The Real Israel 

Ted Lang 

09/28/04 "ICH"
-- Defenders of Zionism offer numerous Biblical passages to justify the political entity that is the state of Israel. The state of Israel is, however, an artificial creation of Man, not God. Narrow interpretations employing selective Christian fundamentalism sanctifying a manmade political artifact will never justify ethnic mass murder and genocide. It will not justify apartheid. 

Much has been written about the origins of the Zionist state of Israel, and looking at the state of Israel from its actual inception in 1948 as opposed to some ecclesiastical reference dating back to Biblical times is not only tantamount to fraud, but criminally intended as justification for mass murder and war. 

Dismissing political and religious philosophy encompassing present day Israel's founding in citing the politics and visions of Theodore Herzl and Baron Rothschild, a more straightforward reporter's account of the political origins of Israel are in order. Many readers are confused, and deliberately so, such that a simple approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is shrouded in the "mysteries" of two foreign religions in a faraway, strange corner of the world. 

The great imperial and colonial powers of the two preceding centuries, the Ottoman Turkish Empire and the British Empire, both struggled for control of the Middle East. Great Britain eventually won. Woodrow Wilson's failed socialist scheme of a League of Nations was reborn as the United Nations after World War II. Writer Noel Ignatiev , writing for Counterpunch on June 17, 2004, in his piece entitled, "Zionism, Anti-Semitism and the People of Palestine," offers: "At the time of Balfour's declaration [1917], Jews comprised less than 10% of the population and owned 2.5% of the land of Palestine." 

Ignatiev continues: "The problem of building a Jewish society among an overwhelming Arab majority came to be known as the 'conquest of land and labor.' Land, once acquired, had to remain in Jewish hands. The other half of this project, known as Labor Zionism, called for the exclusive use of Jewish labor on the land acquired by the Jews in Palestine. The Labor Zionists maintained this dual exclusionism (or apartheid, as we would now call it) in order to build up purely Jewish institutions." 

From its inception, Jews creating Israel intended a policy of apartheid for its subjugated Arab majority. How was this accomplished? 

Ignatiev again: "To achieve the conquest of the land, the Zionists set up an arrangement whereby land was acquired not by individuals, but by a corporation, known as the Jewish National Fund (JNF). The JNF acquired land and leased it only to Jews, who were not allowed to sublet it. Thus land was acquired in the name of 'the Jewish people,' held for their use, and not subject to market conditions. The idea was for the JNF to gradually acquire as much land as possible as the basis for the expected Jewish state. Naturally, in order for the land to serve this function, Arab labor had to be excluded. Leases from the JNF specifically prohibited the use of non-Jewish labor on JNF plots. One way to achieve this goal was to lease land only to those Jews who intended to work it themselves. In some cases, when land was bought from Arab absentee landlords, the peasants who resided on and worked the land were expelled. 

Jewish landholders who refused to exclude Arab labor could lose their leases or be faced with a boycott." The foregoing is a perfect example of lawyer and politician-friendly legalistic manipulations created to emit the sweet smell of justice, while in reality reeking of tyranny and despotism. As United Nations, British and American support continued to strengthen and legitimize the emerging totalitarian state of Israel, continued Israeli expansionism and apartheid of the Arab majorities included new and more effective tactics: terrorism and mass murder. 

Yet Israel's progress in achieving total control in the area and advancing to ethnocide and increasingly brutal apartheid wasn't without difficulties. Ignatiev writes, "Despite these policies and even with the encouragement of the British government, in the thirty years following the Balfour Declaration, the Zionists were able to increase the Jewish-owned portion of the land of Palestine to only 7%. Moreover, the majority of the world's Jews showed no interest in settling there. 

In the years between 1920 and 1932, only 118,000 Jews moved to Palestine, less than 1% of world Jewry. Even after the rise of Hitler, Jews in Europe did not choose Israel: out of 2.5 million Jewish victims of Nazism who fled abroad between 1935 and 1943, scarcely 8.5% went to Palestine. 182,000 went to the U.S., 67,000 to Britain, and almost 2 million to the Soviet Union. 

After the war, the U.S. began to encourage Jewish settlement in Palestine. Aneurin Bevin, postwar British Foreign Minister, publicly blurted out that American policy mainly arose from the fact that 'they did not want too many of them in New York.'" Ignatiev then turns to the collaboration of Zionist Jews with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Those that shout "Never again!" the loudest are the very same Zionist Jews of the Abraham Foxman ilk and their Anti-Defamation League, the same ADL that worked in conjunction with the Jewish Sulzberger family [The New York Times] against Jews in America in the 1930s as documented by Webster G. Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin in chapter two of their online book on the Bushes.

Pertaining to the collaboration of Zionist and Nazis, Ignatiev writes: "This policy of attaching more importance to the establishment of Israel than to the survival of the Jews led the Zionists to collaborate with Nazism and even be decorated by Hitler's government. The best-known case was that of Rudolf Kastner, who negotiated the emigration to Palestine of some of Hungary's most prominent Jews in return for his help in arranging the orderly deportation of the remainder of Hungary's Jews to the camps. For his efforts, Kastner was praised as an 'idealist' by no less an authority than Adolf Eichmann. (The best study of Zionist-Nazi relations is Lenni Brenner, Zionism in the Age of the Dictators.)" 

