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August 09, 2017


'Stop the Insanity': Demand Grows to Strip Trump of Nuclear Authority
By Jake Johnson
Lawmakers urged Congress to revive legislation that would strip the executive branch of the power to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike. - Continue


President Trump, There Is A Deal To Be Made With North Korea
By William J. Perry
The North Korean leaders are not crazy, as some people believe. - Continue


Trump Relishes Annihilation Like a Hors D’Oeuvre
By Finian Cunningham
Do American political leaders have no shame about the past criminal deeds of their country? - Continue


Facts Supplanted by Propaganda Wherever We Look
By Paul Craig Roberts
How does a culture, survive when propaganda is elevated over fact? . - Continue


Polls: US Is ‘the Greatest Threat to Peace in the World Today’
By Eric Zuesse
The trend, in those 30 countries, was an increase in fear of the U.S - Continue


The United States and the Crucifixion of Yemen
By Paul Street
The US has killed, maimed, displaced and harmed an astonishing number of people in its 241-year record of murder and mayhem. - Continue


What’s Worse: Trump’s Campaign Agenda or Empowering Generals and CIA Operatives to Subvert It?
By Glenn Greenwald
Democrats are in lockstep with their new neocon partners, led by Bill Kristol. - Continue


Bought and Paid For
53 Congressional Reps On All Expense Paid Trips To Israel
By If Americans Knew
The Congressional press office has refused to release the names of those participating. - Continue


The Strange Case of Imran Awan
By Philip Giraldi
Did the Russians really hack into the DNC, or was it carried out by someone actually working for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. - Continue


You Cannot Trap the ‘Magic Rat’: Trump, Congress and Geopolitics
By Robert J. Burrowes
The important point is that we do not let Donald Trump, decide the fate of humanity. - Continue


Syria: 'US kills 29 civilians in Raqqa

Syria charges Washington with war crimes in siege of Raqqa

US Should Get Out of Syria, Former American Officials Say

Daesh Militants Shell Syria’s Deir Ez-Zor With Mortars Killing Civilian

Scores of ISIL terrorists killed by Syrian Army troops in east Hama

Iraqi Shiite militia says 40 of its fighters killed in Syria

Islamic State execute 27 civilian prisoners in Kirkuk

Coalition jets kill 10 Islamic State members west of Anbar

Three thousand corpses remain under rubbles in Mosul’s Old City

Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr meets Saudi crown prince

UAE and Bahrain grant Qatar Airways new routes

12 killed during destruction of Saudi Shia town

Four Yemeni soldiers killed in Al-Qaeda attack

'At least 10,000 died due to Yemen airport closure'

Yemen's national blood center issues emergency appeal for funds

Erdogan warns of Turkish military action against YPG in Syria

Turkey's Erdogan Claims Germany Abetting Terrorists

Apartheid: Israel's arrests of Palestinians 'highest in years'

15,000 Palestinians evicted from Jerusalem: HRW

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren Comes Out Against anti-BDS Bill

Boko Haram Militants Kill at Least 30 Fishermen in NE Nigeria

Red Cross says six volunteers killed in Central African Republic

Protests after Kenya opposition rejects partial count

East Libyan city suffers as military forces tighten siege

Refugees face kidnap, torture, rape and slavery in Libyan ‘living hell', Oxfam report says

Israeli secret aid to Libya's strongman reveals a new friend in Africa

Thousand migrants saved after being left in Niger desert: UN

Afghan Forces Kill 40 Militants Across Country in Past 24 Hours

Gunmen kill two Afghan women contractors at air base near Kabul

Four Pakistani army personnel killed in suicide attack near Afghanistan border

Propaganda? North Korea now making missile-ready nuclear weapons, U.S. analysts say

God save us from Donald Trump's fire and fury

DPRK People Condemn "Sanctions Resolution" Adopted at UNSC: The U.S. and its servile forces cooked up "sanctions resolution" against the DPRK, which drives all the people of the DPRK into great fury.

Will Tough New U.N. Sanctions Work Against North Korean Regime?

