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August 12, 2017

North Korea: Fire, Fury and Fear
By Pepe Escobar
The same intel “folks” who brought to you non-existent WMDs are now peddling the notion that North Korea has produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead. - Continue


North Korea: Killer Sanctions Imposed By The UN Security Council
By Peter Koenig
It is mind-boggling, how the world has been brainwashed, accepting almost without questions Washington’s atrocities and crimes on humanity. - Continue


North Korea Does Not Trust America for a Pretty Good Reason
By Doug Bandow
If Washington wasn’t threatening North Korea, Pyongyang would prefer to ignore the hyper-power half-way around the globe. - Continue


Hurtling Toward ‘Fire and Fury’
By Jonathan Marshall
It’s easy to discount Trump’s bluster, based on his long history of practicing the art of “bull**it.” - Continue


Only Morons Believe What The US Government Says About North Korea
By Daniel McAdams
The US government lies. They lie day and night. All the time about everything. - Continue


What Are We To Believe?
By Justin Raimondo
Fake news plus phony “intelligence” equal disaster -


John Pilger on The Beconing of Nuclear War
An interview with legendary award winning filmmaker, author and investigative reporter, John Pilger - Continue


The Indefensible Hiroshima Revisionism That Haunts America To This Day
By Christian Appy
Seventy years ago we vaporized 250,000 civilians, and yet still view the bombings as an act of mercy. - Continue


‘Deep State’ Memo That Rattled McMaster’s National Security Council Released
By RT and Foreign Policy
The document states, that the “deep state” is trying to undermine President Donald Trump. - Continue


U.S. Government Helped Rise of Mexican Drug Cartel: Report
By Per Liljas
Mexican newspaper reveals secret arrangement between DEA and Sinaloa cartel - Continue


Coalition raids on Syria's Raqqa kill 29 civilians in 24 hours

Syria troops capture border area near Jordan

Shiite Militia Blames U.S. for Attack That Killed Dozens on the Syria-Iraq Border

Iraq: Eleven Islamic State members killed in joint operations in Anbar desert

Three IS members killed while escaping through mountain routes, southwestern Kirkuk

US casting doubt on Iran deal a ‘pity’: Russia's Lavrov

Like a Mafia Movie: Ministers Swore Allegiance to Boss Netanyahu While His Wife Called Out 'Traitors'

Fire McMaster, Urges Pro-Israel Group Backed by Sheldon Adelson

At least 56 dead as smugglers throw 300 African migrants into Yemen sea

Intl. Community recoils as Saudi Arabia goes on 'Crusade' of mass killing in Yemen

Why the Saudi war on Yemen is seen as US state terrorism

UNICEF: Half a Million Chidren Need Help in Libya

Libyan Navy Orders NGO Ships To Stay Out Of Mediterranean Search And Rescue Zone

U.S. Kills 16 Civilians in Afghanistan

Afghan official: Gunman opens fire inside mosque, killing 4

US govt spends $76bn to arm & equip Afghan forces - new report

Five killed in Pakistan explosion

Military option with North Korea 'locked and loaded': Trump

Poll shows that 45% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance

Risks of N Korea-US Conflict Turning Into War are High - Lavrov

Russia Says Bellicose Rhetoric on North Korea Is 'Over the Top'

Russian-Chinese plan underway to defuse US-North Korea crisis

China will prevent US first strike against North Korean regime – govt daily

China says it will defend North Korea in event of US invasion

Russia does not accept a nuclear North Korea – Lavrov : “Russia together with China developed a very smart plan which proposes ‘double freezing’:

Russia's Air Defenses On High Alert Over North Korea, Says Senator

US-North Korea nuclear war ‘would kill millions’ warns Corbyn

If U.S. Attacks North Korea First, Is That Self-Defense?: “There’s no right of self-defense against a nonimminent threat.”

Needed: Civilian Control of the Military: The case against H.R. McMaster is a case in point.

Turkey says it is against EU sanctions on Russia

Venezuelan Leader Nicolas Maduro Is Calling for a Meeting With Donald Trump

Sanctions Against Venezuela Will Make Things Worse: UN Expert

FBI Says ISIS Used eBay to Send Terror Cash to U.S.

Mark Cuban Slams U.S. Plan To Give Chinese Billionaire Monopoly On Cancer Drug

Number of Americans Caught Underpaying Some Taxes Surges 40%

Corporations pay between 13 and 19 percent in federal taxes—far less than the 35 percent statutory tax rate

10yrs after financial crisis, another crash is ‘almost inevitable,’

Congress wants to question a woman known as Trump's 'right hand'


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