Battered Prisoner Body In New Shock Photographs 

05/05/2004 "" -- As President George Bush appeared on Arabic television today in a bid to limit the damage caused by photographs of American soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners, a new image emerged which would shock the world.

A photograph from an internal military report into mistreatment of prisoners, and leaked to a US magazine, showed the battered corpse of a prisoner.

In the picture, obtained by the New Yorker magazine, the dead inmate was wrapped in cellophane and packed in ice.

Another photograph showed an empty room at the Abu Ghraib prison – centre of the scandal – splattered with blood.

The picture emerged as the US military and the Pentagon came under intense pressure over the abuse of prisoners in US custody.

Earlier pictures, from the same Army investigation, were broadcast in the US prompting an international outcry.

An inmate was shown hooded and attached to wires, and being made to stand on a box, apparently fearing he would be electrocuted if he fell.

Other pictures showed naked prisoners stacked on top of one another and forced to perform degrading, humiliating acts.

One of the soldiers accused of abusing the prisoners, Staff Sergeant Ivan Frederick, has claimed he was following orders.

He said intelligence agencies, including the CIA, asked prison guards to break the will of the inmates before they were interrogated.

He also told how one prisoner died during questioning by interrogators.

In a letter home, which is expected to be used in his defence, he wrote: “They stressed him out so badly that the man passed away.

“They put his body in a bag and packed him in ice for approximately twenty four hours in the shower.

“The next day the medics came and put his body on a stretcher, placed a fake IV in his arm and took him away.” 

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