The Rest of the Story

Mark Glenn

09/03/03: “Mary, God has chosen thee, and purified thee. He has chosen thee above all women. ....Mary, God gives thee good tidings from Him whose name is Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary. High honored shall he be, in this world and the next, stationed near to God. He shall speak to men in the cradle and of old age, and righteous shall he be.”

 “Blessed has he made me,” said Jesus,  “wherever I may be, and He has enjoined me to give alms, so long as I live, and likewise to cherish my mother. He has not made me arrogant or unprosperous. Peace be upon me the day that I was born, and the day that I die, and the day that I am raised up alive.”

Most Americans reading the above passages would assume that they were written by a Christian, or that it was to be found in some kind of Christian literature. The fact is, (surely to the surprise of many) that it was taken from the Quran, Islam’s most sacred book.

It certainly would be a surprise to most Americans, considering the fact that they have been fed a smorgasbord of propaganda concerning the religion of Islam and its adherents for the last 2 years that conspicuously has made no mention of how Mother and Son are so revered by those in the Middle East whose culture has now been scheduled for destruction. To the opposite, the racists who run our media and, by default, have assumed the power of doing our thinking for us have painted the religion of Islam as something organically inimical to Christianity and Christian culture. One in particular, and lately much discussed is a rabid Zionist and unapologetic racist by the name of Daniel Pipes (recently appointed by Bush to sit in on the Board of the United States Institute of Peace) has made his living and his fame over the period of the last decade with publications whose one and only purpose was to slur the peoples of the Middle East, all done principally for the reason of benefiting his co-religionists in the nation of Israel, whose racist ideology he seems to embrace without any detectable reserve. Were any other person foolish enough to voice only some of the opinions that Pipes has been bold enough to put down on paper, they would have been run out of the business, if not worse. The fact that he has endured and has in fact been rewarded for such sentiments speaks volumes about what is the double standard which exists in the United States today as pertains race and religious issues, particularly when they are applied to the situation involving Israel and the Middle East.

For those who are still holding out on whether or not to accept the “conspiracy crackpot theory” that the US government and media have been captured and are dominated by racist ideologues who worship before the golden calf of Zionism, consider some of the following quotes which Pipes has authored, and allow reason to weigh in on the fact that this man has not endured the standard treatment that others receive when they voice sentiments that only appear to be racial in nature.

"All immigrants bring exotic customs and attitudes, but Muslim customs are more troublesome than most. West European societies are unprepared for the massive immigration of brown-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and not exactly maintaining Germanic standards of hygiene.”

A quick translation of the above statement would read like this: Muslims are the worst of immigrants, who, smelling bad and having an unusual palate, are not welcome in white societies.
The Golden Boy of the Zionist establishment has not limited his remarks to only these mentioned. In other writings he accuses Muslims of being parasites on society, being disproportionately engaged in criminal behavior, (most notably the crime of rape) of having unacceptable customs and seeking to take over the country.

In short, this is the stuff of the infamous Ku Klux Klan. Replace the word “Muslim” with “black” or “nigger,” and the comparison is without equal.

How then is it possible for such men to possess the amount of prestige and influence as he does, without being subject to the same backlash that would result from someone else engaging in such behavior? Quite simply, he is an example of the “politically correct” racist, meaning, a racist in favor of Israel and Judaism, and, unfortunately, he is only one of many who work diligently in keeping Americans from hearing the rest of the story.

Only in a nation whose government, media, and culture have been hijacked by the interests of an ideology such as Zio-naziism could such statements have been made by an individual without any resulting serious repercussions. In a nation where someone is attacked in an overtly coordinated effort for merely speaking out against the verifiable history of Israeli violence and duplicity (or for that matter, simply making a film concerning the crucifixion of Jesus Christ) the fact that individuals such as Daniel Pipes could get away with saying such things speaks volumes about what is the deplorable state of intellectual dishonesty in American society. Thus has the ability for intellectual discourse degraded to such a point that to engage in any discussion which only slightly whiffs of criticism against the biggest practitioner of terrorism in the Middle East results in a society of unthinking, uninterested reactionaries who will, like Pavlov’s dogs, jump up and start barking the mantra of “anti-Semitism” for the sole purpose of quieting their opponents. Had he not been a stalwart supporter of Israel and said the same thing about any other group of people, (and especially if against his cohorts in Tel Aviv) he would have received a one-way ticket down the infamous memory hole, never to return, as have all those who have committed the unforgivable crime of not bowing down before the Baalam of Zionism.

