American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush

Phillips shows how spying, dishonesty about one's background and business dealings, multiple loyalties, and preoccupation with profits and oil go deep into the Bush family roots, and he likens their search for power to royal European dynasties and restorations of the 18th and 19th centuries. 


A biting analysis of the Bush family's rise to power from one of today's premier political observers.

The Bushes are the family nobody really knows, says Kevin Phillips. This popular lack of acquaintance nurtured by gauzy imagery of Maine summer cottages, gray-haired national grandmothers, July Fourth sparklers, and cowboy boots has let national politics create a dynasticized presidency that would have horrified America's founding fathers. They, after all, had led a revolution against a succession of royal Georges.

In this devastating book, onetime Republican strategist Phillips reveals how four generations of Bushes have ascended the ladder of national power since World War One, becoming entrenched within the American establishment Yale, Wall Street, the Senate, the CIA, the vice presidency, and the presidency through a recurrent flair for old-boy networking, national security involvement, and political deception. By uncovering relationships and connecting facts with new clarity, Phillips comes to a stunning conclusion: The Bush family has systematically used its financial and social empire its "aristocracy" to gain the White House, thereby subverting the very core of American democracy. In their ambition, the Bushes ultimately reinvented themselves with brilliant timing, twisting and turning from silver spoon Yankees to born-again evangelical Texans.

Copyright: Kevin Phillips

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