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American Empire Exposed
The World’s in a Heap of Dung Right Now

By Joachim Hagopian

February 13, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - "Empire Exposed" - The world’s in a heap of dung right now. Few but the most oblivious amongst us would dare disagree. But observers who look beyond the feeble, destabilizing machinations of such geopolitics chessboard pawns as Obama, Hillary, Kerry and the neocon players at the helm of US Empire folly, recognize that all this diabolically created chaos and destruction tearing our planet apart are mere consequences of following the Western ruling elite’s marching orders. A handful of prominent banking families for over three centuries aka the Rothschilds joined over a century ago by the nouveau riche Standard Oil Rockefellers and other longtime central banking cabal families like English and Dutch royalty have all tightly controlled modern civilization under their twisted thumb at every brutal turn.

To this very day they’ve singlehandedly plotted, bankrolled, initiated and waged every major war, caused every major economic crash, bled the earth near dry of precious natural resources driven perniciously by fossil fuel addiction, owned all Fortune 500 transnational corporations and hijacked and controlled virtually every national government. With complete impunity their nonstop planetary raping and plundering of this ravaged earth precariously teeters humanity today on the brink of total self-annihilation. Their crumbling, Ponzi-schemed, debt-based, house of cards economy is about ready to self-implode and collapse, plunging the global economy into unprecedented turmoil and violent convulsions the likes of which none of us alive have ever witnessed before. This sad and tragic, very bleak world forecast is the shared consensus of not only many so called leading economists and financial experts, at least the honest ones apart from the scripted MSM propagandist liars, but also the vast majority of evidence-based geopolitical and military analysts as well.
But before going out and immediately throwing yourself under the nearest oncoming bus, it may not be too late to invest some lifesaving time and money in implementing a rudimentary survival plan for you and your family to utilize before that oncoming bus called the grim reaper enforces the “won’t get out of this world alive” rule. A daily food and water supply for long-term sustenance may be the first item on any would-be prepper’s to-do list. Stock up on canned goods, beans and rice and everyday staples. This all-important strategic plan may be individualized to fit your needs at the family level or even better be expanded to include your neighborhood-community. Since safety in numbers comes straight out of any sports, military or survivalist playbook, the latter plan together with your individual family plan is the best, most ideal option.
Organizing a community emergency plan obviously entails a number of participants committed on a larger, more structured cooperative scale. Designating different functional roles, responsibilities and duties that best match community members’ various skills, talents and areas of expertise and interests can only broaden any group’s capacity for long term survival. Resource supplies and prearranged use of community facilities are essential. Though a community-neighborhood program involves far more planning and includes a necessary degree of interdependence and reliance on other local citizen-neighbors, it also enhances both individual as well as community/town survivability, collective resource strength and overall security. A larger social support system in times of emergency and harsh austerity also pay immeasurable, far reaching dividends that increase both your chances of survival as well as your actual quality of life regardless of severity of circumstance.
Last week a Maryland state ban against automatic rifle ownership was overturned in the 14th District Appellate Court marking a major blow to the Obama gun control crowd. The Second Amendment is being protected and the right to defend yourself and your family as the right to bear arms is upheld. Needless to say, a family survival plan should include a weapon not only for self-defense but depending on your area for potential source of food as well. Ensure that you are skilled in safely using, maintaining and storing your firearms.
Growing your own food has literally mushroomed in communities across America. Some of the more successful food coop farms in various urban environments have become national models for worldwide replication and represent community activism at its finest, localized best. Will Allen heads one such nonprofit organization called Growing Power, Wisconsin’s largest organic food producing farm. His year-round operation of greenhouses features state of the art aquaponics agriculture combining a series of recirculating water systems utilizing its farmed fish waste as natural fertilizer. Everything is clean, green, recycled, organic, sustainable, and most importantly able to efficiently generate enormous volumes of fresh produce and clean fish from a relative small urban growing space.
Growing Power and other local, sustainable food production farms like it are the wave of the future for nutritiously feeding a growing urban population worldwide while decentralizing and weakening the absolute juggernaut control of the transnational agri-industry pushing far more expensive, toxically inferior products that only keep the masses in a perpetual unhealthy state designed only to squeeze maximum profit. Of course anything good for both humans and their environment that the globalists cannot absolutely control is deemed a serious threat to their New World Disorder. That’s why Monsanto and Big Pharma have bought and sold the FDA and EPA, federal agencies originally formed to protect Americans but degenerated into rubber stamping corporate criminal harm. And as of late the evil corps further sic their EPA and FDA swat team stormtroopers on organic farms and vitamin-herbal supplement businesses selling fresher, better alternative choices as once again another full frontal assault in order to eliminate the emerging healthier competition.