The recent outrage over Bush’s nomination of Pipes for a seat on the United States Institute of Peace is quite a telling event as well, especially when viewed within the context of the now obvious double standard applied to others not so favored. Consider how the Bush Administration (and in fact the Republican congress in general) reacted to the media-managed frenzy swirling around former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott for having attended a gathering in honor of a white segregationist. They wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole, for fear of the obvious tainting they would acquire by association with him. Now comes forth a man such as Pipes, whose overt bigotry makes the implied bigotry of Lott look pale by comparison, and yet where are the hourly news stories? Where are the interviews, wherein Pipes and others like him are stuttering and stammering for an answer which they hope will pacify a society nurtured on the religion of anti-racism? Where are all the individuals from the ADL and other like-minded groups calling for Pipes’ resignation? Where is the distancing of the Republicans from such a man? In this light, the favoritism afforded to politically correct racists as well as the complicity that exists in the outlets of mass information in the proliferation of such sentiments becomes clearer. Besides the fact that Pipes did not get the ax (as so many others have and do to this day) whenever they utter phrases as outrageously racist as were his, conversely he has been rewarded for such statements, as evidenced by his recent nomination. But even more telling is the fact that Bush, who most assuredly was briefed by his advisors on what was the background of Pipes and his writings, obviously saw nothing to fear in associating himself politically with such an unapologetic bigot, and his insistence on putting this man in such a position speaks loudly not only about his own fearlessness concerning what would most assuredly be the backlash to such an event, but as well about his fear of what would happen to him politically if he didn’t. In short, Bush was assured by his hirelings that there would be no negative fall out from such an appointment, due to the fact that it would get little to no media coverage, but as well that there would be serious consequences to face if such an appointment were not forthcoming. How else do we view his willingness to nominate such a man who once agreed with the notion originally espoused by a spokesman for the KKK that "if we fail to stop the Muslims now, the sixteen million niggers of America will soon be Muslims, and you will never be able to stop them."

The nomination of Pipes to sit in on the United States Institute of Peace, having justifiably  caused a firestorm among Arab and Muslim groups here in the US, nevertheless must be tempered in view of the fact that Pipes is just one man in an army of like-minded ideologues who occupy seats of power in the United States. They are individuals who have gotten away with this very same thing for not just years, but rather decades, and who in citing the Quran have squandered no opportunity in fitting whatever text may be used to portray the religion of Islam in the worst light, even if it means taking passages completely out of context. They understand their audience well, knowing that here in the United States few Christians have ever read the Quran and know only what is alleged to be contained in it from the likes of pseudo right-wing talk show hosts and fundamentalist Christian Zionists, who on a daily basis hurl ethnic, religious, and cultural slurs towards a group of people whom they are paid to demonize. Those individuals in media and academia who shape America’s thinking (and by default America’s policy) are capitalizing on the abysmal ignorance of the average uninformed American as to what comprises not only the religion of Islam, but Middle Eastern culture in general, hoping as well to utilize the bitterness that has grown over the last few decades in Christians whose religion and whose values have been attacked by these same degenerate elites who now have decided to target the Muslims. Hoping that no one noticed the slight of hand, the secular atheists who have for decades worked tirelessly in deconstructing what was the Christian social order of America were removed from the suspicious role they had justly occupied, and through their own concerted efforts were replaced with the same “brown skinned peoples” named by Pipes and others like him, whom he and his fellow gangsters now seek to marginalize in the interest of bringing Israel’s enemies to heal.

Besides the fact that these individuals obviously enjoy the protection of a media which applaud their sentiments and their agenda, they can also rest well at night knowing that not too many people will hit the books and check out their facts. This is unfortunate, since the Quran is not very long, nor is it difficult to read. Equally unfortunate is the fact that were Americans better readers, they  would find a whole world of information that would prove to be quite a stumbling block for the arguments offered by those seeking to misinform America about not only her relationship with Islam, but as well about her relationship with Israel. And while it is true that there have been liars, propagandists and slanderers in every age, it is true as well that only in an age wherein the intellectual capacity (or rather intellectual willingness) of the people has been reduced to the level of an unthinking mob of Roman spectators can such a program of mass-hypnotism take place. After all, had Americans been skeptical about the information they were fed about the Middle East situation after September 11, they might have read the passages in the Quran which have never been mentioned by a Zionist controlled media who have conspicuously told only 1/4 of the story.

