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Why Israel hates the Palestinians so much
By Marwan Bishara
What kind of a society produces cowardly soldiers who shoot unarmed Palestinian youth.


The West is enabling Israel's orgy of violence against Palestinians
By David Hearst
"An armed uprising in the West Bank is no longer a matter of if, only when.


Contenders for Boris Johnson’s crown stress fealty to Israel
By Jonathan Cook
The last two Tory candidates for PM are outcompeting each other to offer Israel support


UK descends into being 'colony of US' as Truss summons Chinese ambassador over
By Zhang Hui and Xu Yelu
"The UK has been colonized by the US, and it has failed to see how badly it's being used"


India dumps US dollar for UAE dirham, Chinese yuan in Russian trade:
By News Desk
What kind of a society produces cowardly soldiers who shoot unarmed Palestinian youth.


Biden’s Assassination of Al-Qaeda Leader Was Illegal
By Marjorie Cohn
The 2001 AUMF has been used to justify U.S. military actions in 85 countries. Congress must repeal it



Syria Says IS Leader Killed in South

US occupation forces loots most of Syria’s oil: Ministry

Death toll from weekend Israel-Gaza fighting rises to 48

UN chief says killing of Palestinian children ‘unconscionable’

Israeli court acquits soldier of the murder of 13-year-old girl

Gaza ceasefire a temporary truce as Israel will attack again: Ali Abunimah

Don't write off the Arabs yet: Palestine is still an Arab cause

Floods in Yemen kill at least 38 people in 2 days

Iraq to provide Lebanon with one million tons of fuel: Lebanese official


Forty-Two Malian Soldiers Killed in Suspected Islamist Attack

Sierra Leone: At least six protesters and six police officers killed as protest death toll rises

US military says it killed four al Shabaab terrorists in Somalia in three drone strikes

Police kill 3 in Somaliland opposition protests


Rebels storm India army camp in Kashmir; 6 killed

Biden Appeared to Overstate the Role of Al Qaeda’s Leader

Beijing said it has the “greatest sincerity” for peaceful unification with Taiwan

Taiwan rejects Beijing’s ‘one country, two systems’ plans for unification

The US suffered a Crushing Defeat at the ASEAN summit


Western countries pledge over $1.55 bln in aid to Ukraine military

Western nations pledge more military support for Ukraine

China calls U.S. 'main instigator' of Ukraine crisis

Scott Ritter: Who Is Winning the War in Ukraine?

Russian TV journalist detained over criticism of Ukraine war

Estonia to ban Russians with tourist visas from entering

Russia, Turkey launch new economic ‘roadmap’: These include bypassing western sanctions, integrating money transfers, and trading outside the dollar.

McDonald’s to reopen in Ukraine

Ukraine Receives 50 Kirpi Armored Vehicles From Turkey

12 vessels authorized to depart Ukrainian ports for grain export:

Russian Oil Shipments to Central Europe Expected to Resume

European drought dries up rivers, kills fish, shrivels crops

UK economy shrinks in 2nd quarter, sharpening recession fear

UK: Energy bills to hit 4,200 in January


Labor and Assange - Burying The Politics: The Australian government is straining credibility in insisting the Assange case is not a political prosecution.

More than 1,200 people are detained indefinitely in Australia with no criminal conviction

Revealed: Australia's Secret Propaganda Unit: Britain assisted Australia in setting up a team modelled on the UK’s notorious Information Research Department

Most Mission Capable Indoor Drone’ to Enter Australian, New Zealand Markets


Arctic warming 4 times faster than rest of planet: Climate study


Brazilians fear return to dictatorship as ‘deranged’ Bolsonaro trails in polls

Venezuela Demands the Return of Its Assets Held Abroad

Venezuela demands Argentina to return detained Boeing 747-300M with Iranian links

Argentina hikes rate to 69.5% as inflation surges to 30-year high

Bank of Mexico raises interest rates to record 8.5 percent

US foreign arms sales spike to nearly $20B between July 15 and August 2

Why the CIA needs to be abolished.: Chris Hedges and John Kiriakou

Suspect Killed in Standoff After Trying to Breach FBI's Cincinnati Office, Exchanging Gunfire With Agents

Inside the War Between Trump and His Generals: It turned out that the generals had rules, standards, and expertise, not blind loyalty.

Trump raid makes US 'banana republic' – governor

First Photo: Agent With Machine Gun Photographed Outside Of Trump's Home During FBI Raid

Some Trump Supporters Are Calling for Civil War After FBI Search

'You have martyred Donald Trump': : 'Basically guaranteed him the nomination for the Republican Party in 2024'

Justice Dept. Moves to Unseal Warrant in Trump Search: The former president has until 3 p.m. on Friday to oppose the motion.

Fact or fiction: FBI searched Trump’s home to look for nuclear documents

Was there a Mar-a-Lago RAT? Retired FBI agent says 'informant' likely handed over evidence

With Feds Circling, Trump Asks Allies: Who’s ‘Wearing a Wire’?

Mick Mulvaney estimates only six or eight people could be FBI informant

Trump disqualified from holding office? Clinton-linked lawyer points to US Code after FBI raid

Hell Week: How Trump’s Problems All Converged at Once

Joe, Hunter Biden staying for free at $20 million South Carolina mansion

Partisan infighting drama shows the US has degraded into a 'banana republic'

U.S. Jobless Claims Rise for Second Straight Week




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