How The CIA Looted $40 Billion Of Military Equipment From Iraq

The following video and information is purported to be from the Iraqi Resistance.

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See Also - Communiqué 1  - Communiqué 2 - Communiqué 3

Rafidan – The Political Committee of the Mujahideen Central Command 

Communique NO. 3

In the Name of God Most Merciful Most Compassionate 

Hear, you who were born as Iraqi. 

Do you believe that a man slaughters his children in order to drink their blood, or a mother laughs when seeing her children eaten by wolfs? 

You have to believe that, just when Bremer has appointed the gangster of hate to dry out the two rivers (Rafidain) in order for us to die of thirst and to burn the crops so as we die of hunger, and demolishing of homes of religion and prayers and destroying the state and history. Yes, believe it, after seeing the documents which scandalize the sons of poisonous snakes. They have given for free, all Iraqi weapons and arms to Stoffel , Bush’s envoy in Iraq. The actual value of these military equipments was 40 billion dollars. It is the biggest crime that has ever been committed through the ages and wars, which has never happened or been heard of through the history of mankind. This theft was committed by an order from the United States and England and with the full agreement and acknowledgment of Alawi, the Chalabi and Al-Shaalan. 

Sons of Iraq watch and observe our future detailed communiqués which show: 

1- The delivery contract dated 16/08/2004 was agreed upon and signed by the defence minister, the traitor Hazim Al-Shaalan.

2- It was acknowledged and signed by the war criminal prime minister Alwai in 04/08/2004.

3- The absolute permission of delivery dated 16/08/2004 was given to a single person with the support of the United States army and the coalition forces and was signed by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defence. 

4- Absolute permission for passing, transporting and exporting in Iraq dated 01/10/2004 was signed by the Secretary General of the Iraqi Ministry of Defence. 

What do you say, you who were born as Iraqi, to those who have given Iraq’s weapons to the enemy for free? 

To whom your weapons were, under the cover of darkness exported, to Jordon and to Kuwait, this to become disarmed, and in the future easily killed? 

Why the slaughter of our tanks, rockets and aircraft and take all means and symbols of power and glory from us? 

Rafidan says to the gangs, who have committed the era’s biggest crime and to those who have planned it and signed it, you are not human beings and not from this land. You were born in the bodies of snakes, nurtured by wolfs and raised by pigs. 

We swear by God our creator; you will never escape from Iraq’s punishment however the time is long, what kind of death do you chose! 

We swear by God Almighty we will rebuild our strong army to protect our land and to make and regain our glory, for glory is crafted in our Baghdad. 

What has the devil Stoffel achieved in Iraq? 

1- He has constructed a company in Baghdad called Wye Oak Technology, and its address is known by us. Its employees are defectors and renegade traitors who live in Europe.

2- After the occupation of Iraq he received ten helicopters and flew all over Iraq for a whole year photographing military and civilian sites, plants and factories, airports, and confiscated all documents concerning the possessions of the Iraqi army, and has photographed the arms they found in the ground stores and depots, and have designed programs to totally disarm Iraq according to their colonial plans which fit their goals. 

3- Formed a special committee before the occupation composed of the two colonial servants Alawi and Chalbi to work after invasion on a declared goal in the name of the Transitional Government which is the foundation of Al-Haras Al-Wathani (National Guard force), supplied with arms and other equipments paid for by oil revenues, and implement an undisclosed goal which is removing all possessions of the Iraqi army and allocate them outside Iraq by all means know by arms merchants and smugglers. 

My Iraqi bother, your life is your country; and the best of Iraqis are those who serve the country and the people. Watch out and be aware of the election’s opium which was designed by the occupiers and their servants to serve their aims and purposes. You have seen what they have designed, implantation of religious feuds and sectarian ideas in the society, stealing of Iraqi oil. 

You will soon be able to read the documentations of the biggest crime ever committed through history, and know that we are resisting and will be victorious by God will. 

Rafidan, The Political Committee 

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