The 1/4 that has been told has been that section dealing with the darker history of Islam, which, as religions go, has no more skeletons in its closet than do any of the other religions of the world. It has not been mentioned, as it was in the commencement of this essay, that Muslims hold Christ and his mother in such high regard, nor has been mentioned anything concerning the accomplishments which Islam has been responsible for bringing to Western Civilization. In effect, the bringers of mass information have scoured the photo albums of Islamic history for snapshots of those unfortunate moments which have occurred, and in the interest of misleading an uncritical public mind have presented these snapshots to the world as being the entirety of its history. A discerning people should have suspected this, but, as can be expected in a civilization which has surrendered its soul and intellect to the idols of materialism and self-gratification, thinking past these idols proved to be too expensive.

The rest of the story that has been cleverly been kept out of public view (and therefore out of public consideration) is the amount of influence that the interests of Israel (once described by a prominent Jewish-American reporter as the “elephant in the room which no one wants to acknowledge”) have played in the whole equation. In the days and weeks following the tragedies on 9/11, the discussion of the relationship between the US and Israel and its relevance to the day’s events were carefully kept out of the media mainstream. Anyone at the time who (rightfully and logically so) brought it up for discussion was quieted down in a hurry, for fear that people may begin to question the propriety of an alliance that has up to that day been kept sacrosanct. Had Americans began to consider their association with Israel and the cause and effect circumstances as pertain to that day’s events, they might also have learned of  important events in the history of that relationship, such as those concerning the attack on the USS Liberty, Israeli espionage against the US for the  benefit of America’s enemies, and a whole host of other embarrassing tidbits that may have jeopardized the stability of what has been (at least to Israel) a fruitful and lucrative situation. But on a more simple level, Americans who took their Christian faith seriously might have also run into upsetting items involving religious sentiments, a topic willingly discussed when it demonizes Muslims, but carefully avoided when it embarrasses Jews. However, given the willingness of the Ministry of Truth to discuss religious sentiments so as to better understand the mindset of America’s “enemies,” by the same standard a similar discussion should take place when it comes to understanding America’s “friends,” even at the risk of sacrificing sacred cows.

“Miriam, mother of the Nazarene, was the descendant of princes and governors who played the harlot with carpenters.” Sanhedron 106a

“Jesus the Nazarene practiced sorcery and black magic, and led Jews astray into idolatry. He was sexually immoral, worshipped statues of stone, was cut off from the Jewish people, and refused to repent.” Sanhedron 107b

“The books of the Christians must not be saved from fire.” Shabat 116a

“The best of the Gentiles should be killed.” Soferim 15, rule 10

For the uninitiated, these few passages are excerpts of the Talmud, a book considered to be as sacred to Judaism as the Quran is to Islam. These excerpts are but a few of the many passages which speak with an unmistakable and undeniable invective against the same Jesus and Mary who are so honored by the Muslims, but which have suspiciously escaped being mentioned in the discourse concerning religious hatred and its relationship to terrorism. In addition to these items mentioned, there are passages which permit the rape of children, (particularly non-Jews) as well as a whole host of other religious/racist sentiments which, if made public to the audiences of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Limbaugh, Hannity, et al, may cause quite a bit of trouble for groups such as AIPAC and others like them who make it their business to promote the lie that Israel is America’s “lone ally in the Middle East.” In light of this, it should also be remembered that barely an instance goes by when in the context of discussing the religion of Islam by major media outlets in which it isn’t alleged that the adherents of this religion are pedophiles and enemies of Christians.

This is the other half of the story which Americans have not been and are not told. From the mouthpieces on the right such as Limbaugh, Liddy and Hannity, to the mouthpieces on the left who have their hands spread across all channels of information, this dirty little secret has been completely left out of the equation when people such as Pipes and his ilk begin quoting religious texts of Islam, a grandstanding done for the sole purpose of furthering the cause of murdering, dispossessing, and robbing the peoples of the Middle East. In defense of the adherents of Judaism, fairly it can be argued that such racist and abominable statements cited above do not represent the sentiments of all followers of Judaism. In fact, it can be justly said that many are not and have never been acquainted with them at all. In like manner, perhaps this caveat should be applied to the Muslims as well, who in general harbor no ill feeling towards Christians or their religion.

