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August 31, 2020

Are We Deliberately Trying to Provoke a Military Crisis With Russia?
By Ted Galen Carpenter
Tensions are becoming dangerous in Syria and on Russia's back doorstep.   - Continue


Whoever replaces Shinzo Abe, Japan’s slow rot & subservience to US will likely continue
By Andre Vltchek
Confrontations with China, the Koreas, and to some extent Russia will continue for years to come.   - Continue


CIA’s Addiction to Afghanistan War
By Finian Cunningham
The involvement of the CIA in international drug running is as old as the agency itself.   - Continue


America's got talent, just not political talent
By Marwan Bisharaby
The elections now depend on two old men with big egos and small talents.   - Continue


Will Hillary and the Dems get the civil war they are trying to provoke?
By The Saker
The Dems will never accept a Trump victory.   - Continue


The Social Fabric of the U.S. Is Fraying Severely, if Not Unravelling
By Glenn Greenwald
What the consequences are likely to be for our politics, our culture, our society generally.   - Continue


Is The U.S. A Failed State?
By Noam Chomsky
Professor Chomsky gives his thoughts on the future of the left and weighs in on the current state of the media landscape.   - Continue


Nuclear War: A Thought Experiment
By Caitlin Johnstone
A dying empire is dangerous, especially one with nuclear weapons.   - Continue


Most people tranquilize themselves with the trivial
By Sheldon Solomon and Lex Fridman
Insightful and a thought provoking.   - Continue




48 Syrian soldiers killed in one-week battles with IS:

Another act of war Syria: Israeli targets the southern region with missiles and the air defenses confront the aggression

Iranian Air Defense System Allegedly Deployed in Syria: Capable of Downing Israeli Aircraft

Trump must back Iraq withdrawal promise with action

Turkey slams Russia for inviting the YPG to Moscow for talks

'Should Israel Kill One of Our Fighters We Will Kill One of Theirs', Hezbollah Chief Warns

Biden-Harris will show “unwavering support” for Israel.

Three killed, several hurt in two UAE restaurant blasts

Lebanon names diplomat Mustapha Adib as premier

African Migrants 'Left To Die' In Saudi Arabia’s Hellish Covid Detention Centres

China no longer interested in expensive Saudi oil: Report


Egyptian army says 77 alleged terrorists killed in North Sinai

Libya: UAE was reportedly behind drone attack that killed 26 unarmed cadets

Sudanese gov't, armed groups initial peace deal


40 killed over past 24 hours as Afghan gov't pushes for talks with Taliban

3 militants, policeman killed in Indian-controlled Kashmir

Fresh Clash Erupts Between Indian-Chinese Troops in Pangong Tso


Putin and Lukashenko agree to meet in Moscow ‘in the coming weeks’

Russia sees no reason to send forces to Belarus as situation under control: Kremlin

U.S. sanctions Russian research institute that developed Covid-19 vaccine

EU prepares sanctions against Turkey over gas exploration dispute with Greece

'Up to 50,000 unnecessary deaths' in UK due to botched response, says top scientist

More than 10,000 COVID conspiracy theorists gather in London: Huge crowd of anti-vaxxers gather to argue that virus is a lie spread in secret global plot organised by Bill Gates.

Britain's middle class faces £30billion tax raid to pay for coronavirus bailout

Germany police arrest 300 as far-right protesters storm parliament


World Coronavirus Deaths: 852,202

Tracking the Unprecedented Food Crisis Brought on by Covid-19: The world is hurtling toward an unprecedented hunger crisis.


Venezuela Issues Presidential Pardons to Dozens of Opposition Figures

United States Coronavirus Deaths: 187,376

US coronavirus cases approach 6 million as Midwest, schools face outbreaks

COVID-19 hits University of Alabama hard, with 1,200 students now infected

New Trump Covid-19 Adviser Pushes 'Herd Immunity' Strategy That Could Kill 2 Million Americans

This is the full membership list of the Christian Right’s secretive and powerful Council for National Policy

GOP attack video using disabled activist in doctored footage is deleted; Video used doctored footage to attack Joe Biden.

1 dead in Portland after Trump supporters, protesters clash

Trump praises supporters amid deadly clashes

Cops clear BLM protesters from outside the White House with tear gas and rubber bullets

Watch: People chanting "death to America" in the streets of USA.

When all else fails blame Russia: Blaming Russia for racial problems in the US is a time-honored tradition

This Year’s Economic Destruction Will Pale in Comparison to What Is Coming!

Watch: Prof. Richard Wolff: The System Is Failing

Workers will see smaller paychecks next year under Trump's payroll tax deferral

People Line Up In Record Numbers At Alameda Co. Food Bank In COVID-19 Economy

NYC passes grim gun-violence milestone as shootings top 1,000 for the year

At Least 54 People Shot, 10 Killed In Weekend Gun Violence In Chicago




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