There also exists a whole cottage industry of smaller, family-sized fish farm-veggie growing operations on the market that take up remarkably modest space located inside the family home or garage or outside greenhouses also for relatively modest prices. Indoor hydroponics and aquaponics both offer popular efficient methods for growing high yields of selected vegetables and fruits per square footage space.
Another absolute essential for survival is having a constant source of clean water. This challenge can fairly easily and affordably be met by harvesting and properly storing rainwater especially suited for drought-stricken areas. Both individual family and jointly shared community sized water storage containers are available on the prepper market as well as various water purification systems.
Believe it or not, in many drought thirsty Western states like California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado, a recent influx of draconian state laws have been passed prohibiting rainwater collection on your own property. The elite and its federal and state puppet governments are determined to keep the masses uninformed, ignorant and helplessly addicted - to the criminal cabal’s transnationally delivered adulterated food at your local grocery chain not unlike filling up the tank at your local Exxon or Shell gas station. But when panic strikes in an emergency or crisis, those shelves and pumps will likely be empty in a New York minute. That’s why Nobel Peace prize winning war criminal-globalist Henry Kissinger stated the best way to control the populace is through food. His sobering, matter-of-fact, heartless decree underscores the importance of becoming maximally self-sufficient, resourceful and independent in order to meet your own survival needs at both family and community levels.
Food storage over the long haul is another critical ingredient in any survival plan. Aside from canning, pickling and freezing, another added option for preserving food is through dehydration. An easy, inexpensive, state of the art method for Do It Your Self-ers is now available for dehydrating bulk volume produce. Generators for cold storage of perishable food items that operate with green energy sources like solar power panels and wind power turbines are also available at long awaited, far more affordable costs these days. Of course these same clean energy sources can power an entire family’s electrical needs both heating your home as well as supplying electricity for your family’s electronic systems.
The response to the eminent threat of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon attack over the US in an instant could plunge America or any nation/region back to the Stone Age with an estimated kill rate of 90% of the American population within the first twelve months. However, there are inexpensive Faraday cages you can build that can protect your valued electronics holding your family’s connective capacity to the larger outside world as a potential lifesaver. And of course making your home EMP-proof through cleaner renewable energy sources becomes even more urgently imperative.
The elite has strategically and meticulously centralized its control over its earthly dominion starting with its world banking cabal but quickly spreading its cancerous tentacles throughout the industrial age into mega-giant corporate monopolies that have only grown wealthier and stronger at killing off all competition and consolidating its power into fewer hands. The elite’s so called free enterprise system of a fair and open “free” market has always been a huge lie as its horrendous track record has been anything but free. The ruling elite’s predatory smashmouth ruthlessness out to destroy any and all potential competition has diabolically prevented clean and free energy development from ever getting off the ground that would have otherwise tremendously uplifted and advanced humankind forward by leaps and bounds. But instead, over the course of the last century and a half right up to present day’s modern world we’re still fighting petrol wars addicted to oil. With culprits like the Rockefellers’ expansion from oil to banking and onto takeover of modern Western medicine through Big Pharma, health insurance, med schools and the medical industry, the predictable outcome is America’s soaring medical care and drug costs being the highest in the world. Throughout the modern era any and all cancer cures have been effectively suppressed just as all engines using cheaper, cleaner alternative fuel systems have also been killed in many cases along with their brilliant innovating creators.
Purely for increased profit and global control, the globalists want us raking up huge medical bills dying slow deaths choking on their fossil fuel industry pollution while the globalist trotting pope, Obama and the UN preach world governance imposing carbon taxes on the masses using the false pretext of a global warming hoax/climate change as their anthem for New World Order’s long plotted one world government complete with its absolute tyranny of microchips implanted in every human still left alive in their cashless totalitarian society that makes Orwell’s 1984 police state look like Disneyland. In the same way, in the absence of a cold war enemy the ruling elite created the Muslim terrorist enemy by allegedly deploying a few jihadist patsies on 9/11 demonically murdering 3000 Americans to produce their endless war on terror, and ever since regularly orchestrating Western state sponsored terrorism killing yet more of its own citizenry to keep their wars going indefinitely while obliterating our constitutional rights and civil liberties, all the while using their tried and true divide and conquer formula against the global population by manufacturing crisis after crisis leading to racial, religious, cultural, gender, class and ideological divide, violent conflict, civil unrest and more war so that an international crime cabal government can sell the fearful masses on protecting them from the very dangerous world they themselves deceitfully created through their forever Hegelian crises do-loop.
