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Greece – The Triumph of Democracy – The First Day of a New Beginning

By Peter Koenig

July 07, 2015 "Information Clearing House" -  Congratulations! – With a resounding “OXI” = “No” – with 61% the Greek rejected the troika imposed austerity. They joined a majority of economists worldwide, including from the IMF, who also know that austerity doesn’t help recovery – and certainly doesn’t wipe out debt, the noose around a country’s neck.

But – what does the decisive no-vote mean for the close to 39% yes-voters?

– Do they want more of austerity? – Hardly.

Or were they manipulated with fear-mongering by the mostly privately owned western media, which also dominate Greece? – Blackmailed by the threats of Brussels?

- Were they afraid of what’s next? – Western presstitute media propaganda for a “yes” vote, spiked with fear, threats and purposeful confusion was horrendous.

One of the big misunderstandings among Greek ‘yes’ voters was the uncertainty whether with a ‘no’ Greece could be expelled from Europe. This is simply not possible. Greece is in Europe and stays in Europe, geographically and spiritually. Expulsion from the EU and even the Eurozone is totally illegal. There is no provision in the EU charter – absolutely none – that would allow the European Commission to force-exit a country in ‘arrears’.

Michael Nevradakis, journalist and Fulbright Scholar, says “we Greeks voted “No” to slavery but “Yes” tour chains.

In the meantime the level of Brussels shrewdness has risen a few inches. The Junker’s and Co. of this insane world – the man who has been leading Luxembourg as an international tax haven for the elite and now is leading the EU like his own casino fiefdom – corrupt and abusive to the core – he has the audacity to ask for Yianis Varoufakis, the Minister of Finance’s resignation. And what’s even worse – he and his minions got it.

Incredible – for a sovereign Greece to go that far in submission – especially after having received such a landslide victory. The only answer for Mr. Tsipras to give to Brussels is “you don’t cross the red line any more, and much less are you going to dictate to me, legitimate democratically elected representative of Greece, whom I shall appoint as Minister of Finance. We do not need the Eurozone – not as a self-appointed fascist institution.”

Why are Greeks so submissive and so adamant to stay in the Eurozone? – The euro – in existence for a mere 15 years – is doomed. It is a mechanism of oppression in the hands of corrupt mafia-type tyrants. They are playing poker with the single EU currency – which they pretend nobody can leave unpunished. “And since they may leave anyway, we will punish and milk them before” – That’s the EC’s and ECB’s verdict, gladly joined by the IMF.

Nine out of 28 EU countries are not members of the Eurozone – Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Sweden – and the UK. They live well, without the chains of the Euro around their necks. Couldn’t Greece take a hard look at them – and realize that starting afresh with their own currency would be a relief.

Why did even the IMF soften its words in the last few days – admitting that Greece will be unable to pay back its debt, and that debt release might be considered? – Could it be that Washington, the de facto owner of the IMF, mandated their monetary robot to help avoid a Euro implosion that may have repercussions on Wall Street and related globalized banks, as well as on globalized US-led business – including the mega weapon industry? A collapse of the Euro would also mean a heavy blow on NATO which would, in turn, hurt predominantly the US war industrial complex.

It increasingly looks like a Grexit might trigger others to follow – Spain, Portugal, Italy – even France, all NATO countries; all of whose debt situation is at least as bad a Greece’s. Ultimately even Madame Merkel’s Germany might be caught in the whirlwind. If asked today, 60% of Germans would like to exit the Euro. Without predicting doomsday, that could mean the end of the western monetary circus – good riddens!

Appealing to the people of Greece, there is no reason for fear. The first step across the threshold to freedom is done. Is it a bold decision into an uncertain future, as some say? Not at all. Others have done this before, like Argentina in 2001. Tthey came out of their crisis, stronger, more secure and free from the shackles, in their case, the US-dollar. Greece has an added advantage – Russia and China – Eastern Europe and Asia, are waiting in the wings – ready to assist Greece in every way.

Mr. Alexandre Dugin, the founder of the Russian School of Geopolitics and close confident of Mr. Putins’s made this statement, just ahead of the Greek vote –

“The Russians are on the side of the Greeks, we will not leave them alone in their suffering, we will help them and give them every possible support. Brussels and the liberal hegemony seek to dismantle Greece. We want to rescue it. We took our faith from Greece, as well as our letters and our civilization. We bear responsibility for the Greek people, who is the historical teacher of Russians, the founder of our spiritual and literary culture. We bear responsibility for Europe and we should be guarantors of its freedom, independence and sovereignty. “

What if peoples of other countries requested a referendum? This time the wording might be stronger – for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the EU monetary union. Europe-wide a ‘no’ might outweigh a ‘yes’. The unitary currency, instead of being a unifying link for a future federation of sovereign European nation, the euro has become a tool for fraud by Wall Street led globalized banksters and supported in Europe by the Mafiosi BCE. The dreamt-of ‘future federation’ of European states was never in the plans. The western oligarch-owned media were duping the European public into believing in the vision of a united Europe.

The Greek manufactured crisis, followed by the European manufactured ‘crisis’, instigated by the instruments of Washington, FED, IMF, Wall Street, was tolerated and even encouraged by EU politicians, Washington vassals. A weak euro, not an eviscerated euro, would help strengthen the declining dollar (lest it might lose its hegemon status of international reserve currency) – and at the same time loot the social safety nets and public enterprises of small (and artificially indebted) southern European states.

The arrogance of financial feudalism may not stop there. France, even after Sarkozy’s socially destructive reign, has still a lucrative social safety net and public institutions to be dismantles and looted. Mr. Holland may not like it, but stooges for the empire are eventually responsible for their own downfall.

Greece needs now a Plan B quickly. There is a small window of opportunity, a ‘shock window’ of sorts – three to five days – during which Brussels and the IMF may regroup and devise a new strategy of blackmail and oppression. During this ‘break’, the BCE may even give Greece minimum oxygen to survive, continuing for a few days more the flow of ^0 euros per person per day.

The first and preferred option under Plan B might be outright exiting the Eurozone and returning to the drachma, nationalizing Geek banks and converting the Greek financial system into public banking – a proven tool for revamping economies, as public banks would work with stimulating conditions for the local Greek economy.

A second option might include a temporary two-tier system, using in parallel to the euro a devalued drachma, controlled by the Greek Central Bank to stimulate and revive the local economy, while the euro is being used for international transactions; much like China did with a similar objective – using two differently valued Yuans / Renminbis – until 1984. Once the economy has recovered, Greece might convert to a single currency. The debt could be renegotiated at Greece’s conditions, leveraging full exit from the Eurozone against debt write-offs. The drawback of this choice would be the troika’s fist still on Greece’s neck.

The next few days are crucial. Syriza is to hold fast on an anti-austerity red line – and controlling one way or another Greece’s own currency. Imagine – the allowed US dollar QEs (Quantitative Easing – the FEDs indiscriminate generation of money) being dictated to the FED by a phantom supra-natural force, say the EU. Unimaginable. But this is precisely what the troika is doing to Greece. A country’s autonomous control of her money mass is crucial for reviving an economy. Period.

The western fraudulent monetary system is doomed. It is a mere question of time. The time is now for Greece to abandon this sinking ship. Greece has a bright future ahead. Just seize the moment and be open to the opportunities offered by the east, by Russia and China.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution – Essays from the Resistance.


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