Bolivia Worries About New U.S. Base In Paraguay 

Congressman Cardozo to head a delegation to go to the border zone. 

07/11/05 "El Deber" - - The installation of a military base on Paraguayan territory, some 200 kilometers from the border of Bolivia, created worry yesterday in the Legislature, to the point that a commission of the Lower House announced an investigation. 

Willman Cardozo, Congressman for Tarija, on the border with Paraguay, where is located the largest reserves of Natural Gas in the country, urged the Government to open an investigation and solicit information from the Embassy of Paraguay in La Paz. 

"The Executive must open an immediate investigation and the Ministry of Defense must assume it role for the preservation of the nation's integrity" demanded the Legislator, who is to lead the delegation to the border area next week. 

The Chancellery stated it is unaware of the subject. "There is no specific information. Between Bolivia and Paraguay there is perfect harmony and cooperation, we have an agreement about energy cooperation", stated the Chancellor Armando Loayza. 

The Director of the CBO (Central Workers Union) Luis Choquetijlla, denounced that "the United States has threatened us with a military intervention through friendly countries", with the result of controlling the Natural Gas riches of Bolivia. 

For the military analysis, Juan Ramon Quintana, it is a very delicate subject that concerns the entire region. " We should be very worried, it is the most negative sign, dramatic in the fact that there exists the possibility of intervention in strategic areas linked to energy, a regional project" he warned. 

Continued Quintana, the political aim of Washington in South America is to offset, utilizing the Southern Command, terrorism, narcotic trafficking, narco-terrorism, and popular radical governments. 


Washington has succeeded in establishing a bridgehead in Latin America. In Paraguay close to the Bolivian border and the Triple Borders, they constructed a base that will permit the landing of Galaxy airplanes and heavy armaments. Already 400 Marines have arrived but the base is prepared to house 16,000 military troops. 

The Paraguayan Congress approved the entrance of US Troops in this country, with immunity, right of free transit and permanence for its soldiers until December 2006, automatically extendable. 

This insinuates that the US, from this base, could control the Bolivian Natural Gas Reserves, especially the "La vertiente" fields, one of the largest in the World.

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