Lockerbie : $2.7 billion Sham and Shame

"This has been a political court case, where the verdict already was decided upon in advance", a shocked Professor Köchler -UN-observer at the Scottish Lockerbie Court in the Netherlands - stated.

" A spectacular miscarriage of justice " 

by Henk Ruyssenaars 

Amsterdam-Aug. 17th 2003 - UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan appointed 
Professor H. Köchler in April 2000, as international UN-observer at the 
Scottish Court in the Netherlands concerning the Lockerbie Trial. His 
comments on the Scottish Court's verdict in the case were bitter.

- "This was a classical case of a "Show Process" from the time of the Cold 
War. Like they had in the Soviet Union and East Germany before the Iron 
Curtain fell", Professor Hans Köchler commented in Camp Zeist, after the 
verdict of the Scottish Court's conclusion in the Lockerbie Trial.

"This has been a political court case where the verdict already was decided 
upon in advance", a shocked Professor Köchler stated.

In a strange way his remarks have hardly been used by the international 
media, covering the biggest mass murder trial in British legal history 
which ended when the court upheld the conviction of the Libyan agent 
Abdelbaset Ali Mohammed al-Megrahi.

A spectacular miscarriage of justice.

As one of the few more or less objective media, the British "Independent" 
wrote : "Professor Hans Köchler, an independent observer appointed by Mr. 
Annan, said the appeal's dismissal was a "spectacular miscarriage of 
justice". Referring to the fact that one of the two accused was declared not 
guilty, and a near total lack of evidence. The latter mostly fabricated for 
- and presented to the Scottish Court by the CIA.

In a comment on Dutch national RTV, Prof. Köchler openly dismissed the 
verdict, which took Lord Cullen, the Lord Justice General, only 50 seconds 
to - shamefull whispering - say that he had turned down the appeal and bring 
to a conclusion the case which is the most expensive this far to be heard by 
a British court. The Dutch Ministry of Justice never reacted.

The possibly innocent al Megrahi was flown from his cell at the Scottish 
Court at Camp Zeist, to begin a life sentence at Barlinnie prison in 
Glasgow." Where he shortly after was visited by South African icon Nelson 
Mandela, who often has declared that the man is innocent. No reports in the 
Dutch press either.

The Scottish judges have with this bogus verdict - according to many 
observers at the trial - put English and Scottish legal praxis in a 
political and juridical ominous light. Sabra Ammar, the Egyptian assistant 
general secretary of the Arab Lawyers Union, said: "This was not a fair or 
legal process, but something which was done because of politics. Arab rulers 
should never again accept their citizens to be tried in this way by a 
foreign power. We shall be campaigning for that."

Most international observers - many who have - like me - followed the case 
since the crash in 1988 - agree with Prof. Köchler, and still urge German 
Police HQ - BKA (Bundes Kriminal Amt) - in Wiesbaden-Germany, to make 
public their Lockerbie files which - for apparent economical and political 
reasons - are still kept secret.

Guilty ?

It is known that already in the summer of 1988 German police in Frankfurt- 
Neuss arrested members of a cell of Ahmed Jibril's resistance movement 
PFLP. (Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine, at that time based 
in Damascus/Syria). BKA even has evidence like a Bombeat Radio - similar to 
the Bombeat Radio which brought down flight Panam 103. This radio also 
primed with Semtex explosives and - at the arrest in Frankfurt - was found 
in the possession of the PFLP cell members. The BKA did however bow to the 
CIA's wishes, like all Western Intelligence Services. The reason : out of 
political opportunism forced by the US National Security Agency (NSA), the 
CIA shifted all attention to Libya. All Western Intelligence Services and 
almost all Western media complied. The fact that New Scotland Yard also put 
the blame in Frankfurt-Neuss on Jibril's PFLP, 'disappeared'.

This political verdict was very bitter for the bereaved families, even when 
being compensated,but also for the Libyan accused al Megrahi, who was flown 
from his cell at the Scottish Court at Camp Zeist, to begin his life 

After this "Show Process" all participating authorities are to blame, 
including the past and present "governments" of the Netherlands, allowing 
such a "Schau Prozess" to take place in their country. Whatever trust any 
Arab government or people may have had in The Netherlands or any Western 
socalled democracy, is now a far cry for Justice, different sources 

The 2.7 billion $ the US has extorted from Libya, is the latest in the vile 
process that paves the way for Libya's return to the international fold. 
Once the country now decides to pay compensation and - against better 
judgment - "has accepted responsibility" for Lockerbie, the 1992 sanctions ­ 
suspended in 1999 ­ will be formally lifted. The French

As a motive for this shameful and political Scottish Court decision most 
people refer to the following :

As "The Independent' (UK) pointed out : "The prize at stake is the wealth 
that lies beneath Libya's vast desert expanses and, with the situation in 
Iraq threatening to destabilize supplies of oil from the Middle East, it has 
never been more important. Before relations between the north African 
country and the West soured utterly, a number of Western oil companies 
drilled in Libya. The head of the country's National Oil Corporation has 
held meetings with representatives from Conoco, Marathon, Amerada Hess and 
Occidental to discuss deals worth hundreds of millions."

The day of the Lockerbie trial verdict - Thursday, March 14th 2002, was a 
very bad day for not only Scottish - but "Western Justice" in general, many 

So; what is a 2.7 billion $ blackmail ?

Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars: North Africa-correspondent 1987-1997.
The Netherlands

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