The Battle For Al-Qaim : The Iraq Version

Resistance fighters take over Al-Qaim 

By Mufakirat Al-Islam 

04/12/05 "ICH" - -  Thursday and Friday April 7, 8 2005: Resistance fighters took over Al-Qaim and forced Iraqi army units and police to leave the city.

- Sunday April 10: Rocket attack on American military base near Al-Qaim. With an Egyptian accent, an American announcer challenged the fighters: "If you are brave men, then come out and fight us. If you want paradise, come out from your hiding and fight us face to face and man to man and don't be like women by striking us and withdrawing like cowards". The challenge was not heeded.

- Monday April 11: Fierce fighting erupted since 7am. More than 70 'Iraqi policemen' deserted their positions. An influx of 150-200 Resistance fighters from the neighboring cities of Hit, Haditha and Fallujah join the battle, including 16 women Resistance fighters.

- Monday April 11: Americans destroy water treatment plants, cold-storage food warehouses, cut off electricity from Al-Qaim and besieged it preventing food from reaching the city. They also threatened to bomb its hospital if wounded Resistance fighters are admitted to it.

- Monday April 11: An attack, by a Tariq rocket, on the A22 American military base near Al-Qaim resulted in the death of 5 American soldiers, according to Lietenant Loai Khalid from the 'Iraqi Army'. This led to an American counter attack by rockets and bombs on the city centre.

- Monday April 11: 100 military vehicles advanced on Al-Qaim from Ain-Assad American military base in Hit. American leaflets warned women and children from aiding or hiding Resistance fighters. "Our bullets do not discriminate between women and children in the war which will crush the insutgents. Therefore, stay in your homes and do not give them aid".

- Tuesday April 12: All involved Resistance groups (Jaish Ansar Al-Sinna, Mohammed's First Army, Qaida Jihad in Raqfidain, Legions of the twenties Revolution, Legions of Al-Nasir Salah Al-Din, Abu Bakir Salafi Legions, Rahman Salafi Legions, and the Islamic Anger Legions) issued a joint statement giving the Americans 12 hours to withdraw from the perimeter of Al-Qaim to allow food and water to flow in to the civilians. Otherwise, a spike in attacks throughout Iraq will follow. In a seperate statement, an unknown group, calling itself Legions for Unifying Iraq has threatend to attack many targets, including churches, in response for prominently manifesting the Cross on American Army tanks.

-Tuesday April 12: Nofa Garkan, a 40-years old woman Resistance fighter from Ramadi is martyred. Nofa is the 137th Iraqi woman Resistance fighter to die in battle.

- Tuesday April 12: "Twenty Iraqis have been killed and 22 injured after US helicopters and heavy artillery bombed houses in al-Rummana village, north of al-Qaim city, Aljazeera reported. Seven children, six women and three old men were among the dead, witnesses said, while the injured included 13 children, seven women and two old men.

The witnesses added that the shelling started after US forces, who landed near al-Qaim on Monday night, came under repeated attack. Early reports indicated one house was completely destroyed and three others partially damaged in the bombing, according to Aljazeera.

On Monday, five car bombs hit US military targets in the western Iraqi city of al-Qaim near the border with Syria, wounding at least two US soldiers.

Iraqi journalist Ahmad Khalid told Aljazeera two of Monday's attacks in al-Qaim were simultaneous. Three bombs hit a building used as US military headquarters while a fourth targeted a US troop convoy.

Clashes erupted later between fighters and US soldiers in the city, damaging a number of houses, the journalist said. However, no civilians were injured in those clashes as they had fled.

A spokesperson for the US Marines said on Monday three of their soldiers were wounded in the attack, which occurred outside Camp Gannon, a base in al-Qaim, about 300km west of Baghdad in Anbar province."

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