When the stores run out of food and inflation makes a loaf of bread unaffordable, the bankster gangsters are banking on hungry masses desperate for food to be easily corralled and locked up in FEMA cages set up like animal traps aka concentration camps where you check-in but never leave, where barbed wire fences are meant to keep you in, never out.
The so called tin foil crowd have been warning us of this most dire, catastrophic outcome for so long that their urgent truthful cries got lost in the boy-who-cried-wolf’s translation that the elite cunningly capitalizes on. By deploying mind control methods using mass media and the power of doublespeak words, including CIA invented truth suppressor tags like “conspiracy theory,” “conspiracy theorists” and “conspiracy nuts,” the elite’s been able to ridicule, silence and undermine both the truth and its messenger by eliminating credibility, all part of the dumbing down propaganda brainwash. The truth that most conspiracy theories have turned out to in fact be true comes too late for the American sheeple currently being led to the eugenics slaughterhouse.
But again in the meantime, we can avoid jumping or being pushed under the doomsday bus by countering the elite’s full frontal attack on humanity in a number of constructive ways. One very encouraging phenomenon has been decentralizing the rigged banking system by the proliferation of localized currencies. In many poor communities and countries where traditional banking institutions and other financial services providers do not normally conduct business nor lend money to local residents, new local currencies are cropping up with increasing frequency. In places like the poor side of South London, impoverished rural villages in Kenya and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota where the flow of national currency is scarce, successful projects have been launched in recent years that establish locally based, recognized currencies in exchange for local goods and services.
And even in more affluent middle class communities as in the Berkshire region of western Massachusetts a local currency called BerkShares has enjoyed support at eight branch offices of three local banks and participation of over 400 local businesses. Another nonprofit organization in Philadelphia supply a local currency that can be earned and traded in local shops. They all have potential for building up businesses and communities from the bottom up. Pockets of these innovative local economies are springing up and spreading worldwide and may become vitally important depression-proof buffers in these enterprising, financially solvent local communities when the national and global economy tanks.
A model nation for how all countries should deal with their criminal banksters who run amok is Iceland. Instead of caving in with taxpayer bail outs like in America in 2008, Iceland’s response to its crashed economy resulting from bank fraud and corruption was to freeze the banking elite’s assets and jail them as the high roller criminals they are. Unlike the US and Ireland, the government let the major banks fail and punished the guilty party sparing the innocent public and as a result, Iceland’s recovery from recession was the most robust in all of Europe. Moreover, so much money was saved that in 2012 Iceland was able to give back $125 million to its citizens in cryptocurrency form called Auroracoin equal to $380 per citizen that they were able to claim online and redeem as alternative currency funds placed back into its national economy. Meanwhile, the nation’s economies like the US that stole from the public to pay back the bankers’ debts never recovered from their recession… just desserts and a karmic lesson that Americans are still paying for the sins of their oligarch crime cabal, bank-controlled government.
The recent surge for self-reliance at the local community level has neighbors and friends increasingly resorting to the age old practice of bartering their goods and services in a mutually equitable, cashless (in a positive way) transactions. This traditional means of getting your human needs met promotes community cohesiveness, independence, and valued application of individual talents and skills. In the coming adversity, bartering will also become a practical commonplace pattern that characterizes sustainable self-resourcefulness that ultimately enhances survivability.  
The key to wresting power and control away from the totalitarian snooper state is decentralization on all levels including the internet. A small inexpensive wall plug-in could be the device that back in 2011 the Columbia law professor who designed it was calling “FreedomBox” that in effect decentralizes NSA’s capacity to eavesdrop and record every electronic activity citizens engage in. It will not permit Facebook nor Google to be[JH1]  Big Brother’s watchdog whores tattle telling on citizens for using keywords deemed taboo by the Washingtonian Nazis. The technology for taking back our internet privacy rights is already here.
Another inspiring development that should give us assurance that life on the internet can be cheaper, faster and best of all be off grid and off limits to deep state comes a novel Athens community in Greece that in 2002 began using its own internet service from wireless wifi antennas operating in a mesh atop a building rooftop. Another community in rural Spain tired of waiting for the large telecom corporation to deem it profitable enough to upgrade out in the sticks decided to build its own internet mesh network server. Rural Argentina has theirs too. Independent community owned off the grid networks can also be our future. With a little collective ingenuity and a tenacious will for independence, we can have our cake and eat it too. Additionally with satellite internet you can live anywhere on the planet off grid in an unobstructed area and still stay connected with just your computer, a modem, a satellite dish, software, and ISP.  
