving: A Radical and Simple Solution Set for Humanity

By Carlo Ami

What is presented here is very simple and direct.  Decide for your true self---from the heart---whether these ideas can be food for you.

Please consider slowly reading through this, pausing when you see this icon your pause buttonand hushing up your head while you notice how you feel. 

November 28, 2013 "Information Clearing House - Consider the possibility that one of the most famous Christian bible stories has been seriously misinterpreted.  When Jesus said, “Turn the other cheek,” he was not suggesting presenting your other cheek to be slapped.  He was instructing that the wise response to abuse is not resist or fight, but to remove your attention and support from the abuser: to walk away.   This, not resistance, is the way of highest courage.

On this 2013 Thanksgiving Day, it may sound a little strange to hear someone say, let’s love the “bad guys” today.  What one might consider now is that the so-called “bad guys” of present day life---the corrupt governments, the money barons, the pathetic religions, the pollluted educational system and the lying, poisoning media---are doing us a big favor, are performing a crucial function in our spiritual evolution, the only evolution that really matters. 

thank the bad guys

Like the imaginary ego, they are provoking us to get fed up with them.  And getting fed up is a gift because it inspires us to seek more heart-intelligent solutions to the mess we find ourselves in.

Offered here is a summary of one solution set you likely have not heard about before now.


In a just and aware world there is harmonious justice.

This harmony does not reign because we are not yet allowing ourselves to be aware of what is going on in the world...and of our powers to move beyond the suffering in it.

This justice is not about judgment, punishment or manipulation of anyone.

In the world soon to come we will understand the beauty of letting everyone, every creature, be who they are being.

Those ill enough to commit a true crime will be nurtured, not punished.

We will not feel compelled to manipulate anyone.

We will perceive no one as our enemy.

We will come to know this wisdom and practice it:

It works beautifully for everyone when we are all about giving rather than worrying about how much we can get...or feeling sorry for ourselves if somebody else has more of something we want.

your pause button

In the world to come, we will recognize our true and loving power, our unity, our Oneness.  We will view the idea of harming another as a form of masochism, something we will not even consider as an option.

And you say:  “But life really sucks right now.  Our government whores are screwing us.  Our religions keep us stuck in guilt and fear.  Our educational systems aim to ensure our stupidity.  Our media feeds us fiction about what is going on in our world as it creates discord and fighting between us.  It feeds us entertainment and distraction that frighten us, confuse us and hypnotize us, promoting feelings of aloneness and worldly impotence."

Now we get to admit that we have been screwed.  What can we do about it all?

First, it will serve us to claim the power to move beyond the ongoing willingness to let ourselves be abused.  We don't find this power outside of ourselves.  It is within.  United we stand, divided we are weak.


Among those awake enough to admit that we are now collectively challenged, there are only three kinds of responses that people are talking about:

  1)      We might just as well submit; we are in the process of being enslaved and there is nothing we can do about it.

  2)      It’s just a bump in the road…or maybe a god or some aliens will come down to save us.

  3)      We must revolt.  Journalist/Reporter Chris Hedges has been talking of this for awhile.  He says that we have a “moral imperative” to revolt, even as he says we have little chance of victory.  I can hear the battle cry now: “Let’s go lose.”  How’s that for getting motivated?

As long as we do not trust in the realization of our vision, we will not realize it.

I suggest to you here that there is a fourth option and that it is the only viable one that is empowering rather than demeaning collectively.  Nothing else will work in a way that is self-respecting for humanity, all living things and this planet upon which ride:

  4)      The removal of all attention and support---other than love---from divisive, abusive, manipulative, deceptive people, groups and institutions.  I am not going to draw pictures for   you here.  Take that where your heart takes you. (And of course, there are exceptions: such as sometimes your children or aging relatives/friends, and the mentally ill.)

Decide clearly whether you intend to keep on supporting institutions that send our young people all over the world to die for the economic interests of a few, not truly for their nation.  It takes courage to face this, especially if one close to you is in the armed forces or you have had a relative injured or killed will in military service. 

Decide if you want to be led by people who suppress life-saving/rejeuvenating herbs and technologies, poison our water with rat poison (fluoride), spray our skies with stuff that makes us mentally duller (chemtrails) and feed us mental/emotional poisons continuously. 

While masses of Us are in denial about all that, you can have the courage to face it.  Most people do not have the guts to face this because they do not think they can do anything to solve it.

Do you really want to move through life continuing to accept a world in which a tiny minority hold the majority of this planets’ wealth while 40,000 people starve to death every day?  Is this OK with you?

