Genocide by the seaside and on such a lovely day

The Iraqi people are unwilling to go along with the dream that George Bush has for Iraq. Isn’t that a shocker.

Don Nash.

10/16/04 "ICH"
-- George Bush and his administration are waging genocide on the Iraqi people. Saddam Hussein is gone. Hussein’s army was dismissed by the American military commanders in Iraq and the entire rationale for Bush’s preemptive war on Iraq has fallen by a wayside of irrational double-speak. The presence of “foreign fighters” in Iraq is sheer innuendo and has not been proven to be more than an hysterical rumor. With George Bush and Tony Blair facing certain trials before the International Criminal Court at the Hague, these two pathetic politicians are fabricating and spinning any and every possible alibi that can be humanly rushed out to the press.

There is certainly war continuing in Iraq. The ‘whom’ that are on the receiving end of Bush’s shock and awe, are the Iraqi people. The unleashing of America’s mad-dogs of war continues unabated so, the hostilities that are being escalated on a daily basis are escalated onto the Iraqis. Bush is reduced to the role of a wanton coward and bully. Bush is not content to merely defeat the Iraqis, Bush is going to “do it again” and again and murder turns to genocide. Wake up America, as this is exactly what has happened in Iraq. The Iraq preemptive war is now genocide. Spread that on your morning toast and live with it.

Genocide seems to be a premise that Bush and company can embrace with relish. Let us consider the government of Ariel Sharon and the state of Israel. Genocide is being waged on the Palestinian people. The Israeli army is met with zero resistance from the everyday Palestinian. Palestine does not have an army. Palestine barely has anything at all. The everyday Palestinian doesn’t even have the luxury of being able to walk from one home neighborhood to another neighborhood. The everyday Palestinian runs headlong into the apartheid wall. That is courtesy of Ariel Sharon and the undying support of George Bush. An unarmed people and unable to oppose the Israeli army, such as the Palestinian people are to this day, then you add in the brutal invasions that are dispensed on the Palestinian people by the Sharon government and it adds up to genocide. In addition, the Israeli army uses bulldozers on the Palestinian people just to add a little spice to the already boiling mix. Then America wonders why the Palestinian people would cheer on terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. Well duh! Come on America, put yourself into the very worn shoes of the Palestinian people. Would you greet each and every day with a smile on your face and a song in your heart if you were as oppressed as the Palestinian people are? The gun loving American public would be out in the streets fighting and dying for what each and every American has always believed in, that being life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Americans are afforded this wonderful and Constitutional status so, we are to deny even the slightest whiff of some freedom to the Palestinians. This denial is courtesy of Ariel Sharon and George Bush. It is my conjecture that the Palestinian people would just like to have at least two days strung together that are without an Israeli Defense Force running rough shod over a Palestinian refugee camp. Israel is warring with Hamas and Hezbollah and it is the Palestinian people that bear the brunt of this hatred and very one-sided war. 

Genocide by its definition and I quote from Merriam Webster’s dictionary, “is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.” Now the “racial” category does not apply to Israel and Palestine as, they are the same people and both sides are Semitic people. See Merriam Webster’s dictionary for the definition of Semitic people. The atrocity being waged on the Palestinians then, falls into the “political or cultural grouping “ and if definitions mean anything at all, what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people is definitive genocide. By the confines of the definition and the parameters of Bush’s preemptive war on Iraq, the same argument applies. George Bush is waging preemptive definitive genocide on the Iraqi people. Are you following along America? I am referring to strict definitions here.

The Iraqi people are unwilling to go along with the dream that George Bush has for Iraq. Isn’t that a shocker. The Iraqi people are fighting a very real occupation army that was not invited into Iraq, America invaded. The American military is trying to impose Bush’s version of a new and improved Iraq and the Iraqi people seem to have their own ideas about a new and improved Iraq so, the ideas clash in cities and towns such as Fallujah, Najaf, Tikrit, and even Baghdad. The Bush administration prefers to label the Iraqi people as “insurgents” and that is supposed to gloss the Bush atrocity over with the American people. Guess what America, George Bush is committing genocide on the very people that Bush invaded in the first place so that they could fall on their Iraqi knees and embrace Bush’s new Iraq. The Iraqi people have no intention of falling on their knees or falling on any other vague and morphing premise that Bush may be using for the day. Bush and company are now in the process of imposing their will on the Iraqi people and the Iraqi people will either accept Bush’s version of the world or the Iraqi people will die. That is what places the preemptive war on Iraq into the real and definitive category of genocide. Remember the “political and cultural grouping” definition of Webster’s dictionary. 

America cannot use the argument that this wasn’t reported in the “news”. The American mainstream media and press have signed off on their collective and respective responsibilities to humanity and they have blindly conjoined themselves to the Bush administration. They are implicated in Bush’s genocide and they all know it. As Bush changes the rationales and reasons for the Iraq preemption, the American press looks no better than abject dummies for their accomplice to Bush’s madness. America is still responsible for the actual crime that is Bush’s preemption and ignorance of the international law is no excuse. The American people are responsible for putting the U.S. Congress in power and that argument is irrefutable. Congress empowered Bush and the Iraq preemption. Congress then allowed Bush to make a mockery of the very authorization that Congress gave Bush to begin with. The authorization required George Bush to prove to Congress that Hussein and Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and we know how that turned sour. The U.S. Supreme Court usurped the Congressional authority in the 2000 election and installed Bush as President. The line of succession for the Bush genocide entangles all of American government and the silence of the American people only exacerbates the Bush genocide. 

We have us a problem Houston and this genocidal problem is only growing worse day by day. Knowledgeable U.S. military officers tried to warn America and the Bush administration and they were summarily drummed from the military by Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz. Knowledgeable C.I.A. and intelligence officers that are in the business of knowing the workings of “threats” and “imminent dangers” were summarily drummed from the intelligence services in the State Department, the F.B.I, the N.S.A., and the list is a compendium of who is who in official Washington D.C. intelligence circles. The Bush administration lied to Congress and the American people about Iraq. The Bush preemption is genocide. The Bush administration lied to the global community at the United Nations about Iraq and the Bush preemption on Iraq is genocide. The Bush preemption of Iraq is also insane on any of a number of sane reasons but, the bottom line is that now, the Iraq preemption is genocide and what are you going to do America?

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