Eventually, terrorism and mass murder: "The Zionists knew they had to rid themselves of the Arab majority in order to have a specifically Jewish state. Although 75,000 Jews moved to Israel between 1945 and 1948, Jews still constituted a minority in Palestine. The 1948 war afforded the Zionists an excellent opportunity to rectify this; as a result of the war, more than three-quarters of a million Arabs fled their homes. The case of Deir Yasin, in which Israeli paramilitary forces, under the command of future prime minister Menachem Begin, massacred over 250 civilians, sending a message to Palestinians that they should depart, is the most well known example of how this flight was brought about. [Emphasis added.] 

In his book, The Revolt, Begin boasted that without Deir Yasin there would have been no Israel, and adds, 'The Arabs began fleeing in panic, shouting 'Deir Yasin' (quoted in Menuhin, 120). Recent writings by Israeli revisionist historians have refuted the longtime insistence of Israeli officials that the departures were voluntary. Some of the refugees went to neighboring Arab countries; others became refugees in their own country. Those 750,000 expelled from their homes and their descendants, who together total 2.2 million people, make up the so-called refugee problem. Although the United Nations has repeatedly demanded they be allowed to return, the Israeli government has refused to agree. The war ended with the Zionists in control of 80% of Palestine. In the next year, nearly 400 Arab villages were completely destroyed. This was no accident but the result of deliberate policy, as shown in the following statement by one of the most authoritative officials of the Zionist state: 

'Among ourselves it must be clear that there is no place in our country for both peoples together. The only solution is Eretz Israel, or at least the western half of Eretz Israel, without Arabs, and there is no other way but to transfer the Arabs from here to the neighboring countries, transfer all of them, not one village or tribe should remain.' Joseph Weitz, Deputy Chairman of the Board of directors of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) from 1951 to 1973, former Chairman of the Israel Land Authority (Davis, 5)." [Emphasis added.] 

This is the real Israel. This is how it got started; effective organization, legalistic mumbo-jumbo, legislation favoring a minority, and eventually, terrorism and mass murder. Sound familiar? 

Kathleen and Bill Christison identify themselves as former CIA Analysts. Writing for Counterpunch and posted September 24th as "Random Impressions from Palestine," the article begins: " A few weeks spent in Palestine is always an assault on the senses, on the emotions. And after three trips to the West Bank in the past eighteen months, it is impossible not to draw some conclusions. For most Americans, the eleventh commandment of the politics of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is Thou Shalt Not Reach Conclusions; for conclusions [indicate] that Israel wants the land of Palestine without the people; that the Israeli settlements, the roads accessible only to Israelis, the land confiscations, the house demolitions, the destruction of agricultural land add up to an act of ethnocide against the Palestinian people; that Israel's occupation and Israel's land greed are the root of the conflict and the root cause of terrorism. [These] are too pointed for most people, too embarrassingly descriptive of an ugly reality impossible to ignore." 

The Christisons continue: "Without conclusions, American friends of Israel can live comfortably in denial, believing that although the occupation may be misguided, ultimately Israel is good and innocent, it is only protecting its security, the whole conflict is the Palestinians' fault. But when you are in Palestine, when you see hundred-year-old olive groves bulldozed to make way for the wall, when you see entire city blocks bulldozed and cleared of homes where thousands once lived, when you actually watch a home being demolished, when you see huge Israeli colonies and small outposts on every hilltop, when you see markets closed because the wall has separated commerce from its customers, when you see destruction all around, denial is no longer possible. You must conclude that there is a deliberate scheme here. You must acknowledge the unthinkable, that Israel has been built from the beginning on the ruins of another nation, that Israel has all but destroyed another people in order to have a Jewish-majority state, that Israel is not moral as its friends claim, not a light unto the nations." 

Considering these observations, isn't it much easier now to understand the atrocities against our land by Zionists as demonstrated by the Rosenbergs, the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, the 26 mutinying Israeli Air Force pilots, the Jonathan Pollard spy incident, the current AIPAC spy incident, and the warmongering neoconservative PNAC cabal that led US into an unnecessary war with Iraq? The PNACers and Israel are now making arrangements for the unauthorized, unlawful and unconstitutional invasion of Iran, probably to be led off by a sneak attack on Iranians by the Israeli Air Force. 

In what is a virtual cacophony of protest from our leaders in government, it is clear that our elected representatives in Washington will arrange yet another cover-up for the current Israeli-AIPAC spy scandal. As regards our representatives, the Christisons offer: "How ignorant they all are, these politicians who are supposed to represent us, about the realities of life under the dominion of Israel. How ignorant they all are of the facts: that Israel daily destroys or steals homes and land from Palestinians because Jews want these properties, that more miles of the impenetrable, permanent concrete barrier wall are built every day on Palestinian land, that Israel killed 385 Palestinians, 40 of them children under the age of 15, during the five and a half months in which Israelis recently enjoyed a respite from suicide bombings. Kill ratios of 385 to 29, more than two Palestinians killed every day versus one Israeli killed every week are good for Israel, and what is good for Israel is good for U.S. politicians as well. This is also good for the media, which gets a rest from hard reporting on human conflict. Americans have not heard anything from the mainstream media about almost 400 newly dead Palestinians." 