I suggest to you that the only reason you would ever answer yes to that question is if you felt you had no power to change any of that.  As long as we think we don’t, as long as we think we are alone and weak, we cannot make use of our innate power.

Divided, we are weak.

Together, our power is immense.  your pause button

Society and the greedy few encourage us every day to judge ourselves and each other as inferior or unworthy.

We are learning that resistance, fighting and judgment of any kind is a drain on collective consciousness/collective energy/collective frequency.  We don’t need to label it as right or wrong.  We are served to understand that it does not work if we intend to thrive.

Gandhi and Martin Luther King took great strides with what came to be called non-violent resistance.

Now the next step is trusting, powerful, calm presence. 

No resistance is either needed or productive, but simply the withdrawal of attention and support from that which abuses, deceives, manipulates or divides us from each other. 


Consider from the heart what response takes more courage among the four options expressed here.

* The Surrender to Your Abusers Option:   It doesn’t take any courage to just lay down and submit to your enslavers.

* The Pretend the Abuse Isn't Happening Option: Courage doesn’t even come into the picture for those who refuse to see what is  happening right in front of them.

      *  The Revolt Option: Maybe it takes more ignorance than courage to fight in a battle you         have little hope of winning.  Being a martyr for a cause you see as hopeless is being a             stupid martyr.  Hope is  just an anemic substitute for trust.  (Interestingly, “Hope” was           the campaign slogan for both Hitler and Barack Obama.)

Option 4 is the only one that makes heart sense.  If we are to survive and thrive, as I trust we are, it is time to identify with and trust the will and the wisdom of the heart.  This means disengagement from the egoic mind.

The mirrors of ego and our big institutions are many.  Ego and government think they can represent us, and they do an awful job of it.  Government and religion feed us lies and create imaginary enemies or those who are seen as inferior or damnable.  Government finds them in people from other countries.  Religion finds them in those who choose a different religion or none at all.   Media giants, like ego, deceive us and hide truth from us, twisting it to manipulate us.  Our educational system pretends to enlighten us and educate us as it creates curriculum to stupify us.

Imaginary ego, like our big instutions, only pretends to care about us, pretends to protect us. They are all about maintaining and expanding their power.   It makes no difference to them if we kill and abuse each other as long as they maintain control.  They are willing for any of us to die as long as they are staying at the steering wheel.

The solution with all of them is the same: Disengagement.


Earlier here, I said of our relationship to our institutions: “United we stand, divided we are weak.” Consider please that this applies to the Integral Self.  As long as we are identifying to any extent with the imaginary ego we are maintaining a division of self.  The inner battle that the unawakened allow to rage every day is the one we allow ego to wage upon the heart.

How to end the battle?  Disengagement: the removal of attention and support from the imaginary ego that only seems to exist as we feed it with sleepy, conditioned, destructive thoughts and actions.

Please filter this one, particularly, through your heart: Read it twice slowly, close your eyes, ask your heart if it is so, then hush your head and notice how you feel:

Rather than focusing my attention mostly on intending that the apparently outside world come into harmony, it is my quest to come into full harmony with my Self.  This means that my central intention in this life is to claim, integrate and reflect my loving power all the time. 

 your pause button

The process of this full embrace of Self and Oneness is coincidental with the full disengagement of attention and support---identification with---the imaginary ego that has only seemed to exist as we have fed it with stupid thoughts and actions. 

It’s time to awaken.

The sooner we do, the sooner that suffering in our world will evaporate, the sooner we will live in calm, trusting, loving harmony, peace and happiness. 

Now is the time for more and more of us to have the courage to accept ourselves as we are, to accept our many powers, and to disengage from that which is destructive to our exercise of these powers.

Could it be your knowing, too, that there is nothing as important to share with each other and to take into the empowering silence of our deep Self?

Peace in the world comes as more and more of us choose inner peace.  The embrace of this peace happens as we disengage from the inner and apparently outer battles.


The time of our awakening is at hand.   It is time to accept and exercise our true and loving powers.  The embrace of inner and outer harmony happens as we disconnect from that which has drained us.

Now is the time.

Peace in our world starts with this claiming of our power and with our disengagement from that which has never worked.

your pause button

Can you be thankful for this as a realization within yourself?

Now you have a choice.  You can let yourself be inspired or can support status quo and go find something to distract or numb yourself.

 Carlo Ami - Having spent so much of the earlier times in my life in what some might call a living hell, my inspiration is to offer ideas and encouragement to others who intend to have a life of more presence, calm, trust and love. I believe that all this is possible, particularly when one builds a sense of value for the wisdom that is within. - carlo@yourpausebutton.com - http://www.yourpausebutton.com

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