like the British Empire, the American Empire will fall 

Andrew W Boss

07/17/03 (Asia Times) Interestingly enough, much of the world appears to be surprised at the current behavior of the United States of America, behavior that is actually quite in line with US attitudes toward foreign nations since the Monroe Doctrine was established during the early 1800s. 

American activity in Afghanistan and Iraq is no different than the history of American activity since 1940 in Angola, where the United States was first involved in helping the oppressive Portuguese colonial administration crush resistance in return for generous deals for American corporations, and in 1975 provided weapons and money for one of the three rebel groups, the FNLA, to attack the other two, the MPLA and UNITA, breaking the ceasefire and joint interim government agreement.

 From 1976 until 1994 the United States then actively backed UNITA in return for American companies receiving generous deals regarding timber, coal, and other natural resources. 

From the end of World War II up until its collapse in 1994, the US backed the apartheid government in South Africa and worked with it to help it establish de facto control over a large part of southern Africa. 

Throughout the Cold War both the US and the USSR established puppet states throughout the world. Indeed, Saddam Hussein was established as the leader of Iraq by none other than than the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency]. The American government did not seem to care that he was a brutal dictator and a despot until he bit the hand that fed him in 1992 with the invasion of Kuwait. Before that the US had provided him with chemical weapons and training in torture techniques during the Iran-Iraq war - a war that began because the US wanted to drive out the Iranian regime, admittedly a truly horrendous one, that had replaced the even more horrendous US-backed Shah. 

Today, in Liberia the US is applauding the removal of Charles Taylor, a man who for years has received covert American support. Taylor has become a liability and now the US wants to replace him with somebody who will be more compliant. While his departure is a wonderful thing, the world should be leery, as the US may well replace him with somebody worse. Indeed, Samuel Doe, the previous dictator of Liberia, was installed by the US, and then the US backed his removal, by Taylor. Doe was horrible but Taylor proved to be worse! 

American foreign policy is based on the same principles that guided the old British Empire, to control as much of the world as possible in order to exploit resources as effectively and inexpensively as possible. Just like the British Empire, the American Empire will fall; the decline has already begun.

Andrew W Boss
Washington, DC

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