The trouble with bulldozers

Don Nash

10/06/04 "ICH"
-- As reported by Chris McGreal writing for the Guardian October 5, 2004, from the Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza, 50,000 Palestinians are trapped there by the Israeli army. The Palestinians are kept out of sight by hundreds of Israeli troops backed by 200 tanks and armored vehicles. The Israeli Goliath moves in to intimidate the Palestinian David. In a stark number of instances, the Israelis prefer to use bulldozers as their weapon of intimidation. These bulldozers are happily provided by the Caterpillar Company of, you guessed it, America. That is my determination, not Mr. McGreal’s. 

According to Mr. McGreal, the armored bulldozers have “demolished scores, possibly hundreds of homes...residents said that the destruction of sewage systems had contaminated the water supplies in some areas.” Mr. McGreal quotes a Mrs. Basyouni who lives on the edge of Jabaliya, “the Israeli army had bulldozed greenhouses that had been families’ only source of income for several generations.” 

There is nothing like the sheer tonnage of a D-9 Cat. Solid steel blade that weighs probably, 2 or 3 tons all by itself. It is one impressive machine and I’ll get back to that thought in a bit. 

The Israeli army is bulldozing a six mile wide swath of devastation that will give Israel a “buffer zone” between Gaza and Israel. Hamas is shooting home made rockets at the Israelis. Hamas is the “extremist” element that has been going the rounds with the Israelis for years. Hamas hates Israel and vice versa and each acts out their philosophy of violence and the Palestinian people pay the price for the hatred. There is also investigative speculation that Hamas was created by the Mossad. I mention that only as a piece of one colossal puzzle that is the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. 

Mr. McGreal continues, “the Israeli army said it had destroyed or damaged a small number of homes, either because its soldiers had been attacked or to allow its tanks to avoid booby-trapped roads.” The Israeli army is bulldozing the bejesus out of Gaza and they get attacked by the Palestinian people...go figure. I can’t for the life of me understand why the Palestinian people would be booby-trapping the roads. Wouldn’t the Palestinians have to use the roads? I believe that they would so that argument is mostly full of holes. 

In an area know as Beit Hanoun and which is agricultural, fully 60% of the land has been destroyed by the Israelis so, what does Israel think the Palestinians are supposed to use for farming and growing some food? The Palestinian people attacked the Israelis...go figure. 

The United States hopes Israel will quickly end its massive offensive in Gaza. This was reported by Reuters and written by Saul Hudson and published October 4, 2004. The United States hopes? Colin Powell hopes. To quote Mr. Hudson, “The Jewish state’s top ally has sought to restrain Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Sharon has pledged to expand an offensive that is the bloodiest in four years...” Powell hopes that Sharon will cease and desist and Sharon pledges to expand. Ariel Sharon is stomping the Palestinian people literally to death and looks back over his shoulder and laughs at Colin Powell who is busy hoping that Israel will come to its senses. Actually, the Israelis are bulldozing the Palestinian people to death and I’ll get back to that as well. 

It’s election year in America and the candidates won’t say word one about anything that Israel does...”we don’t want to upset the Jewish voters.” So by that brilliant conclusion, America’s politicians are assuming that American Jewish voters are all together complicit with Israel’s murder and rain of destruction on Gaza and the West Bank. Powell hopes and Bush/Kerry hope that Israel won’t upset their respective apple carts. The Arab nations want the U. N. Security Council to deal with the Israelis and I guarantee you, the U.S. will veto any resolution that even so much as mentions Israel in any manner of negative light.

The Israeli government of Ariel Sharon continues their barbaric assault on the Palestinian people and the U.S. government hopes...whatever. Americans are clueless as to why the Muslim nations hate America. This isn’t rocket science people, this is murder. The U.S. will never gain one rung on the ladder of success or respect among the Muslim nations until the U.S. uses its very real sway over the Israeli government. The U.S. Congress has all of the authority it needs to reel Israel in and put on some controls. Cut off the money that the U.S. so graciously gives to Israel. It is simple and it is sufficient to put Israel into the company of civilized nations. One more little thing Colin baby, go and talk to the Hamas people. Have your people get in touch with their people and do couldn’t hurt and it could possibly help. Don’t even run the rationale about, “we don’t negotiate with terrorists”. You certainly have no qualms about dealing with Israel. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

Now, the bulldozer thing. Israel gets it’s bulldozers from the good old U.S. of A. The premier supplier of bulldozers in the U.S. is Caterpillar. Caterpillar is complicit in Israel’s bulldozing of Palestinian property and people yes, people. Mr. C.E.O. of Caterpillar Company, how does it feel knowing full well that your bulldozers are quite satisfactory in the killing of innocent people? Why they would be the machine of choice among governments that prefer bulldozing people to bulldozing land, two to one. You will get no mercy or sympathy from me on this one Mr. Caterpillar. 

In 2003, the Israeli government bulldozed an American woman to death. Rachel Corrie, a young woman who was in Israel protesting the actions of the Israeli government and the injustice being served on the Palestinian people. Please visit Ms. Corrie’s memorial web site at-

What brave warriors the Israeli army must be to have used a D-9 Cat to bulldoze a young American woman because she was in protest of the very actions that have led to all of the Middle East’s turmoil. The act was cowardice on a global scale as it was gutless. Ms. Corrie’s blood is on the hands of the Israeli government, the American government, the Caterpillar Company, and her blood is on the hands of the cowards that are the corporate American media. America didn’t get to hear about Rachel Corrie’s murder at the hands of the Israelis. The U.S. government said not one word, silence of the sacrificial lambs. Well guess what everybody, Ms. Corrie is speaking out now. Since Ms. Corrie isn’t here to do it for herself, I’m going to do the job for her. Enough of this God-accursed murder, violence, mindless politics, government corruption, inhumanity, and sheer human stupidity. Enough is enough. Ms. Corrie I would imagine, would have used a much more compassionate sentence structure but, you can get my drift. 

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