Sack AIPAC! And Abolish Their Tax Exempt Status! 

Ted Lang

08/31/04 "ICH"
-- Why should treason be tax-exempt? Contributions to the Republican or Democratic Party and the National Rifle Association are not deductible on our tax returns because these are deemed as political activities. Our tax law does not allow political contributions to be deducted as is the case with charitable contributions. The powerful "Zionist" lobby that is dedicated to furthering the interests of Israel IS tax deductible! Why is that?! 

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is the so-called "Jewish lobby." It has been proclaimed the second most powerful lobby in Washington, right behind AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons, according to Fortune magazine. AIPAC exists only to benefit Israel, a socialist foreign country virtually solely dependent on American taxpayer funding. 

Purportedly, our political parties exist for the betterment of our once world-renowned political environment ensuring individual freedom and independence from government. The only thing government brings to the fore in our society is brute force. The NRA exists to ensure that brutally forceful government does not abolish the Second Amendment thereby monopolizing force to suppress the individual freedoms of the American people. It would seem that these aims are extremely beneficial to US, yet the Internal Revenue Service of the United States disallows money donations to these organizations as tax-deductible contributions. 

But if political activities and so-called political groups, whose intentions are for the benefit of all the American people including their ultimate goal in ensuring the freedoms of Americans are excluded from tax-exempt status by the IRS, why then are donations to the foreign State of Israel allowed as sheltered contributions? AIPAC lobbies exclusively for Israel, and has as part of its agenda, the maintenance of their tax-exempt status. The question is not as to why AIPAC wishes to maintain its tax-exempt status - the question is why American government allows contributions for a powerful foreign lobby to remain tax-exempt? 

And now AIPAC and Israel have been implicated in yet another spy plot against the United States. The objective of the Israeli-driven espionage is to obtain classified American government information to assist Israel in involving the United States in a new war with Iran for the purposes of continuing Israel's imperialistic ethnic-cleansing expansionism in the Middle East. The blueprints for this expansionism were drawn up by American traitors traceable to the Project for the New American Century [PNAC]. Those "traitors" were first offered as being such by the Hebrew newspaper, Ha'aretz. 

The future PNACers authored a paper back in 1996 for then-Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, entitled "A Clean Break," which targeted Iraq, Iran and Syria, providing Israel with a strategy to influence American government to support Israeli imperialism and ethnocide against the Palestinians and other Mid Eastern nations. Virtually all the PNACers found jobs within the Bush administration, whose foreign policy is now shaped solely for the benefit of Israel. 

Two leading PNACers are Douglas Feith, third in charge at Department of Defense, and his subordinate Michael Ledeen, the latter having arranged for secret meetings in violation of specific CIA guidelines. It has become crystal clear that the illegal and unconstitutional invasion of Iraq was based on PNAC's "A Clean Break" paper easily sold to a clueless George Bush. Bush's close association with Saddam's enemy, Ahmed Chalabi, leader of the Iraqi National Congress, is also alleged as facilitating the passing of sensitive information to Iran. Chalabi and the INC have been so accused. 

Likewise, Douglas Feith, Undersecretary for Defense Policy, has been observed secretly dealing with Israeli military officers and other Israeli operatives, and his office is now under investigation by the FBI as having provided top secret intelligence information to AIPAC, which has in turn forwarded the illegally-obtained documents to Israel. 

The illegal, unconstitutional invasion of Iran is obviously next on the agenda of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his war-mongering ethnocidal Likud Party. His next meeting with President George Bush will probably be for the purposes of securing yet another "letter of authorization" from Republicans in the White House and an approving resolution from the House authorizing either an attack upon Iran's nuclear facilities, or authorizing an American invasion to bring democracy to Iran. 

Bush should have been impeached for the war in Iraq, but fail that, he must be removed by this upcoming election. Sadly, Kerry isn't much of an improvement. And either way, AIPAC should now be recognized for the subversive group it is as well as for their treason, and its right to lobby and its tax-exempt status should both be revoked. 

Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer. <> 

8/29/04 THEODORE E. LANG 8/29/04 All rights reserved 


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