And We pathetic fools keep on waving Our little plastic flags.   

By Leon Fisher.

A Readers Commentary

06/09/03: (Information Clearing House) The lies which are pouring out of the so called "Government" in Washington is no surprise to me. Nor is the collaboration of the mainstream media in what has become  the daily betrayal of the truth.

We must remember that the press, once described as the watchdogs of democracy are no longer that. In fact they have become the propaganda tool of the powerful foreign lobbies and corporate special interests which are now calling the shots, not "The Great American People" as  our double talking leaders like to refer to us idiots, who still believe that we are running things .

 I have been following the political scene since the 60's and have been witness to the hijacking of our Republic . 

What we have now has been long in the making . Not an overt coup by a military junta , even these dumbed down people we call our neighbors would object to that, but a gradual decay of rights and representation eventually leading to a powerless citizenry duped into thinking their vote still counts.

 A citizenry fooled into thinking we had a great economy the last 10 years, when only the rich got richer by selling out the last good paying jobs of the working man . And now a citizenry sold hook, line , and sinker on a supposed war on terrorism, whose real purpose is to further trash the
Constitution and roll back the Bill OF RIGHTS ! 

And we pathetic fools keep on waving our little plastic flags.   

Leon Fisher.

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