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Corporate Media and Neocon Propaganda Will Get Millions Killed

By Joe Clifford

July 31, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - Nightly corporate news, recently featured two stories on the same night that were terrific examples of corporate media practicing incredibly good propaganda techniques. Did you get you taken in by them?  Herman Goering would be very proud of our corporate media propaganda tactics and skills.

First came the story of the alleged Russian hacking of the e-mails of the DNC.  Mind boggling as it was, the networks just repeated the mantra that those nasty Russians did this, but never offered one shred of evidence to support their outrageous accusation.  A couple of “anonymous “sources were mentioned, but not a bit of proof. Not the slightest bit of proof. It was an exercise in pure propaganda. Over and over in the reporting, Russia was blamed without citing any evidence.  The fact is, no one knows who hacked the DNC, but a great American hero Edward Snowden, said if the Russians did it the NSA would know it right away. They don’t know it!!  This is just an outstanding example of neocon war rhetoric and the demonizing of the target for the future war that the US is provoking between the US and Russia.  Putin, of course, is always depicted as a satanic figure, and some right wing cooks like John McCain, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and Hillary Clinton, have even compared him to Hitler. Let’s see now, wasn’t that the same term used by neocons about Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi? It was President Bush who went one step farther and said Saddam Hussein was even worse than Hitler. Corporate media has obviously been hijacked by the neocons, the same corporate media, and pretty much the same group of neocons, who repeatedly echoed lies and whipped the US public into hysteria, thus supporting the illegal, unnecessary, immoral war on Iraq and its nonexistent WMDs.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume the Russians did in fact hack the DNC.  Is that any worse than the US government tapping the phones of almost every world leader?  Why, if the Russians are so evil for doing this, is it not mentioned that we have been caught doing far worse? Is Obama worse than Putin for tapping the phones and emails of world leaders, or is it ok if we do it, but not for others? How many times will the public fall for the same corporate media trick?

The second example was the bait and switch tactic used to protect the DNC, the Democratic Party, and Hillary Clinton.  Media’s tactic to divert your attention from the contents of those leaked e-mails was to shift the attention from the content, to those nasty Russians.  The content has not been discussed at all. Media did what your brother did to you when he wanted your potato chips. Your brother pointed to something in another direction and exclaimed “hey, look at that”!!  Your attention was diverted to  “that”, and he stole your chips. Media diverted your attention to “that”, Russia, so you would never know just how corrupt and crooked the Democratic party leadership really is.

The leaked e-mails made one thing very clear. Debbie Wasserman Shultz was caught doing very shady, unethical, and disgusting things to the Sanders campaign. Despite her resignation, Hillary Clinton the Warrior Queen, immediately rallied to Schultz’s cause, and rewarded her by bringing Shultz into the campaign.  The message sent by the Warrior Queen, is that corruption and unethical tactics that help the Clinton cause will be rewarded. Is that what we want in a president?

Corporate media serves as a mouthpiece for the official government line, and it also serves the neocon need for blood and war with Russia. Do you really want a war with Russia?  You had better turn off the propaganda machine and tune in to alternative news, so we don’t have a nuclear war with a rebuilt and powerful Russia. What could cause a nuclear war with Russia??  How about overthrowing a democratically elected pro-Russian leader in the Ukraine, how about installing nuclear equipped missiles all around Russia, how about sending the US navy into Russia’s back yard in the Baltic Sea, how about conducting war games 300 yards from the Russian border, and how about blaming Putin and Russia for hacking the DNC without on bit of evidence? How many pokes at the Russian bear before he turns on you with nuclear violence?? Putin recently spoke at length with international journalists and told them they were not reporting on the seriousness of the possible nuclear confrontation with the US. He said he was extremely worried because people have not been told just how serous this confrontation has become.

Folks, corporate media and neocons are brewing something very horrible for the world. Tune into what is going on, by tuning out corporate media, before you find yourself in a nuclear holocaust.

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