Further Evidence Regarding the Killing of ( CIA Director - Iraq )Dale Stoffel in Iraq. 

The following video and information is purported to be from the Iraqi Resistance.


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See Also - Communiqué 1  - Communiqué 2 - Communiqué 3

Rafidan – The Political Committee of the Mujahideen Central Command 

Communique NO. 2 

Regarding the Killing of Dale Stoffel in Iraq. 

In the Name of God Most Merciful Most Graceful 

Peace to our people and to our great army, 

We request from every Iraqi and those who fight under our command as well as other factions of the Iraqi resistance to observe the history of Dale Stoffel, and his shadow companies, Wye Oak Technologies and CLI of Pennsylvania. He, who was chosen by Bush to strip Iraq of any military equipment for the decades to come, and provided him with limitless backing, militarily and politically. 

Let those who have been hypnotized with the infamous sectarian elections read the coming proof that the invaders will kill him tomorrow, there is no other way to the shores of safety other than the resistance. 

We challenge Bush to declare the death of Stoffel and bring his family on Fox News and give them his condolences over the services of their son. 

Who is dale C Stoffel, whom we labeled the devil, according to Exhibit NO. 1 

His date of birth is 18/11/1961 

In 1984, he graduated from Washington & Jefferson College PA with a BA In Physics and Mathematics. 

In 1985, he is the Senior Cruise missile analyst in the Office of Naval Intelligence in Suitland MD. He also worked on methods to develop the missile. 

In 1989, He is a Senior Project Engineer in Raytheon CA for a project on Electronic warfare systems and countermeasures which also evolve the advancement of Maverick missile optics. He also worked on the modifications of command and control systems for missile firing command and radar synchronization and other optical based guidance systems. Also Worked within intelligence related programs like ELINT & COMINT. 

In 1992, He is a senior Researcher in a firm called Messa Envisioneering In King George Virginia

Where he established complex laboratories to study IR guidance and intelligence gathering systems and signal collection systems to advance strategic weapons. 

In 1995, he is the director of a company called Miltex and established a firm by the name Wye Oak technology to smuggle weapons & equipment from Ex Soviet States and China of significant value to U.S. Laboratories for assessment according to Exhibit No. 2. 

Since 2003 he has operated as a director of CLI Pennsylvania to participate in government tenders as a cover for intelligence related projects, as well as a director of Wye Oak to fulfill the plans of the White House and the pentagon to destroy the Iraqi Army equipment and was able to fulfill part of the bigger plan with the assistance of the traitors. 

On The 8th of December 2004, God’s punishment took him by surprise on the hands of the sons of Iraq to bring him down from the White House to become a thrown corps on the road. 

Please follow our communiqués and disclosed documents and evidence by god’s will. 


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