Economic democracy in the workplace future can best be exemplified by worker owned and managed cooperatives that currently number in the US over 400. Thousands of partial or fully owned businesses by employees are operating throughout North America but the mothership of all cooperatives belongs to Spain’s Basque country known as Mondragon founded in 1956. In Mondragon a vast cooperative consortium network of over 100 cooperatives with another 100 subsidiaries facilitate a flexibility allowing workers from financially struggling cooperatives to pick up hours at cooperatives showing higher profit. That same networking advantage is presently being replicated and taking hold in America. Because the workers are also owners, there exists a stronger commitment and sacrifice to making necessary adjustments and changes that will promote long term survivability and prosperity. Therefore in more difficult economic times, worker cooperatives hold up more resiliently and fare better than other businesses. But the greatest advantage is the sense of fairness and equity amongst the worker-owners. The typical exploitation of conventional workplace hierarchy where management and owners often take advantage of employees paying as low wages as they can get away with to maximize their all-important profit margin. At conventional businesses workers are generally viewed by those at the top as mere commodity tools used to maximize profit. A 2012 documentary entitled Shift Change depicts how a number of cooperatives operated to survive during the economic downturn both in America as well as in Mondragon.
Lastly if the genocidal elite doesn’t kill us first, we humans are now standing at the threshold of a new and wondrous age when harnessing and mass distributing an amazing technology that’s quietly been around for over 100 years may finally be coming to a neighborhood near you. I believe today’s most exciting, promising news on our nearest horizon are the various new energy technology sources, perhaps the most significant being the one developed by unsung genius Nicolas Tesla way back in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Two years before the Italian Marconi was credited with his discovery of the radio, Yugoslavian immigrant Tesla already had demonstrated the identical feat of a wireless radio at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. While inventor of the incandescent lightbulb Thomas Edison used a much less efficient DC direct electrical current in all his experiments and discoveries, it was Nicola Tesla who discovered the universally applied modern alternate AC current to run all things electric. Near a century earlier he also invented the device that became the forerunner to the Star Wars anti-missile space program. His pulse energy technology was also misused again for malevolent purposes by the US and other powerful militaries to develop the scalar EMP pulse weaponry that’s been unnaturally triggering most major earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis over the last twenty years, like Japan’s disastrous 3/11 Fukushima nuclear radiation leak that’s wreaking havoc radiating and killing off marine life across the Pacific Ocean for the last half decade… along with the horrendous Haiti earthquake and Chile’s major shaker both in 2010 as well. Evidence that last August’s deadly nuke-like blast exploding the Chinese chemical warehouse in Tianjin that carved out a sizeable crater in the earth was speculated to be Pentagon once again using Tesla’s scalar technology.
Tesla was written out of the elite’s fictionalized history book version as largely unknown because he envisioned limitless free energy available for the entire human species having found ways to cause lights to burn up to 26 miles away similar to radio waves traveling across vast distance but packed with far more energy. Edison went the way of most American inventors at the time like Ford and Bell using their scientific technological breakthroughs to get rich and turn their enterprise into mega-giant monopolies chasing the almighty dollar for profit.  Though Tesla accepted modest financial support for his projects from globalist bankster JP Morgan, he was clearly cast from a different mold spiritually and idealistically, desiring free energy for all people on the planet. But instead his genius was preyed upon by nefarious forces to do evil rather than transform and vastly improve the lives of all earthlings for human advancement and evolutionary progress.
Tesla’s discovery of radiant energy is a natural energy form that can be run on just 1% of the cost of conventional electricity yet perform the same function. His innovative technology advancing radiant energy was further developed by a group of contemporary scientists working over the last 15 years in Bern, Switzerland. They have not publicly disclosed much in the way of details of their accomplishments for fear that in the same way Tesla’s ideas meant to grandly help the world were diabolically exploited by military malfeasance, theirs would as well. The private group led by Paul Baumann has come up with a device they call Testatika Machine that may well be the answer to our energy needs. They’ve developed five or six working models that operate without fuel that are initiated with two hand cranked cylinders that become self-generating pulling energy out of the surrounding atmospheric environment to produce radiant energy that potentially can one day cleanly across the boards supply the entire world’s energy needs. It’s worth noting that a number of other scientists have also been developing their own models that also tap radiant energy among them T. Henry Moray's Radiant Energy Device and Edwin Gray's EMA Motor.