It is painfully clear that the partnership of our Zionist-owned and operated media, and our unrepresentative government, will work jointly to cover up completely the embarrassment of Israeli orchestrated treason to implicate America's wealth and its military for the sole benefit of Israel. Just as Israel succeeded in throttling the overwhelming Arab majority, so too has a tiny minority of efficiently organized pressure groups, such as AIPAC, the ADL, the ACLU, NOW, NAACP, been able to sabotage the socio-political founding philosophy of America. It is this undermining of American principles that is rapidly engulfing US in socialism and fascism. 

The weekly Yiddish news and opinion journal, The Forward, which originates out of New York City said it best in their September 24th article, "Support for President, War Drops Among Jews, According to New Study." Clearing pointing to a widening gap between American Jews and the so-called "Jewish" organizations that represent them, the article begins, "Support for President Bush and his handling of the Iraq war has dropped among American Jews during the past year, according to a new poll released by the American Jewish Committee. American Jews stand well to the left of the overall American population on a broad range of domestic and foreign-policy issues, and are much more critical of the Bush administration, judging from a comparison of the AJCommittee poll and other recent surveys. 

The Forward continues: "The AJCommittee poll, which has a 3% margin of error and was based on interviews with 1,000 American Jews conducted during the last two weeks of August, found that 24% of Jews would vote for Bush. An earlier survey, released by the organization in December 2003, tracked Bush's support at 31%. During the same period, according to the latest poll, Senator Kerry's support jumped from 59% to 69%, with 2% of American Jews now backing independent candidate Ralph Nader and 5% still undecided. Along with the decline in electoral support for Bush has come a jump in the proportion of American Jews who disapprove of the Iraq war - from 54% to 66%. [Emphasis added.] 

The results of the AJCommittee poll appear to undermine repeated Republican claims that Bush has made inroads with American Jews and stood to increase significantly the 19% of the Jewish vote that he captured in 2000. In addition, the poll flies in the face of the notion that American Jews supported the Iraq invasion because the war eliminated a major regional threat to Israel." [Emphasis added.] 

Another sobering observation by The Forward: "The latest AJCommittee findings also point to a gap between American Jews and Jewish organizations. Most major Jewish groups offered varying levels of support for the American military campaign to oust Saddam Hussein two years ago. In contrast to the growing number of American Jews who disapprove of Bush's leadership on Iraq, many Jewish organizations continue to voice support for the president's foreign policy, and none are believed to have withdrawn their endorsement of the war." [Emphasis added.] 

The Christisons point out in their article, that increasingly, many Jews in Israel, probably a majority, seek to end the Zionist terror campaigns against their Arab neighbors. They offer, "What is perhaps most surprising is to encounter so many people, Israelis as well as internationals, who agree with these conclusions and who speak openly and almost casually about their distaste for Zionism and the flaws inherent in the system it has generated. For the second year running, at a work camp sponsored by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) to rebuild a recently demolished Palestinian home in the village of Anata, just outside East Jerusalem, we encountered more people than we knew existed, from more organizations than we knew existed, working to oppose the occupation and help Palestinians oppose Israel's expansionism. These are people who put their own personal safety at risk and their own personal comfort aside in order to help Palestinians rebuild, protect Palestinians from Israeli settlers and soldiers, bring the Palestinian message to the world, stand in solidarity with Palestinians in distress. ICAHD itself, founded and led by Jeff Halper, is both an activist and an education organization, with a small core staff of Israeli and Palestinian experts, starting with Halper himself, who know every road in the West Bank, every settlement, the details of every Israeli expansion plan, every mile of the separation wall." 

What this says is that many Jews in America, Israel, and all over the world, oppose Zionism and its political maneuvers, legalistics, terrorism, ethnocide and apartheid. The latter practice alone in the former Union of South Africa generated such animosity against the South African government that the unified condemnation of apartheid helped to bring the government down.

It appears if there is one unmistakable trait as regards tyranny, it is the manipulative ability of a minority to impose its narrow will on an overwhelming majority. Those who support such tyranny are the first to point out the small numbers of those who are behind the schemes and plots, deliberately downplaying the magnifying and synergistic power of government force used to carry out their immoral deeds. 

As Zionists scream "Never again!" they repeat with increased brutality Man's inhumanity to his fellow Man in metrics that surpass even the very Nazis they rail against. They continually point to "the Kristallnacht," the signifying the beginning of Jewish persecution by the Nazis. But burning synagogues, and smashing stores is bad enough, but no comparison to the destruction of cities, homes, businesses, and the bulldozing and crushing to death of people inside their homes and destroying hundred-year-old olive groves. This represents ultimate brutality and murder driven by intense hatred! The Zionist are every bit as ruthless as the very Nazis they demonize, yet collaborated with, before and during World War II. History does indeed repeat itself, and those who do not learn from it are the ones who ensure its recurrence. 

Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer. <>

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