One should not be naive enough to think that the bringers of information are not aware of the rest of the story, and with this in mind, the American public who will be the ones paying the highest price for the war against Islam must ask the logical and, considering the high stakes involved, fair questions of Mr. Pipes and those standing behind him:

“In your discussion of the ugly side of Islam, why did you leave out the ugly side of Judaism? Why were relevant passages of the Quran cited, but not of the Talmud? If religiously inspired sentiments such as those cited by you concerning Islam are relevant towards understanding the war on terror, then why aren’t those sentiments harbored by the religion of Judaism relevant as well?”

After, all, the noble mission that men such as he are professing to realize is the awakening of the average American to the dangers of religious fundamentalism, and surely that would include everything, wouldn’t it?

How then, does one account for this obvious duplicity? What is one to make of those who deliberately refuse to cite those passages of the Quran which speak well of Christianity, and who at the same time refuse to reveal those notable sections of the Talmud which speak so hatefully against not only the personages of the Christian faith, but of its followers as well?

The answer is not difficult to grasp. In its simplest explanation, its understanding resides in the fact that the people in charge of disseminating information to the American public do not have Muslim names. By and large they are Jewish, and as a result promote information from a decidedly biased viewpoint in favor of Israel. The obvious importance of these circumstances should lead the average American to approach information as pertains the Middle East with a certain amount of healthy skepticism, but then one must consider the times in which these events are all taking place; It is the age of a commercial mindset, where, like the fast food business, everything is prepared quickly and likewise quickly consumed without much thought as to what is in it or what it may do to its consumer.

A further explanation of the reason for this duplicity resides in understanding that there are those whose raison d’être is the state of Israel and that which benefits her. These individuals portray themselves as loyal Americans, but who seem not to be bothered by the long list of ill effects which have resulted from American association with the Zionist state, an association which, in addition to the incontestable history of espionage and subterfuge against America and her interests, has also resulted in the acquisition of new enemies which threaten her safety in demonstrably new and dangerous ways. Men like Pipes, Perle, Wolfowitz, Limbaugh, and others who hold fast to the religion that the welfare of Israel supersedes in relevance and importance the welfare of the United States are not true Americans, for if they were, they would put America and her interests (particularly her national security) first. Being true patriots, (as well as educated and intelligent men) they would acknowledge the fact that by this dangerous liason America has signed on to a mortgage whose heavy price will be American blood, sweat, and tears for the benefit of another entity whose interests and loyalty are self-serving and one-sided. But it must be understood that these wolves in sheeps’ clothing already know this all too well,  and as a result, quake in fear of the inevitable domino effect that would result from Americans being given the whole truth concerning the Middle East, a domino effect that would lead to the deconstructing of a dangerous and unprofitable business relationship 50 years in the making.

The day that America discovers that the entire “war on terror” is and has been from the beginning a concerted, coordinated effort brought about by individuals whose only concern is that which benefits Israel, and that it has been waged for the purposes of facilitating murder, racism, and genocide, thus begins the day that the apocalyptic dream of Zionism comes tumbling down like the Tower of Babel, and to some, this is truly a nightmare too horrible to consider. As such, individuals such as Pipes et al, in the spirit of duplicity and corruption, willingly and deliberately tell only that part of the story which serves their interests. They can be likened to the schoolyard bully, who after being pounced upon by his victims in retribution for the injustices he has wrought against them over an extended period of time, goes crying to the principal about his aggrieved status, feigning his innocence and crying his crocodile tears. They are like the parents of a girl who have entered their daughter in a beauty pageant, a girl who has neither talent nor good looks, and in the interest of calculating a victory for their daughter, bribe the judges while calumniating and intimidating the other contestants, for fear that a fair contest untainted with corruption would frustrate their hoped for victory. In like manner, those whose sole objective is to see the racist ideology of Zionism triumph to its apocalyptic conclusion will tell only those portions of the story which will further their mission, even if it means killing millions of people in the process.

For many years, Americans have been fed half the information, information which has resulted in momentous policies and incalculable human suffering, and it is only the beginning.

Perhaps now, in a country which boasts of its hard won freedom and Christian conscience, as well as in the interest of knowing what kind of liabilities they face in this process, they should be told the rest of the story.

Mark Glenn is the author of “Not My Words, But Theirs: A Christian American’s Defense of Middle Eastern Culture and its People.” The book may be accessed at The author may be reached at

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