Another free clean energy that’s finally gaining some irreversible momentum is cold fusion. After two electro-chemists at the University of Utah held a press conference in 1989 introducing their findings to the world, lots of hype and accolades touted it as the next big scientific breakthrough that would free the world from Middle East oil addiction. But no sooner was the sensation created, it was debunked by the scientific world and the two humiliated, discredited researchers were out of a job and career. But then gradually teams of physicists and electo-chemists working independent of each other persisted in their investigative experiments only to find that yes, using palladium submerged in saltwater that naturally contains a hydrogen-based element called deuterium with an electric charge on the water at room temperature and the chemical reaction at the subatomic nuclei level on the palladium plate generates an excess heat production up to 25 times greater than the initial electrical charge going in.
An April 2009 60 Minutes episode featured researcher Michael McKubre at SRI International, a California lab that largely operates under government contract, explained his amazing results that apparently have been replicated by dozens of other scientists around the world. CBS asked America’s top physicist organization for an expert to help check out an Israeli firm that was producing consistently favorable outcomes and despite his initial skepticism, he left Israel also convinced that cold fusion is real and has an unlimited potential as yet another clean fuel cell source that could supply electricity, run vehicles, planes, ships and be the cure-all energy source on planet earth. Of course the government’s own Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has also been actively involved conducting its own research and it too is high on cold fusion’s promise.
Holdout critics still speculate that the before and after measures may be faulty and that the evidence confirming cold fusion’s incredible boost in heat is only replicated 70% of the time and definitive explanation for this anomaly is still unknown. McKubre offered his hypothesis that the quality of the palladium may account for the variance and has been working with an Italian company to produce a high grade palladium plates that will show uniform consistency. In any event, much of today’s scientific community believes that with more refined research and experimentation, a radical breakthrough in finding the planet’s future energy source is close at hand.  
A related source of alternative clean energy is electrolysis. It uses low amounts of electricity to break water down into its hydrogen and oxygen gas components. The hydrogen as a fuel cell source can power cars at the cost of water and as of last year Toyota is already producing and selling hydrogen cars. Even more impressive, a company called Freedman in 1957 discovered a metal alloy that can separate water into the two gases without changing the alloy’s structure and without any electrical input at all generating free hydrogen energy as a viable fuel source that lasts forever.
Yet another promising avenue on this short list of cheap clean energy sources comes from permanent magnets. Dr. Tom Bearden has a couple of working models using magnetic transformers that start with 6-watts and yield 96-watts of output power. Numerous inventors are producing torque from permanent magnets alone. There are literally dozens more mechanisms already developed producing more free energy sources.
Using 2011 technology a study authored by Stanford researcher Mark Z. Jacobson and UC Davis researcher Mark A. Delucci made the rather bold scientific claim that 14 years from now our planet could be completely powered by alternative energy streams. As already confirmed by this presentation, clean energy sources are already here in spades. The capacity to transition from fossil fuel, nuclear and coal burning sources is also already established. The only thing keeping us from making it happen is the lack of political and economic will by the ruling elite and its governing puppets. We citizens of the world bear responsibility for exercising our societal will to convert to cleaner energy. We owe it to both our planet and children.
Despite the power of the globalists and their robotic minions in government operating as elite’s ruthlessly oppressive authorities, these new technologies will not be stopped. Unlimited free energy will expedite the power shift currently underway. The Western oligarchs are losing power while Eastern oligarchs are gaining power. The shift is occurring at both economic and military geopolitical levels. When the unlimited power of energy is in the hands of every human inhabitant on earth, the balance of power will be vastly removed from the enemies of truth, justice and peace. A new economic system is currently being spawned where free energy as the greatest equalizer in history will be recalibrating the value of money. The growing pains of this rebirth are very real now as the Western economy fiendishly, willfully and recklessly run into the ground by a reactive, vindictive elite will continue crumbling and very soon crash and burn. And as it does, the reckless operators of US Empire on behalf of their psychopathic masters run the very high risk of plunging the world into a war of epic proportions. But the new system, a far more equitable one will eventually emerge from the ashes that will be ripe with fresh opportunity inspired by unlimited creativity developing a new paradigm. Stability, cooperation, egalitarianism, peace, truth, compassion and justice as core values will become the building block foundation of this new spiritual paradigm.
Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at http://empireexposed.blogspot.co.id/.



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