Because His Lips are Moving

by Bridget Gibson

09/26/03: (Information Clearing House) The last tax cut enacted by the George Bush’s Republican-led Congress was supposed to create 1,000,000 (one million) jobs. The truth has been quite the opposite. Jobs have been evaporating from all sectors of the economy. More than 500,000 were lost in the last quarter alone.

Iraq was “capable” of a “mushroom cloud” over American cities. The truth has been shown by more than 3,000 US inspectors who have turned up nothing – dirt, dooda, zippo, nada.

The only way to have “healthy forests” is to cut down all the trees. Hmm . . . Think about that one for yourselves. You, dear readers, are bright and thinking most of the time. I can count on you to not miss the forest for the trees.

Iraq is such a “success” and the “mission accomplished” is so wonderful and going so swimmingly we just want to share the wonderful feelings of “liberating” the Iraqis with our dearest friends, the French and the Germans. As long as they want nothing to show for their efforts but dead soldiers, that is.

We will “leave no child behind” as long as that child needs no food, shelter, education or a nurturing environment to grow up into.

We will be “compassionate” as we make certain that there is no industry that cannot allow the “market” to develop for a greedy corporate beast that pays no taxes (only collecting “subsidies”) and we will forego all regulations (except “self regulation”), because we know that there are no CEOs or CFOs or Boards of Directors that will allow negative things (like faulty products or services) to occur.

We have been shown that George’s and Dick’s best friends, Kenny Boy Lay and Halliburton, have only the best for the taxpayer and consumer in mind.

We know that Colin Powell had voluminous pages of lies to wave in front of the United Nations Security Council in February. But we had an evil dictator to overthrow – never mind that the highest officers of our country lied about why we went into Iraq. 

Our national debt is expanding to the tune of One Billion Six-Hundred Million Dollars ($1,600,000,000,000) a day – everything is going to be rosy in the next quarter – recovery (even if it’s jobless) is occurring right before your very eyes!

If you don’t see it, it’s because that darn ‘libral’ media is just neglecting to tell you the good things! You know those people that sit around the tree holding hands and singing KumBaya, they only tell you the negative stuff. Stuff like dead soldiers and wounded servicemen and women - the ones wearing kevlar vests, so if they’re wounded, it usually means they’ve lost arms or legs or had a massive head injury. The ‘libral’ media is just fixated on death and destruction, don’t cha know?

I heard a really funny one today. The Bush administration has told Iran that they have “one last chance” to get in line and if they don’t do what George wants, then he is going to tell that irrelevant United Nations on them! Don’t you think that will be a hoot? I’m just certain those other countries are going to sanction another war (they didn’t sanction the last one George started)?

With a mere fifteen months to go to the November 2004 election, we the voting public can only look forward to more joy and bliss under the reign of “King George.”

I would tell you to rest easy, we can vote him out of office, but I fear that the electronic voting machine community has decided to rally round George and circle their wagons. With millions of taxpayer dollars being used to purchase machinery that has been proven unreliable, with no paper trail to verify the votes, with software that is easily corrupted, and tallies that can be manipulated, we may be in much more trouble than any of us can imagine.

Diebold, E S & S, Sequoia and Science Applications International Corporation have one thing in common – these companies are owned and operated by heavy hitters in the Republican party.

Bridget Gibson:

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