WATCH: Unearthed archive footage reveals what Trump REALLY thinks about North Korea

Crazy : Trump’s Threat to North Korea Was Improvised

Russia reacts to White House soap opera with a shrug

Brian Williams Says That It’s ‘Our Job’ to ‘Scare People To Death’ Over North Korea

Lockheed Martin Stocks Rise as Trump Threatens 'Fire and Fury'

US 'considering airstrikes in the Philippines to help fight against Isil militants'

China may conduct 'small-scale military operation' to remove Indian troops

Car rams into soldiers in Paris suburb, man arrested

Austria increases border controls to stem migrant entries

Europe needs to fend off expensive American gas – German energy major

Venezuela's Constituent Assembly to Debate Economic Measures

What is the #1 U.S. interest in Venezuela?

Evo: Armed Forces Must be Unified in Anti-Imperialism

Chinese tourist awarded $461,000 for brutal beating she received at hands of US border agent

Devastating toll of hunger on US school children

FBI conducted predawn raid of former Trump campaign chairman Manafort’s home

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Allegedly Lied Under Oath. Will the Justice Department Investigate?

Paul Craig Roberts: Google Is Committed To The Suppression Of Free Speech

Chris Hedges; How Corporations Have Taken Over Government, Nonprofit and Regulatory Agencies (Video)

Corporate State Media Propagandists Shamelessly Accuse Trump Of Propaganda

Polls show plunging popular support for Trump


August 07, 2017

The Beckoning Of Nuclear War
By John Pilger
A coup against the man in the White House is under way. - Continue


Trump’s Choices
By Paul Craig Roberts
Washington is preparing a surprise nuclear attack on Russia. - Continue


New Sanctions Against Russia - A Failure Of U.S. Strategy
By Moon Of Alabama
The U.S. foreign policy establishment has declared war on Russia. - Continue


JFK Killing: Lies & Russophobia
By Finian Cunningham
The big deal about the latest “trove” of CIA memos on the assassination of JFK is classic disinformation. - Continue


The End Of The “Wars On The Cheap” For The United States
By The Saker
The world is becoming a very different place, the US will have to adapt to this reality. - Continue


Playing Politics with the World’s Future
By Alastair Crooke
Trump’s Republican base is becoming angered and resentful. - Continue


Mosul Massacre Latest In Iraqi Genocide
By Dr Gideon Polya
US Alliance War Crimes Demand ICC & BDS. - Continue


Netanyahu in the Dock?
By Stephen Lendman
He’s suspected of bribery, fraud, breach of trust, and money laundering. - Continue


Iraq: At least 170 IS fighters killed in army airstrikes, north of Salahuddin

Isis claims to have killed 68 Iraqi soldiers in suicide bombing near Iraq-Syria border

Syria: US Coalition kills 43 civilians over 48 hours in Raqqa:

In Raqqa, a battle of attrition as civilians flee in shock

Scores of ISIL terrorists killed as the Syrian Army advances in east Homs

Syrian army steps up strikes on capital's last rebel enclave

The US Is Far More Deeply Involved In Syria Than You Know

At least 48 killed in clashes near Yemen-Saudi border

Saudi-led airstrikes kills 9 civilians in northern Yemen

US, UAE troops invade Yemen's Shabwa, steal gas, oil fields

US troops invade Yemen: An unknown number of US troops are on the ground inside Yemen

Turkey and Qatar stage joint military exercises

Israel’s treatment of Palestinians looks “a lot like apartheid”

Netanyahu meets with US Democratic congresspeople

Israel moves to shut down local operations of Al Jazeera

Nearly 50 Senators Want to Make It a Felony to Boycott Israel

14 killed in clashes between police, Congo religious sect

Eleven kilkled in Nigeria church gun attack

U.S. bombs Somalia: Claims it killed Shabab commander.

East Libyan city suffers as military forces tighten siege

Zuma faces secret vote of no-confidence by South African MPs

Insurgents kill up to 50 Afghan villagers in northern province

‘ISIS attacked us, then US bombed our village’: Afghan refugees seek shelter in Jalalabad (VIDEO)

U.S. Prepared to Launch ‘Preventive War’ Against North Korea, Says H.R. McMaster

‘Big mistake for US to think it’s safe’ – N. Korea hits out after new UN sanctions

S. Korea Spy Agency Admits Trying to Rig 2012 Election

Venezuela’s US-Backed Opposition Turns Up The Violence Following Assembly Vote

10 Things You Need to Know About the Terrorist Attack in Venezuela

Venezuelans in the Streets to Support of Constituent Assembly

Don't Believe the Hype: Why the US Left Should Support Venezuela's Revolution

YouTube Moves To Censor “Controversial” Content – Brings ADL On Board As Flagger


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